UV Tools 3

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Easy to use uv mapping tools for Archviz and not only

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3dsMax 2013-2020
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Thanks Nik... didn't know your email! :)

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Tweak scale

I tried, and prototypes showed me that scaling in viewport is bad idea.

1) Tweak tool based on 1 cluster selection, which is not good for scaling.
2) There are no free modifier buttons (alt ctrl shift are already used in Tweak).
3) Scaling in viewport needs very precise mouse movements.
4) Tweak tool won't let you select 2 points and scale by them. It's just not designed for such cases.

UV Tools already has interactive transform spinners for free scaling and resize in system units. Scaling in viewport is pretty inaccurate way of doing that.
So for now the answer is no.

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Tweak tool

Hey ! Just bought your script, lovely! thanks for making it :)

Do you plan to add an uniform scale feature to the "tweak" tool ? Love the workflow of moving and rotating uvs in the viewport, but that's the one thing missing.

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[3.1.1] – 2020.02

New. QuickPeel button.
Improved. Morpher Cut boolean errors handling.
Improved. Morpher Cut and Skin Wrap better distance calculation.
Improved. Planar mapping from bitmap moved to Ctrl+Click Planar bitmap.
Fix. Morpher Cut. Morpher value 100 removed.
Fix. Flatten and Normal mapping size in Macroses.

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Send me email

This is not a good place for such discussions. Send me email and I will answer you. [email protected]
I already checked your scene. You don't have edges between vertical and horizontal elements, so you need to connect them in Editable Poly and then unwrap. After connecting you could use Flatten or Box mapping and then Orient elements by length.

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How to select horizontal and vertical faces

Hello. I just bought your script.
If I have a flat surface like the first picture,
can you explain to me how do I select the horizontal face
(like the right picture) and then apply horizontaly my wood map and
then I select the vertical faces and apply vertically the wood map, ecc...


question.jpg 176.19 KB
sovatepi.max 1.17 MB
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Macroses are editable

Sorry for a late reply.
Yes, macroses are editable, I will make a tutorial about macroses soon. Many macroses have some arguments, so I can't create all combinations of possible values there :)

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Sorry! it seems we can do it

Sorry! it seems we can do it by editing Break operation macro ... by turn on loop ...

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Remarkable work! Will you

Remarkable work! Will you also add Break loop into macros category please! Thanks!

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[3.1] – 2020.02

New. Packing. Default Unwrap pack methods are used.
New. Move Right, Left, Top, Bottom. U, V buttons in Transform.
New. QuickPeel action Macros.
Fix. Checker on group error introduced in 3.0.9.

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