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Allows the user to adjust the diffuse color for a selection of archvision RPC objects.


Takes all selected objects and applies a material modifier to them with a random ID between the high and low value.


Moves groups of materials to and from the current material library - the scene selection - the scene materials and medit. For example - with one click you can put up to 24 scene materials and place them in medit.


Simple down and dirty way to store two materials to assign to objects in your scene. Quickens the process of swapping materials for mattes.

Reset Material Editor (for pre-max8)

Resets all material Editor slots to a default standard material.

Note that this functionality is built into 3ds max 8 and higher. However - the built-in utility can reset the sources of environment maps instanced into the material editor - while this script will leave them unharmed. In exchange - you lose the restore slots functionality of the built-in script.

SMIV (Show Maps In Viewports)

MAX 2.x version available Turn viewport display for any material channel on and off. Works with selections or the whole scene. Supports most MAX3 Shader types and the Raytrace material. NEW: Support for most composite Materials with Sub-Materials - Blend -


You set the name of a material in the scene - then the script selects all the scene nodes using this material


Lets you select the faces where 2 or more materials come together and you can apply vertex colors to these faces for blending purposes

Material Collection

It is a non volumetric - procedural material for particle systems that allows you to create a wide range of special effects.

Obj Sketch

Draw directly onto the texture of an object in the view port. Unfortunately the refreshing of a max texture is Painfully slow - so it's only real use is to roughly mark out areas on a mesh.

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