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Color is a 'plugin' script that allows you to use a flat solid RGB color as a texturemap - instead of having to use checker or gradient textures to create one.

PEN Auto Material

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Auto Material is designed to aid in adding a base material to objects by selection - scene or automaticaly on creation. Serveral game clients have complained that their exporters will not work if there are not maps on every object in the scene and would like a solution to adding material as the objects are created.

TrumanTiles Live

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Take a source image and the content of a Maps folder and create a set of geometry objects building the source image - mapped with the images from the folder


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Edit material properties (supersampling settings only currently) en-masse.

SMIV (Show Maps In Viewports)

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"Turn viewport display for any material channel on and off. Works with selections or the whole scene. Supports most MAX3 Shader types and the Raytrace material. NEW: Support for most composite Materials with Sub-Materials - Blend. Double-Sided. some 3rd party Materials etc. Added support for Composite Texture Maps with more than one sub-map: Composite. Mask. Map.


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Gets the material from the currently selected object and places it in the material editor. If multiple objects are selected - chooses the material from the first selected object.


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Assigns a matte material to selected objects for use with compositing. Use on objects that are part of your scenery (ie - objects that should receive shadows from non Matte objects such as ground planes).


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Goes through your scene - and will remove all materials that have duplicate names. Does not work on subobject materials.


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"A graphical interface to the Material Editor. It lets you visualize and edit maps/materials relationships and quickly navigate the Material Editor.
See Bobo's TMG page for complete list of features and limitations.


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"Adds a material to your list of available materials that can be used to make an object a ""light emitter"" in raytraced reflections."

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