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mxtl: maxscript texturing language

"As the name suggests - mxtl is a tool to generate bitmap texture using Renderman style shading language. Great for learning procedural texture creation using Renderman SL under 3dsmax enviroment. There is also several utilities with nice gui as well as sample shaders. Most of them was adapted from renderman shaders."

Sea Material

Simple script just creates a plane and adds a sea material on it. You can change it's various properties like sea color - etc. Hope every one likes it...Works fine...


Maxscript hack for adding translucency information via vertex colors. Clumsy - slow - but can produce decent results. NOTE this version needs larry's avguard extentions avg_dlx for which there is a link on scriptspot.


"Scripted material plugin called 'Magmalicious' - inspired by Frank Delise's lava shader. For best results add a displacement approximation modifier to your object and adjust from there...
1.4 Update: Added coordinate selection - XYZ or UVW."

Name Cleaner

This is a simple script for cleaning up material names in your currently loaded material Library. It's my very first attempt at maxscript and after Swami got done with my code it's practicly all his now. I HIGHLY recommend backing up your material library before using this.


Coverts normal multi-subobject materials to toon assistant materials - and vice versa.


Like SelectByMaterial - but instead just gives you a list of all scene objects that have the currently selected meditslot material assigned to it.


Converts a selection of objects with materials applied to all have a single Multi/Sub-Object material with each of its sub-materials be the same materials that were formerly applied as top level materials. This script uses the Material Modifier to give each object a specific material ID#.

Notes Map

Inspired by Particle Flow's Note operator - this is a pass-through map with a large text field for making notes about your material or map tree.

Bad Map Finder

Bad Map Finder searches through your scene and finds maps and materials that are incompatible with 3rd party renderers like Vray and Brazil. Bad maps and materials from older objects cause most of our network render failures - and this allows you to kill them off quickly.

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