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Jos Balcaen

This is a free script, for non commercial use.

This is the perfect script to transfer your models from 3ds Max to ZBrush/Unity/UDK/...
Basically it batch exports objects to multiple files.
Supported formats : max, obj, fbx, 3ds, ase, dwf, dwg, dxf, dae, nif.

General features

  • Very easy to use script
  • All options are saved.This means all checkboxes, text fields will remember your change.

Import features

  • Create file layers. Create a layer for every file and add the file contents to it.
  • Rename to file name. Rename all objects to the filename_1
  • Attach in file. Attach all objects from the same file together
  • Group in file. Group all objects from the same file

Export features

  • Reset geometry. Apply the boxmethod to every object (reset transformation etc.). Optionally move the pivot to the origin.
  • Delete turbosmooth. Delete the TurboSmooth modifier before exporting.
  • Move to [0,0,0]. Move objects to the origin before exporting
  • Rotate the objects before exporting (to fix rotation problems)
  • Scale the objects before exporting (to fix scale issues)
  • Name change. Add prefix and/or postfix to the name of the objects before exporting.
  • Combine collision mesh. Mesh with the same name and the given prefix/postifx will be exported together (ex. UCX_).
  • Combine LOD's. Meshes with the given prefix/postfix will be exported to the same file. For example _LOD* (* means numbering) for unity.
  • Group support. Objects in a group are automatically exported to the same file. If the Collapse groups option is enabled, the group will be collapsed to one mesh.
  • FBX export options. Use the FBX Preset option under the advanced section.

So no need for an export scene. You can check the options and everything will be perfectly exported.
After exporting the scene will be restored.

This script has been updated several times by user requests.
If you have any remarks, requests or feedback, feel free to contact me.


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How to install

The new version now has a installer. Just run the .mzp file to install the script.

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josbalcaen_batch_exporter_importer.mzp79.79 KB


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jos's picture

Still needed


Do you still need this? If so, contact me directly and we'll work something out :)

allroundpeter's picture

3ds file sequences import to one scene in 3ds max 2012


we search a script for 3dsmax 2012 x32 which can import a lot of 3ds or obj files in one scene/timeline in 3dsmax.
We have a special program, calls ONYXBamboo which can create a growth 3d animation but they can export the growth animation only as numbered file sequence!
So we try many import batches and loader from this forum but nothing works and put the numbered files step by step in the timeline from 3dsmax.
So is this usually possible or not?
We will pay or donate for a working script!
Attached the last file from a 300 frame sequence.

Many thanks for a fast answer.
Best regards from Germany!

b_0300.3ds 751.92 KB
3dwannab's picture

Thank you +1

This might be a simpler solution for install.mcr script.

macroScript JosBatchExporterImporter
tooltip:"Export/Import multiple objects/files v04"
			srchDir = GetDir #scripts
			scripts = getfiles (srchDir + "\\JosBalcaen_Batch_Exporter_Importer.mse")
			if scripts.count != 0 then(
				sort scripts
				latest = scripts[scripts.count]
				filein latest
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each imported file to its own layer

the script is great but it would be very handy if it has an option to put each imported file to its own layer (maybe with the name of the file itself) so as to be selected more easily afterwards. thank you!

Vipera's picture

Reset max session before import

Would be nice to have 'Reset max session' checkbox before each import.

Dekoy's picture

Bug or problem

Hi, I have a problem with exporting to FBX models for UnrealEngine. I have three models with different names that are the same model LOD. Now I group it together, doing a LOD set in 3dsmax and when I export it using your plug-in, unreal don't get it. It looks like three models in same position but without LOD. When I export it manually with same FBX setup everything works normally. Can you help me?

jos's picture

Hi, that is a great idea!

Hi, that is a great idea! I'll let you know when I've added it.

mxdsa's picture

Great tool. Thank you!

Great tool. Thank you!

verticalslicer's picture

Import OBJ Name

Great tool, thanks for making it! Feature request. An option to use OBJ file names as the imported mesh name. When ZBrush kicks out OBJ files, it doesn't write data to the file for a user-given object name, so you end up having to manually rename every single object once you have it imported into Max.

jos's picture

Don't remember exactly, but

Don't remember exactly, but can you try this with the group open? Maybe I decided to export that to multiple files. Cheers

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