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Quickly assigns a default material to your whole scene.


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"TrackMapper is utility that can set value for any objects animatable parameter in the array of the same object type (combined in Selection Set) based on pixel color of animated bitmap.
For instance - with TrackMapper it is really easy to simulate an outdoor advertising board as image of lighting up lamps in a determined sequence. "

Material ID Dashboard

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MatID Dash allows you to rapidly assign material IDs to an editable poly object. Select your faces - and hit the number to assign that ID to the faces. The script also allows you to assign random material IDs by polygon - type in the IDs you wish to randomise across the selected polygons into the slot - separated by commas - e.g. 1 -2 -5 -8 - and hit R to assign them.


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Reload ALL bitmaps in ALL materials in the scene. Shortest script ever to come from Boboland...


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Prints the current Active Material Slot Index to the Listener.

mxtl: maxscript texturing language

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"As the name suggests - mxtl is a tool to generate bitmap texture using Renderman style shading language. Great for learning procedural texture creation using Renderman SL under 3dsmax enviroment. There is also several utilities with nice gui as well as sample shaders. Most of them was adapted from renderman shaders."

Sea Material

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Simple script just creates a plane and adds a sea material on it. You can change it's various properties like sea color - etc. Hope every one likes it...Works fine...


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Maxscript hack for adding translucency information via vertex colors. Clumsy - slow - but can produce decent results. NOTE this version needs larry's avguard extentions avg_dlx for which there is a link on scriptspot.


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"Scripted material plugin called 'Magmalicious' - inspired by Frank Delise's lava shader. For best results add a displacement approximation modifier to your object and adjust from there...
1.4 Update: Added coordinate selection - XYZ or UVW."

Name Cleaner

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This is a simple script for cleaning up material names in your currently loaded material Library. It's my very first attempt at maxscript and after Swami got done with my code it's practicly all his now. I HIGHLY recommend backing up your material library before using this.

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