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Spline Geo import (kml, GPX and csv geographic coordinates) to 3ds MAX

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Import CSV and import Geo (kml, GPX) to 3ds MAX

Importing data to 3ds max is fundamental to try to reproduce the real world in3d environment.
I made two scripts spline CSV IO (Import/Export) and Import Geo.

Install: Copy files to /scripts/startup
Use: go to “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities

The script import Geographic coordinates (longitude,latitude and Altitude).
The coordinates are decimal format (40.446195, -79.948862) Altitude is in meters.

Helix Opener

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with this script you can roll out every object in 3ds max
It's very useful for creating animation logos and for ad logos.
It's very is to use.
This script will publish in few days by HG

background realtime update

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"mono•text•edit" script is a small text editor inside 3dsmax.


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AK-skeleton-selector for CAT

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This small script helps animators with quickly select diffrent parts of CAT riggs. IT features include :

when you run it effectively adds as many as CAT parents(CAT objects) that you have in your scene to a dropDown list so you can choose which character you want to work with.

you can choose to add to your current selection or make new selection.

Cylindrify modifier

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Cylindrify is similar to the Spherify modifier, except that it works only in the local XY plane instead of the 3 dimensions.

Select Faces By 2 Edges

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Select a Loop Faces between two selected Edges.

Cache Bar

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A small tool for Point Cache automation. Easy way to cache out all selection objects at once. Also ability to load cache files automatically on selected objects by name or load one cache file onto many objects. A few other things as well. Watch the video tutorial.


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