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Jos Balcaen

This is a free script, for non commercial use.

This is the perfect script to transfer your models from 3ds Max to ZBrush/Unity/UDK/...
Basically it batch exports objects to multiple files.
Supported formats : max, obj, fbx, 3ds, ase, dwf, dwg, dxf, dae, nif.

General features

  • Very easy to use script
  • All options are saved.This means all checkboxes, text fields will remember your change.

Import features

  • Create file layers. Create a layer for every file and add the file contents to it.
  • Rename to file name. Rename all objects to the filename_1
  • Attach in file. Attach all objects from the same file together
  • Group in file. Group all objects from the same file

Export features

  • Reset geometry. Apply the boxmethod to every object (reset transformation etc.). Optionally move the pivot to the origin.
  • Delete turbosmooth. Delete the TurboSmooth modifier before exporting.
  • Move to [0,0,0]. Move objects to the origin before exporting
  • Rotate the objects before exporting (to fix rotation problems)
  • Scale the objects before exporting (to fix scale issues)
  • Name change. Add prefix and/or postfix to the name of the objects before exporting.
  • Combine collision mesh. Mesh with the same name and the given prefix/postifx will be exported together (ex. UCX_).
  • Combine LOD's. Meshes with the given prefix/postfix will be exported to the same file. For example _LOD* (* means numbering) for unity.
  • Group support. Objects in a group are automatically exported to the same file. If the Collapse groups option is enabled, the group will be collapsed to one mesh.
  • FBX export options. Use the FBX Preset option under the advanced section.

So no need for an export scene. You can check the options and everything will be perfectly exported.
After exporting the scene will be restored.

This script has been updated several times by user requests.
If you have any remarks, requests or feedback, feel free to contact me.


Additional Info: 

How to install

The new version now has a installer. Just run the .mzp file to install the script.

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Luos_83's picture

A bug, and a request!

Hey Jos! Hope you are doing fine!
Last time I posted here you were still at Guerilla, awesome to see you are --according to your CV-- now kicking it in London :)

Don't think I saw your name in the credits of RDR2 though... now I have a reason to go through it again :p

anyways, I come here for two things.
1. FBX files export with the temp-dummy.
Not sure if it's my super-fast computer or 3dsmax 2020/2021/2022 being.. well.. themselves. But occasionally when exporting meshes it also exports the temporary dummy you are using to store the original location of the mesh while it's being moved to 0/0/0 into the FBX file.

I can solve this by pushing my CPU usage up to 60+ %, or restarting 3dsmax and hoping for the best.

2. When exporting meshes as FBX, and they contain sockets (SOCKET_) that are parented to the mesh, they will export along properly, though they maintain their original location, instead of moving with the exported mesh to their relative location.

example: mesh is at 100/100/0, SOCKET_ is at 90/90/90
on export, the mesh will be moved to 0/0/0 but the SOCKET_ stays at 90/90/90.
so while it gets exported, its location is incorrect.

alright, that's it for now.
I cant believe I have been using this tool for close to 15 years now.
What a ride its been :)

Take care!

Edit: I also --just-- noticed that for a SOCKET_ to export properly, the static mesh needs to be parented to the socket, instead of the socket being parented to the static mesh.
This causes issues with UE4/UE5 as you can only use one socket that way.
Im sure this is an oversight.

zMizouz's picture

Cannot import

Me import attach 2 object is error , please fixed

untitled.png 168.78 KB
Aniow's picture

Grade! Useful Script!

Thanks. This script it's necessary for good workflow! :)

hypersapien's picture

No "Smoothing Groups" option

(Script v04.12, Max2020)
A word of caution to anyone using this script- Of the various controls and toggles in the export settings of this script, the "Smoothing Groups" toggle which is present in the native 3Ds Max FBX exporter is missing. There is a mysterious "Export Options" toggle, but it doesn't seem to do anything whether its on or off.

To control whether you are exporting your smoothing group data or not, it seems to use which ever setting you last used with the native exporter.

It took me months of trouble shooting to figure out why my UE4 scene was having problematic light bakes, turned out it was because I wasn't saving out my smoothing group data when I used this plugin to export my assets out.

Kitsune's picture

Save option

I feel like this has been already abandoned but, just in case...
Could you please make an option to avoid saving before exporting? It's pretty annoying to save every single time that you need to export. Even more conidering that everytime it does it, the whole undo/redo history also disappears. Sometimes scenes are pretty big and you need to constantly export, fix, export, fix... if you need to wait for the whole scene to save it takes too much time. So I think a setting so turn on and off autosave on export could help users to choose wether they want to save or take the risk and just export.

I have also noticed a small bug, when you use "Export options" the export options dialog doesn't really commes up on export. This option works fine on Import, just not on Export.


todor's picture


Cool Script! Thank you

Haider of Sweden's picture


I am missing a culture here at ScriptSpot.
There are so many great minds around here, providing tons of support and help in the help- and suggest forums. Yet, in the script pages, like this one, it is mainly quiet.

What I would like to see is that coders could feel welcome to provide code in here for suggestions like the one from @Artemcg.
In case the original coder doesn't have the solution ready or if they don't have the time, they could just verify and copy-paste.

I feel there is a lot sharing-is-caring mentality here, and thank you all the developers for that. But I would like to see it in those pages as well, where people come up with ideas and suggestions.
I am writing this because I just sent email to the developer, and minutes after I see this idea which I never thought of, but know that I also would like to see.

Don't let good ideas go in vain :)

Kind regards

arch3d's picture

Script update

jos any chances for Max 2020 version?'s picture


sometimes I need to see the entire directory structure that my files are coming from. the ability to increase the size of the screen would be useful, please.

mickeplt's picture


Awesome script!

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