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Jos Balcaen

This is a free script, for non commercial use.

This is the perfect script to transfer your models from 3ds Max to ZBrush/Unity/UDK/...
Basically it batch exports objects to multiple files.
Supported formats : max, obj, fbx, 3ds, ase, dwf, dwg, dxf, dae, nif.

General features

  • Very easy to use script
  • All options are saved.This means all checkboxes, text fields will remember your change.

Import features

  • Create file layers. Create a layer for every file and add the file contents to it.
  • Rename to file name. Rename all objects to the filename_1
  • Attach in file. Attach all objects from the same file together
  • Group in file. Group all objects from the same file

Export features

  • Reset geometry. Apply the boxmethod to every object (reset transformation etc.). Optionally move the pivot to the origin.
  • Delete turbosmooth. Delete the TurboSmooth modifier before exporting.
  • Move to [0,0,0]. Move objects to the origin before exporting
  • Rotate the objects before exporting (to fix rotation problems)
  • Scale the objects before exporting (to fix scale issues)
  • Name change. Add prefix and/or postfix to the name of the objects before exporting.
  • Combine collision mesh. Mesh with the same name and the given prefix/postifx will be exported together (ex. UCX_).
  • Combine LOD's. Meshes with the given prefix/postfix will be exported to the same file. For example _LOD* (* means numbering) for unity.
  • Group support. Objects in a group are automatically exported to the same file. If the Collapse groups option is enabled, the group will be collapsed to one mesh.
  • FBX export options. Use the FBX Preset option under the advanced section.

So no need for an export scene. You can check the options and everything will be perfectly exported.
After exporting the scene will be restored.

This script has been updated several times by user requests.
If you have any remarks, requests or feedback, feel free to contact me.


Additional Info: 

How to install

The new version now has a installer. Just run the .mzp file to install the script.

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josbalcaen_batch_exporter_importer.mzp79.79 KB


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jpjapers's picture

Hi, whatever way i run this i

Hi, whatever way i run this i get the error "Unable to convert: "" to type: Boolean Class"
Im on max design 2014.
Any ideas how to fix this?

TheHenk's picture

Rename object on import

I´m trying to use your script to import multiple .dae´s (hundreds). It works very well except that each .dae contains one mesh with the same name so it overwrites the previous mesh for each import so in the end I still end up with only one mesh. I would like the script to rename each mesh on import with a suffix (like name01.. name02.. etc). Can that be done?

joma's picture


Somebody know if it's posible whith this plugin or another put each mesh in diferent positions in a 2D plane? Like a nesting, Several meshes whitout collisions. Thanks

mdko's picture

yes, I'm exporting from the

yes, I'm exporting from the same scene. I could test it with admin rights, I'll let you know if it works.

jos's picture

I'll fix it

Thanks for reporting!
I'll have a look this weekend.

-- edit --
I just had a look; On my pc, the settings get saved in the dialog.
There is no code on my side that saves fbx settings, I just show the options dialog the first time. The next object gets exported with the same settings automatically by max.
Are you exporting from the same scene? Can you test if you run 3ds max with administration rights?

I could manually save all settings from the dialog that are exposed, but seems overkill as max does it for you..


mdko's picture

fbx export settings?


Great script, but I have a problem. When I manually export a model to Unreal engine 4, I set FBX to use the 2013 version, set the units to centimeters, etc. And this gives me a correctly scaled model in UE4.

But when I use your script, only the first object (that gives the FBX dialog) gets the correct scale in UE4. The rest of the objects all have their scale set incorrectly.

Am I correct in assuming the script saves the settings of your first FBX dialog, then uses that for all remaining exports? Because if that is the case, this function does not seem to work properly at this moment.

Thanks for your hard work,

Nik's picture

Very helped!

Thank you very much!
Great script

Used export into separate files

Luos_83's picture


Ooh thanks, had some troubles with my wrists so took me a while to reply!
Will try this asap!

edit: works like a charm for me!
Will let the great Unity community know about this tool.

you rock like a baksteen!

also funny that in your script it says:
"export objects with a given prefix together. UCX_ for udk for example (user request by Edward Duke-Cox)"

Whom I talked to on a regular basis back in the UT days.
just got totally sentimental :)

jos's picture

New version

Rewrote the whole script. Added some new features like LOD support, scaling and rotating. Should be what you want..

Luos_83's picture

Lod support

Goedendag Jos,

I have been using your tool since it first came out, I've practically grown up with it, so from bottom of my heart, thank you for this tool!

I got a few requests, which might be a looooong shot, but I know the whole Unity community would love you for this.

There is this thing in Unity Pro where you can import Level Of Detail meshes together and they will automatically assign the proper Lods to the main mesh.

Basically if a mesh ends with _LOD0 (Meshname_LOD0 for instance) in its name and the second with _LOD1, third with _LOD3 if exported together as one file Unity will see it as one mesh with the LODS applied to it.

Would there be a chance you could add a feature that looks at the end of a mesh name and if it is _LOD0 it will look for _LOD1, _LOD2, etc and combine them in one exported file.
(So i can batch export 100's of files instead of one group of 3 each time)

Because sadly for now, the batch exporter only increased workflow a little bit.

(already suggested to Unity to also combine them if they are separate files, but obviously I am ignored)

There are also two other things Unity does wrong with .FBX (its main import file)
1. It resizes all .fbx to 0.01 times the original size.
For this an option to resize meshes on export would be great!
2. I need to rotate the pivot 90 degrees on the X axis (so Y axis is upwards) of all my meshes before exporting as .fbx because for some reason Unity ignores this option in the .fbx export options.

I hope this is clear, my dutch has always been better than my english!
Cheers and take care!

Edit: a coder friend got the _LOD part working on your script actually, If you care I am allowed to share it with you!

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