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Truncated icosahedron-based geosphere – there are always 12 pentagons, all the other faces are hexagons. If you prefer polygon regularity over area uniformity, switch on Relax. Gets rather slow after 20 iterations, especially with AutoSmooth and Relax on.

Truncated Polyhedra

Honeycomb Mesh

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Hexagonal mesh primitive.

honeycomb primitive


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A simple script to create either hexagonal tiles or a mesh with hexagonal holes in it.

Simply run/drag into max to start the interface.

All tiles are instanced by default for your convenience :)

Settings Preview


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Hexagon pattern primitive. The size of individual hexagons is driven by a texture map. Map colors can also be saved to vertex color channel.

Hex Them All!

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UPDATE v1.1 brings 3rd option for quads conversion, minor interface changes and fixes the bug with giant n-gon.

Hi there people :) This is my first attempt of creating script, no coding, just using standart 3DS Max actions (+500 to compatibility, -200 from speed). I haven't used any tutorial as a foundation because i found this method myself while experimenting with edges.


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Honeycomb is a free scripted geometry plug-in (for 3ds Max 9 SP1 and higher)
that build procedural hexagonal tiles surface sorted in 4 shape types.

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