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Easy to use uv mapping tools for Archviz and not only

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3dsMax 2013-2020
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lol200004's picture

Unfold along UV 3ds max?

Hello NiK684. Your tools are impressive, I'd love to see a mapping function in it, like in Maya's "Unfold along U or V". This is very handy for texturing. Thank you

NiK684's picture

[3.2d] – 2020.12

New. Grow selection to smooth surfaces. Select by Smooth Groups moved to Shift+Click.
New. Planar Mapping grow to element (Ctrl+Click).
New. Planar Mapping in World coords (Shift+Click).
Improved. Transfer edges between UV and Poly is much faster.
Fix. Planar Mapping bad alignment in some cases.
Fix. Select by Smooth Groups if no Smooth Group assigned.
Fix. Scale to size from wrong center point in some cases.

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Please try to follow

Please try to follow installation recommendations, run MZP file, not .mse.
If you are still getting this error then send me email [email protected]

gwhitemanjr's picture

can't install

do you know why I might get this error when I try to install the script?

MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Runtime error: fileIn: can't open file - "$userStartupScripts\UVTools_loader.mse"
-- MAXScript callstack:
-- thread data: threadID:1884

There's a lot more to the error code in the Script Listener, so if you need more of that to help assess the situation please let me know.

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Black Friday

It's already there. -30% until Monday

Marsman's picture

Black Friday Discount?


Your tool is great! Is there a discount for Black Friday? Thanks.

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[3.2c] – 2020.11

New. Set Map Channel and reset UV (Alt+Click). Similar to Abandon mode.
New. Tweak and Align select Unwrap Group.
New. UV Editor auto Zoom Extents Selected. Optional.
Fix. Break by ID incorrect offset order.
Fix. 3dsMax 2017 icons background color.
Fix. Subrollout height bug on some systems.
Fix. Spread (Shuffle) macros was broken.
Fix. Ctrl+Click Planar bitmap error.

NiK684's picture

[3.2b] – 2020.11

Improved. Switch to previous modifier after Delete or Collapse.
Fix. Convert RW > Tiling fitting to tile.
Fix. Subobject Level buttons state bug.
Fix. Subrollouts height bu

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[3.2a] – 2020.10

Fix. 3dsMax 2021 Rollouts bug if taskbar is on top.
Fix. 3dsMax 2018 icons background color.
Fix. Bad icons when Windows UI Scaling enabled.

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[3.2] – 2020.10

New. 2 customizable Tabs in GUI.
New. Checker automatic guess size from object material maps.
New. More map classes support for Show maps in viewport.
New. Distribute elements evenly.
New. Sort elements by Height/Width.
New. Randomly spread elements in multiple stacks.
New. Flip to Left/Right and Up/Down (Shift+Click).
New. Scale uniformly by texture aspect ratio. Planar bitmap mapping was removed.
New. Weld (Collapse) uv vertices by distance threshold.
New. Convert real-world mapping to regular tiling.
New. Pack choose default method (non-convex added in max2017+).
New. Close UV Editor (Right Click).
New. Open UV Editor with Filter Selection (Ctrl+Click).
Improved. Planar mapping better alignment (similar to UVW Map – Normal Align).
Improved. Show/Hide maps in viewport speedup.
Improved. Tweaker/Aligner better mouse hit detection.
Improved. UV Smooth speedup.
Improved. Invert Rotate 90 can now be disabled.
Improved. Rename Unwrap to “UV Tools Unwrap” can now be disabled.
Fix. Save Unwrap Setup error.
Fix. Issues with Undo in some functions.
Fix. UV Editor selection flickering when nothing is selected.
Fix. Pick Morpher error.

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