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  • Takes the material in MEdit slot #1 and makes it the default MeditMaterial on MAX startup. 
  • Replaces all 24 materials in the MEDIT.MAT library. 
  • Creates an incremental backup copy of the MEDIT.MAT so nothing is deleted.
  • MapChannelToggle

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    "MapChannelToggle is an enhanced version of the simple OpacityMapOff script I wrote for someone on the Max Support Forum.

    material replacer

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    "material replacer lists all standard materials in the scene (including nested ones) - and allows following things:

  • merge two or more materials
  • replace a material with any other one (including non-standard materials)
  • rename materials
  • create automation presets - to change multiple materials at a time.
  • "


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    Displays various pieces of information regarding material properties of selected objects or the active material (such as the name of the Material on the selected object - the used MatIDs on the selected object - the map channels the active material is currently using - etc).


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    Clears all or all unused slots in the materials editor with a default material.

    Architectural Glass

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    This is a scripted material plugin that streamlines the process of making architectural glass materials. Includes:
    - Speedy setup of reflection maps with or without nested falloffs and a variety of map types
    - Automatic generation of frosted glass as seen at the top of this page ;)


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    Quickly assigns a default material to your whole scene.


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    "TrackMapper is utility that can set value for any objects animatable parameter in the array of the same object type (combined in Selection Set) based on pixel color of animated bitmap.
    For instance - with TrackMapper it is really easy to simulate an outdoor advertising board as image of lighting up lamps in a determined sequence. "

    Material ID Dashboard

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    MatID Dash allows you to rapidly assign material IDs to an editable poly object. Select your faces - and hit the number to assign that ID to the faces. The script also allows you to assign random material IDs by polygon - type in the IDs you wish to randomise across the selected polygons into the slot - separated by commas - e.g. 1 -2 -5 -8 - and hit R to assign them.


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    Reload ALL bitmaps in ALL materials in the scene. Shortest script ever to come from Boboland...

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