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A replacement cut tool for Editable Poly. Allows you to orbit the view without interrupting the tool - and allows complex cuts with edge/vert snapping. Also gives the ability to do multiple - unconnected cuts without exiting and restarting the tool.

Anaglyph Previewer


This script is for animators to Lock any object (great for IK controls) to any temporary parent, such as a handrail or a bone etc, and it bakes the animation. The user can choose to snap the control to the center of the object or with the offset still in place (offset is on by default)

StickyLock Preview

Change Pivot to selected vertices

Maxscript for changing the pivot of an object to the selected Vertex.

Game Level Builder

This Script is a complete package for building game levels in max - and is an essential tool for building Half-Life - Counter-Strike and Quake Levels. Building your level is easy - all you have to do is draw where you want your walls to be created - and then click on the walls where you would like doors or windows placed. Floors can be created with a single click and then copied to make ceilings.

Function Collection

I figured since i got a huge number of functions flying around on my drives that i'd put the most useful into a struct and put it online somewhere so people who might need something don't have to reinvent the wheel.
More comments are to be added later
have phun

Scripts for VrayProxy

Export Mesh to VRayProxy with material.

Create VRayProxy with material.

Load VRayProxy Material.


Vray mesh Export v0.9

  • Adds "Test Render" function.
  • Adds "Light Multiplayer".
  • Adds capability for saving settings the utility.

Fixes issue with loading materials


Flame / Combustion 2D track loader

This script imports 2D .ascii trackings from Flame/Combustion.
It's useful for rotoscopying or working with moving elements on matchmoved scenes.
This kind of .ascii text files look like this:

1.0 : +470.67, +341.00
2.0 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +341.00 2.0      end_of_the_skype_highlighting : +470.16, +339.89
3.0 .....

where "1.0" is the frame number, "+470.67" the x track position and "+341" the y track position.

Run this script. A floater window will appear.

Stereo Cam Creator

Stereo Cam Creator v2.0

Creates the cameras already correctly positioned, with automatic adjustment for moving the target point keeping the correct distance between the cameras.

Install: copy the script to your 3dsmax\scrip


cubicVR is everything you need to create cubic QTVR files - as seen below - from 3ds max.


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