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Andreas Meissner

This tool can help you to clean and speed up your scene. Hover with your cursor over the clean-buttons to see tooltips for further information.


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  • Drag and drop the file "install" into your scene
  • You can create a toolbar button by using the macro under: Customize > Category: "# Scripts" > Cleaner


  • If you look inside the folder .../Cleaner/clean/deactivated/... you can find further functions. To use them you need to move them into the folder  .../Cleaner/clean/...
  • Before cleaning dublicate objects, you should select and isolate these objects to check if they are really dublicates!
  • The "Texture Filtering" will speed up your rendering cause textures like leafes, flowers and ivys will be set to filtering:none, but this will change the look of your rendering, use with care!


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tested in 2009, 2012 with Vray, 2015 with Vray
cleaner8.ms27.6 KB
cleaner_v25.zip25.13 KB


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THINKTANK's picture

Thank you!

An amazing script that should be a standard as part of Max / Vray!

Would be amazing if you could set up an automation version so you check which options you want to apply to a file and you could 'batch' multiple max files and apply the cleaning settings that you had selected to them max files.

x_OL's picture

if error

Just try additionaly drag into viewport after draging install It was help me

Studio2a3d's picture

Best Cleaner

Thanks for the update! This is one of the best scripts. We use it all the time at Studio2a. Thanks!

Baileykos's picture

negative scaled objects

Hello, select negative scaled objects and it will help, just try it once.

nnq2603's picture

I try version-2.5 on more than 2 systems and it doesn't work.

It doesn't work on 2014 after each time restart 3ds max (tried both at home and at work), only work the 1st time. So I've to make it back to old way. For anyone use 2014 and it doesn't work like me, then use this macro script to install instead of the one from author package.

macroScript oldway
	category:"# Scripts"
	tooltip:"Cleaner 2.5"
	on execute do fileIn "C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\3ds Max 2014\\scripts\\Cleaner\\"
nnq2603's picture

Nice simple and effective cleaning script.

My god, so long time. I thought you drop this script for years. Thanks for sharing the recent version. Good luck.

BTW, seems there's error in installing process of this version. You extract it to multi-small ms files and 1 macro script. But I install and restart 3ds max always returns error msg:
MAXScript MacroScript Error Exception
-- No ""+"" function for undefined
Manually run script would work but couldn't get it to run each time restart 3ds max.

real08121985's picture

Thanks for your feedback, I

Thanks for your feedback, I do appreciate all your positive comments. You can find an updated version of the Cleaner that I'm currently using at work. It wont freeze during counting and has some new features like the awesome Proxy Booster by my coworker René Grosser :)

FireFly's picture


I'm using it all the time! Makes your scene files so much smaller, faster and better to handle! Thank you! (Sorry for the inflationary use of exclamation marks.)

MaximuM's picture

Issue with Missing Plugins function


Thank you for this awesome script, I use it all the times.
I have the following issue when clicking on the "Missing Plugins" button:

MAXSCRIPT Rollout Handler Exception
--Unknown property: "cLab5" in Rollout:cCleanerRollout

It happens even with a fresh new empty scene (3dsmax 2016).

Can you help please ?

Thank you !

Realspace3D's picture


Very useful even now that years has passed I'm still using the cleaner tips you recommend. Awesome!

landscape rendering - Realspace3D

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