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Lets you create several different kinds of atmospheric passes. For example - you can saves an image sequence that represents the current environment ranges in the scene by changing all objects in the scene to a matte material and rendering the scene with white fog. Good for doing postprocess fog and postprocess depth of field.


Checks all materials in the scene and reports any that do not have square textures(to the power of 2).

Animated Translucency

This should probably be a version 0.1 but anyway. This builds translucency data for sequences. Multiple object support. Needs jblib and jbfunctions from www.johnburnett.com. Little testing so far - but it works for me:) Note there is a excessive amount of progress bars right now which gives you a lot of screen flashing on light objects. I can reduce this somewhat.


This one sets the Diffuse (and/or Ambient) Color of a Material to the average color value of the texture that is applied to the Diffuse Mapping Channel

Galaxy System Beta

This Utility will automaticaly create a Galaxy for you max scenes

Collapse Multi-Materials

Collapses Multi-Materials by removing redundant entries(i.e. after attaching objects you have a multi material with several duplicate entries)


Allows the user to adjust the diffuse color for a selection of archvision RPC objects.


Takes all selected objects and applies a material modifier to them with a random ID between the high and low value.


Moves groups of materials to and from the current material library - the scene selection - the scene materials and medit. For example - with one click you can put up to 24 scene materials and place them in medit.


Simple down and dirty way to store two materials to assign to objects in your scene. Quickens the process of swapping materials for mattes.

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