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Andreas Meissner

Problem: The filesize of scenes suddenly increases dramatically. This slows down the workflow since every manual-save and autobackup-save takes long and it fills your fileserver with maxfiles that are very big.

Reason: 3ds max adds notetracks and reactor-collisions to the scene. A common workaround for this problem is ctrl+N (New Scene: Keep Objects and Hierarchy) or to merge your scene into an empty new scene.

Solution: This simple script deletes the notetracks and reactor-collisions. It also got some other cleaning-tasks.


IMPORTANT: If you got xrefs in your scene and you wonder why you always get notetracks again after using the cleaner: you got to clean the xrefs too.




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Customize > Category: "# Scripts"

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tested in 2009, 2012 with Vray
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C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20** - 64bit\enu\

Try modify the file called "_ Scripts-realCleaner.mcr" in C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20** - 64bit\enu\UI\usermacros\_ Scripts-realCleaner.mcr or similar path. :D

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syntax error

Hey :D I have tried to import this in to my current script but when I try to run the script it always gives me some kind of syntax error or something (not to mention that I have no clue on scripting :d ) but this looks like it could save a tons of problems :D Would you be kind to provide me script file with imported line/code so that I can compare with mine in order to determine where I went wrong? Thank you very much! :D

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Thank you a lot man, you really help me with a big problem in very huge files!
Super useful!

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Add a funtion to remove AnimLayerControlManager into Cleaner.

(struct s( tName = "--Scene--AnimLayerControlManager",
			tTooltip = "\
			3ds Max tends to automaticly save animation layers stuff. \
			However these animlayers can become quite numerous and dramatically increase the size of your scene and make saving process extremly slow. \
			So it is a good idea to keep an eye on these automaticly created notetracks and clean them from time to time. \
			Remember that you will import animlayers from other files if you are using xrefs. \
			Cleaning just the scene doesn't solve the problem, you got to clean the xref aswell or you will import the animlayers everytime you load the xref.
			fn autocount =
				try (getproperty trackviewnodes.Anim_Layer_Control_Manager.controller #animlayers).count catch ("-")
			fn clean =
					(getproperty trackviewnodes.Anim_Layer_Control_Manager.controller #animlayers).count=0

I figure out how to integrate a useful feature into this script (based on Spacefrog answer from Autodesk 4rum - forums[dot]autodesk[dot]com/t5/3ds-max-3ds-max-design-general/3dsmax-2014-huge-filesize-and-empty-file/), since the author of Cleaner no longer update his script. You can just copy the block of code above and paste into between 2 other blocks. Example between 1st and 2nd blocks, then restart max, it'd looks like this:

animlayers.jpg 68.2 KB
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I cant see this window in max

Hi Guys, I download all 8 files, and insert them in max2012/script folder, and when i go to run script, i have to run them one by one, any idea how to run complete window?
thank you in advance

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What's frequent cause "Link Composite cleaning" unfunctional?

I've got some max file always hang at Link Composite cleaning button pressed. Yes, they're modeled from autocad drawing and I wanna try to purge those things. Many times it works. But sometimes, it hangs forever and I have to kill 3dsmax.

So I was curious about what're those frequent cause with Link Composite cleaning? Is there any way to just select object involved them without delete them 'coz seems any time (in the given buggy file) I press that button it hangs the max out (and not recover from that state).

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I don't intentionally use them either but the scene I am working on seems to have 55 thousand of them! When I clean it reduces to 1 and I cant visually tell the difference, so a very useful little addition :)

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should only be empty

should only be empty retimers, but better to check it for yourself on a sample scene since the retimer "cleaning got added by suggestion of "hamletik by Artyom and TexeL"

i dont use retimers so i never tested it myself.

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Thanks for the script it has become an integrated part of my workflow. Could you confirm for me, does the re-timer function remove all re-timers or only empty re-timers?


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Works fine on Max 2016 here

I use Cleaner on Max 2016 without any problem: did you install last Service pack for 3dsmax (sp3) ?
Hope it helps

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