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Randomise Wireclr

2 votes

Randomises the wire color of selected object. Nothing new - but as a simple toolbar button quicker to use than as an inteface


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"SHADEVALLEY is a scripted material plugin for terrain objects generated by DEEPVALLEY. It works on MAX R3.x and 3dsmax4. The materials created by SHADEVALLEY are optimized to the shape of terrain ( slope - valley - ridge - etc ) generated by DEEPVALLEY."


1 vote

Checks all materials in the scene and reports any that do not have square textures(to the power of 2).


7 votes

Coverts many different kinds of materials to other kinds of materials. Replaces ToonAssistantConverter.


5 votes

Takes various sets of materials in your scene and changes all their shader types to a user definable type.


4 votes

"Allows you to change various parameters on lots of materials.
version 1.21: Can now perform script on the current Material Library."

Random materials by object selected

8 votes

Apply selected material on selected oblect - not by ID but Object. 'Limit 10 materials'
Example: tile - roof or vegetation.


4 votes

Pick an object - run the script - this will show you the material assigned to the object.

Open Map

3 votes

Opens the currently selected map into Photoshop - or any similar imaging app. Bitmaps are just opened and procedural maps are rendered - saved and then opened.


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  • Takes the material in MEdit slot #1 and makes it the default MeditMaterial on MAX startup. 
  • Replaces all 24 materials in the MEDIT.MAT library. 
  • Creates an incremental backup copy of the MEDIT.MAT so nothing is deleted.
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