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Selects all objects in your scene with the Object ID specified. Filters out hidden objects.





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This tool will list the properties of any object you select. 

The title of the dialog will change to the Class Of the selected object and the Name of the selected object.

You can press the "Freeze Property List" button to prevent the dialog from updating with each new selection.

You can copy the text from the dialog, so this is usefull if you're writing a script and need to find which property you want to control.


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If you're constantly needing to loop through arrays of objects and tweak settings then this tool could offer you some convenience.

This is very simply a tool that will execute a "For i " loop with whatever code you put into the dialog. You can use the drop-down at the top to choose from a predefined array or choose "Other" from the list and then type the variable of an array you've defined yourself.

Show Polygon Indices

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With this tool will shows ordinal number ei. index of currently selected faces of
E-Poly and E-Mesh object.

Pflow LookAt Script

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Aligns particle to a scene object. Supports lookaxis, flip, horizontal rotation and variation.

Hide-Unhide Tools

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This is a small script to extend the hide/unhide Editable_Poly options out of an object to help in its visualization when you need to have the object unselected or freezed.

-Create a group of faces of an Editable_Poly mesh
-Add more faces from the same mesh or a different Editable_Poly mesh
-Remove groups and remove faces from a group
-Rename the name group
-Order the list of created groups
-Save and load the groups created in a .txt file
-Open more script windows for different needs

Tell me if you think it's necessary to add more features.

Batch Rescale

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Newer version thanks to user barigazy

Apply scaling to multiple objects. Choose the dimension you want to scale all objects to then select the reference object as seen bellow:

import KML path from GoogleEarth

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I create a script to import KML files from GoogleEarth paths to 3ds MAX splines

- Can chose Close Spline
- Vertex  Type and Segment type

- Now import KML from GoogleEarth and 3d route Builder
- Can chose to close spline

V1.1  Import imagens (kml)  from SASPlanet .

In SASPlanet when  save stick images can save kml  file with same name. The script try to load  imagens with same name (DDS, TGA and PNG)


Install to <MAX folder>Scripts\Startup\importKML

Plank Master v1.0 is out!

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Hello guys!

I want to show you my very first script - Plank Master. This script creates 3d planks and have possibility to break and slice them.

More informations you can find on my blog
( http://milkyfeet.blogspot.com/2013/12/plank-master-v-10-is-out.html ).

Hope you like it :)

I release this script under licence: CC BY NC ND
Only for non commercial use! Sorry guys, but I have only student version of 3ds Max.

PS. This is my very first script, so it's not perfect :) It can be little slow, if you have some old coputer or laptop ;)

Color Mixer

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Simple color mixer. You can change the number of segments of the gradient control and move the slider or enter a percentage to get a desired blend of two colors in RGB or HSV color space. The width of the dialog can be changed.

Color Mixer UI

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