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Allows you to rename the materials in your scene in various ways (prefix - total rename - append number - etc)


Like SelectByMaterial - but instead selects all objects in the scene that has the currently selected meditslot material assigned to it (even if those objects are hidden) and then hides everything else - effectively isolating the objects in your scene that have the current material applied to them


Use only on objects with Multi-Sub materials with diffuse color bitmaps that are being exported to VRML.


Color is a 'plugin' script that allows you to use a flat solid RGB color as a texturemap - instead of having to use checker or gradient textures to create one.

PEN Auto Material

Auto Material is designed to aid in adding a base material to objects by selection - scene or automaticaly on creation. Serveral game clients have complained that their exporters will not work if there are not maps on every object in the scene and would like a solution to adding material as the objects are created.

TrumanTiles Live

Take a source image and the content of a Maps folder and create a set of geometry objects building the source image - mapped with the images from the folder


Edit material properties (supersampling settings only currently) en-masse.

SMIV (Show Maps In Viewports)

"Turn viewport display for any material channel on and off. Works with selections or the whole scene. Supports most MAX3 Shader types and the Raytrace material. NEW: Support for most composite Materials with Sub-Materials - Blend. Double-Sided. some 3rd party Materials etc. Added support for Composite Texture Maps with more than one sub-map: Composite. Mask. Map.


Gets the material from the currently selected object and places it in the material editor. If multiple objects are selected - chooses the material from the first selected object.


Assigns a matte material to selected objects for use with compositing. Use on objects that are part of your scenery (ie - objects that should receive shadows from non Matte objects such as ground planes).

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