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Lets you collector all the bitmaps from your scene - place them into a directory - and change your scene to reflect the new location of the maps. Several utilities already do this - however - this one affects all maps - including backgrounds - fog - light projector maps - etc.


"A script that simply cleans out the material editor and replaces each material with a unique name and random color.unzip the file to the root directory of max and it should install everything you need."


Allows up to 1024 samples in Material Editor. The additional samples can be scrolled up/down using a small floater. NOTE: Currently - only the displayed 24 samples can be saved with the MAX scene.


The same translucency script as the R3 version except it now is 2X faster. R3 Description: 'Maxscript hack for adding translucency information via vertex colors. Clumsy - slow - but can produce decent results. '

NRB Material ID Paint

This script was made to turn the task of adding material ID to a mesh faster (and not so boring - I hope)

PSD to Material

Converts a PSD file's layers into a material. This can either be done Manually - or Smartly. Manually gives you lists of the layers in the PSD file and allows you to choose which layer goes where. Smart does this for you by looking for keywords.

Randomise Wireclr

Randomises the wire color of selected object. Nothing new - but as a simple toolbar button quicker to use than as an inteface


"SHADEVALLEY is a scripted material plugin for terrain objects generated by DEEPVALLEY. It works on MAX R3.x and 3dsmax4. The materials created by SHADEVALLEY are optimized to the shape of terrain ( slope - valley - ridge - etc ) generated by DEEPVALLEY."


Checks all materials in the scene and reports any that do not have square textures(to the power of 2).


Coverts many different kinds of materials to other kinds of materials. Replaces ToonAssistantConverter.

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