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Obj Sketch

3 votes

Draw directly onto the texture of an object in the view port. Unfortunately the refreshing of a max texture is Painfully slow - so it's only real use is to roughly mark out areas on a mesh.

Vray material Selector and Changer

5 votes

Simple script which sets all VRay scene materials to a highlight glossiness value of 1.0 and turns off the reflection/highlight glossiness lock. Doesn't work on compound materials like Blend / Multi-sub...


2 votes

Copy/Cut/Paste all medit materials samples


2 votes

Just a quick 1 button solution for getting some commonly used materials (well - material I use commonly) without the need for a default material library - like an all black material - all white - face mapped smoke - etc.


3 votes

"Allows you to do search and replace in the names of bitmaps in your scene.
version 1.12: Can now perform script on the current Material Library."


1 vote

It allows you to randomly (re)assign materials between objects or from sources of objects.


6 votes

Globally changes reflection or refraction glossy subdivision for all vRayMtl materials - as well as - for all vRayMaps


2 votes

Lets you select scene objects based on a substring of the Bitmap file name or path.

HDRDome Material

2 votes

"A material tailored specifically for use with Christopher Subagio's HDRDomeLight skydome script. Easy to use - and doesn't look weird in the material editor."


3 votes

"Takes an object that has a multi/subobject material - and collapses the material to use only the subobject materials that are assigned to face IDs on the object. Modifies the object as well - consolidation material IDs and collapsing it to an editable mesh. Great for cleaning up nasty subobject materials on characters or buildings that have been attached several billion times.

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