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Shader/3D Paint MAXScript that lets you paint on a 3D Mesh by using the Vertex Colors texture as a Diffuse map to change the colors of a mesh.


Takes a set of materials and randomly applies them to your current scene selection.
version 1.10 Added a stat to tell you how many objects you currently have selected.

copy Color

Copy photoshop hex color into max (and color conversion)

Material Manager

"Iterates across all selected objects and lets you:

  • Set the bitmap filtering (summed area - pyramidal - none)
  • Rename all maps in a material based on material name.
  • Works on groups and most basic max materials. Won't work on 3rd party materials
  • "

    Cloud Maker

    This Utility will automaticaly create a Sky and Cloud for you max scenes


    Scripted material plugin called 'Magmalicious' - inspired by Frank Delise's lava shader. For best results add a displacement approximation modifier to your object and adjust from there...

    1.4 Update: Added coordinate selection - XYZ or UVW.


    This script will bring up the material editor - with ALL selected objects material placed in it for you. Just select your objects - and run. The material defaults to gray defaults first. If no objects are selected then the material editor is reset to defaults.


    Change different values of one or more materials at the same time.


    Takes any max file in a specified directory (or recursively through a directory tree) and adds all scene materials to a matlib you specify. If the matlib does not exist - it will create it - otherwise - it'll add to the one that's already there.


    Lets you create several different kinds of atmospheric passes. For example - you can saves an image sequence that represents the current environment ranges in the scene by changing all objects in the scene to a matte material and rendering the scene with white fog. Good for doing postprocess fog and postprocess depth of field.

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