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jerome prevost (Subburb)

SolidRocks V2.4 is out !!  Support for V-Ray 6 (hotfix 2) and  MAX 2013-2023 ! 

SolidRocks adjusts and optimise all needed Vray parameters to reach the best rendertime/quality ratio.

Learn Vray progressively, see in realtime changes made by SolidRocks when you change resolution/quality.

SolidRocks includes new tools for both VrayMasters and Beginners:

  • Support for Max 2020 and V-Ray NEXT!
  • Handle The two V-Ray NEXT engines : Adv and GPU (single clic switch !)
  • Presets now handle separate settings for each engine for best comfort
  • Presets have been revisited for vetter quality in production settings
  • IPR button working with the 2 V-Ray next engines
  • Bucket and progressive mode for 2 engines
  • Denoiser button
  • New gamma Workflow by default to match the actual workflows
  • All new V-Ray algorithms activated by default : VBAA, Autopilot, SRGB VFB, Gi caustics, dyn thr.
  • Rebus Farm/RANCH Computing interoperability
  • New "NO GI" method ! Perfect for exterior dome(+sun)+VrayAmbientlight anim setup (fast and flicker free)
  • Compatible with MAX Physical Cameras
  • Better glossy subdivs algorithm. Materials with low glossiness value have more subdivs.
  • SRGB button (Vray VFB) is now managed automatically.
  • New special DOF/motion blur preset (based on interior preset, experimental)
  • Unified Save feature for easy save management
  • Includes MOA Wizard (animation wizard) - More info here !
  • DR and BB buttons for network rendering
  • FlyThrough animation Wizard !
  • Compatible with SigerShaders
  • 1 click for complete Vray setup !
  • Modular and small interface (GUI)
  • mini preview for fast feedback
  • auto Exposure and Auto White balance tools
  • friendly and Very simple usage
  • Full LWF gamma correction with useful options
  • modifiable presets : exterior, interior...
  • learn Vray watching SolidRocks at work !
  • shareLightcache tool to speedup slaves warmup
  • materials and lights optimisation for best rendertimes
  • switch from draft to production settings in one click !
  • gain time... Lot of time !!

New Vray users can also learn essential rules of Vray, observing changes made by SolidRocks when resolution and/or quality are changed.

Vray Masters can customise SR and presets and use SolidRocks as a custom settings automator.

note : This is a commercial script. (FREE LITE version available on website !)

 As always, Have FUN with SolidRocks !  

Version Requirement: 
Max 2013 to max2023 and V-Ray 2.4 to Vray 6 hotfix2
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Sentenza's picture

SolidRocks or professional

SolidRocks or professional rendering level for endusers !

Really the most indispensable plug-in I know for my prefered couple : Vray/3DSmax !
Easy to use, and very eficient, I'm an happy user !

Thank You Subburb !

W DIGITAL's picture



whole new world in vray opened to me thanks to subburbs SOLIDROCK!!!


fajar's picture

Greaty ,greatest plugin for

Greaty ,greatest plugin for VRay ever . I Would like to spent my money in this but I still don't have! right now demo is OK for me!! hik....hikk....

Good luck subburb with your SolidRocks!!

steelbug's picture

Many thanks for SolidRocks.

Many thanks for SolidRocks. You have made the big work! What to me to make all tests for the scene and it was necessary to receive quality SolidRocks to spend 2-3 days. Now one cliques and a gold key at me in a pocket! I wait for new updatings SR. Good luck.

merlino61's picture

BRAVO' ciao ciao Mauro Merlo


ciao ciao

Mauro Merlo

srof's picture

G R E A T..... must

G R E A T..... must try,you will love it,and than...great rendering..


trick's picture

The 0.75 update indeed makes

The 0.75 update indeed makes a huge difference. A must for all users...and because of the easy preset handling not only for beginners !! ***** STARS

kurson's picture

the update 0.75 is really

the update 0.75 is really goooood!

animo luego existo

mjkern's picture

Solid Rocks Simply put an

Solid Rocks Simply put an elegant well laid out interface. Excellent Support and Quality product.

Exceptional Experience All Around.

Significantly reduced my render times at least in 1/2.

Try the demo....

You won't be sorry...

David Turner's picture

If you use Vray, want to use

If you use Vray, want to use Vray...get SolidRocks!
SolidRocks saves time and headaches.
If you're an artist who like to create quality imagery and not a programmer who likes to fill in numerical values...this is for you!

Try the demo. You will like it.
Buy the full version. You will love it! It's totally worth it.

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