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Takes all selected objects and makes their wireframe color the same as the diffuse color of any materials the objects may have applied.


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If any object travels to another object on a spiral path it is very much annoying to manually create the blending animation of their material. Through this material you can calculate their distance and blending animation of their material. This is very much helpful for creating such scenes like character is going near to fire or touching something with magic wand.


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Just a quick 1 button solution for getting some commonly used materials (well - material I use commonly) without the need for a default material library. (for example - an all white material - all black - a gradient for particles - etc)


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Simply removes all materials from your selected objects.


7 votes

This macroscript is used for selecting/editing the texture on the currently selected object(s).

Bitmap Browser

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"This set of scripts lets you create two new buttons inside Material Editor - which are actually menu items - that allow you to browse back and forth currently selected bitmap inside the same folder without opening File Open Dialog.

Vertex Color Factory

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A`Vertex Color Factory V2.0` was designed and produced by myself to try and fill an increasing annoying void within max`s work station.This section will allow the user to adjust a multitude of vertices as opposed to just a single as can be found in the pr

Random Materials

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Tool for quickly applying random materials (Standard or Multi/Sub) to the current selection.


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Copies and pastes MatIDs from one object to another. Both objects must have the same face count. Suggested by Campbell McGrouther.


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Finds all objects that are assigned the currently active material in the medit and does various things to them such as selecting them - printing their names - isolating them - etc.

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