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Bend Biped

3 votes

It adds to the biped bend joints on Arms and Legs.
A slider on Hands and Feets control the bend value.
It also can be use to create good twist bones.
It adds the ability to stretch the Arms and legs.

You just have to skin using these new bones and not the biped ones.
But you animate using the original biped bone

Selected Verts Boundary

3 votes

a mini utility show the boundingbox of selected vertices,
as well their Min/Max boundary in world space coordinates.


measure single selected node (selection[1])
works with any geometry node that has .mesh value
allows one floater rollout at a time

Select Similar Spline

1 vote

this script works like select similar faces in polyboost or gmt, but with splines. so feel free to test it an post some suggestions :)

it have two modes:
by segments - selects by spline segments and their lengths (most precise)
by length - selects by overal length of the spline (useful in some cases)

new in v2.1
by type - selects by knot type (bezier,corner,etc)


9 votes

Display Image

Animation Ranger

9 votes

Animation Ranger

This script intended to simplify changing time range values inside max.

I tried to make it similar to Mayas timeslider.

There are four spinners and two sliders.

At the far right and far left spinners are maximum and minimum values of range.

Other two spinners and two sliders are for zooming in and out to the timeslider.

Circle Array

27 votes


Like 3ds Max Array tool but with custom picked rotate axis.
The rest you can see in the screenshot.


Layer Tools

14 votes

This MAXScript was coded to add some easy to use and quite needed layer management tools.

3DS MAX lacks some very simple to program commands that will allow the user to work much quicker than by using the layer manager.

Fit the UVW Mapping Gizmo

3 votes

Perform Fit gizmo operation on UVW mapping modifier on all selected objects.



  • Written as macro script
  • Optimized measurements
  • Allows UVWmap on any level in the mod-stack
  • Perform Fit operation on all selected objects

Thanks to Borislav "Bobo" Petrov for the nice tutorial:

Eazy Arrayz

0 votes

I wrote this script for a CGI animation short film I'm working on, for which I needed a fast and simple way to build a very modular environment, while still retaining control over everything.

This script gives you that control:

pick your source geometry, increase/decrease the slider values after selecting whether you want copies or instances, and either collapse or create controllers, or both.
you can create one parent controller and a child controller for each instance, or just one parent, or just only children.

compatible only with editable poly objects.

Anim Controlers

1 vote

This tool allows you to assign the most common position and rotation constraints on a selection of objects, and edit the parameters constraints on the objects in selection in one time.

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