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Jos Balcaen

This is a free script, for non commercial use.

This is the perfect script to transfer your models from 3ds Max to ZBrush/Unity/UDK/...
Basically it batch exports objects to multiple files.
Supported formats : max, obj, fbx, 3ds, ase, dwf, dwg, dxf, dae, nif.

General features

  • Very easy to use script
  • All options are saved.This means all checkboxes, text fields will remember your change.

Import features

  • Create file layers. Create a layer for every file and add the file contents to it.
  • Rename to file name. Rename all objects to the filename_1
  • Attach in file. Attach all objects from the same file together
  • Group in file. Group all objects from the same file

Export features

  • Reset geometry. Apply the boxmethod to every object (reset transformation etc.). Optionally move the pivot to the origin.
  • Delete turbosmooth. Delete the TurboSmooth modifier before exporting.
  • Move to [0,0,0]. Move objects to the origin before exporting
  • Rotate the objects before exporting (to fix rotation problems)
  • Scale the objects before exporting (to fix scale issues)
  • Name change. Add prefix and/or postfix to the name of the objects before exporting.
  • Combine collision mesh. Mesh with the same name and the given prefix/postifx will be exported together (ex. UCX_).
  • Combine LOD's. Meshes with the given prefix/postfix will be exported to the same file. For example _LOD* (* means numbering) for unity.
  • Group support. Objects in a group are automatically exported to the same file. If the Collapse groups option is enabled, the group will be collapsed to one mesh.
  • FBX export options. Use the FBX Preset option under the advanced section.

So no need for an export scene. You can check the options and everything will be perfectly exported.
After exporting the scene will be restored.

This script has been updated several times by user requests.
If you have any remarks, requests or feedback, feel free to contact me.


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How to install

The new version now has a installer. Just run the .mzp file to install the script.

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josbalcaen_batch_exporter_importer.mzp79.79 KB


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Perfect! Just got a large set of FBX files from a client and this brought them all in at once. :D

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Feature Request

Hi, I really love this script, I use it a lot! Thanks!

I am working with 3dsMax and Unity, when I have to export something to Unity, I need to manually rotate Pivot Point 90º in X to get the same result in Unity. Could you please add this option in the exporter config. I can actually rotate the model before the export, but I just need to rotate the pivot point of the object.


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Runtime Error

great work, thank you very much!

Unfortunately, I have the problem that I get the export error message: "Runtime Error: Attempt to accsess deleted object" displayed. Can somebody help me here?

Thank You!

error.jpg 17.47 KB
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Thanks Jos, Much

Thanks Jos, Much appreciated!Keep up the good work

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Turning off the option

Turning off the option "Collapse Groups" in the export options should do this. Cheers, Jos

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What would be different from

What would be different from the default export selected option in max that you have in mind?

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suggestion: Groups support for Export

Please add Groups support, so Groups doesn't collapse to a single mesh in exported files when using 'Objects to Files' export mode

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great script

great tool! thank you very much

would it be possible to add an option to create simple *.txt file on *.max file export which contains the list of the layers, dimensions, and polygon/vertices count (with Turbosmooth off):

- Scene objects are organized by layers:

- 17 x 16 x 5 meters
- 189.937 polygons
- 186.780 vertices

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Thats a good idea, should be

Thats a good idea, should be easy. I'll have a look tomorrow!
Done - Added to version 4.12. Please uninstall and install the script again to list the additional macro script

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Script to run export process

Hi, I really dig this exporter but it would be nice if there was a script which runs the exporter without having to open the UI. I tried making a macroscript with exporter.mse and hotkeying it but it still opens the UI.

If possible please make a script which runs the export process with the saved settings, so I can select a bunch of objects and press a button so it exports. It would save a lot of time when iterating with the meshes in engine to test lighting, thanks!

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