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Goes through your scene - and will remove all materials that have duplicate names. Does not work on subobject materials.


"A graphical interface to the Material Editor. It lets you visualize and edit maps/materials relationships and quickly navigate the Material Editor.
See Bobo's TMG page for complete list of features and limitations.


"Adds a material to your list of available materials that can be used to make an object a ""light emitter"" in raytraced reflections."


Quickly gets the material from the currently selected object and places it into the selected material slot.


Deletes the material modifier and applies the sub-material (formerly part of the Multi/Sub-Object material) as a top level material to the object. This script is the reverse of ConvertMultiSub.ms

Color correct auto gamma

Searches the scene materials and assign color correct to all the difuse maps on te scene keeping the originals under the color correct. additionaly allows you to modify the gamma control on them.

It sets up vray color mapping to work on 2.2 gamma


Browse images and assign directly to objects as textures (a la DUP's Drag&Drop)


"Allows a wide variety of nice looking effects with the standard particle systems. Use facing particles. You may also turn on the 'show material on object' option to see it in the viewport!"

Medit 48

"Give you access to 23 new slots in the material editor. It acts like a switch. Click to obtain 23 more slots. Click one more time to access the 23 first slots. IMPORTANT : do not remove or modify the last material in slot 24!!!"


Removes the materials from the selected objects.

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