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Script originally based on the code from E-light 1.02 by Ronnie Olsthoorn - new features detailed below.

'This script generates a geosphere with lights on its vertices. The lights can be coloured using a bitmap. The settings let you create a lightdome that simulates complex environment light.'

Default Lights

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This script will switch between the default lights, that's available through the "Create" menu, and any other light setup that's in the scene.

Just drag and drop into 3ds max. The script can accessed be under the "Toke Scripts" category.


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"Quickly sets up a 3-point lighting setup in your scene.
version 1.11 Modified the light presets slightly."


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Works like the built-in 'Match Camera to View' command but for light objects.


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LightMatcher will exactly match a 'Free Spot' to a camera. This is handy when using projector lights as an alternative to camera mapping.
1.21 fixes some stupid bugs

E-Light ME

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A modified (by permission) E-Light... Addes some useful features...


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My second script. The only thing it does is creating & setting one of those annoying skydomes from the old tutorials (still very usefull for people like me). I haven't seen other people skydome tutorials so i cant comment on them(though theirs are probably better than this one) - but i like mine it saves me some time - and hopefully yours too.


Light Manager

5 votes

Light Manager is a MacroScript that helps to quickly adjust lights. Tag multiple lights and perform absolute or relative changes.

Scatter Light Object

6 votes

Creates a different omnilight to be used with the Scatter Light Macro Script.

Scatter Light

9 votes

Scatters a Omnilight in each vertex of an object faking an area light.

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