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Grid controller

17 votes

This script creates a pop-up window with the list of all the grids in your scene. You can easily navigate between the grids and create new ones aligned to selected surfaces.

VrayProxy Switcher

34 votes

Select a bunch of objects and put unique nodes to a specified directory as separate max files with the related vrayproxy data saved next to it.
Istance copies will be replaced with the new vrayproxy object.
Get previously saved objects back to max whenever you wish.

User Interface

Editable poly constraints

6 votes

A simple dialog box with radio buttons to switch modes of constraints in Editable poly objects.

 If MaxVersion < 2009 then (Use this macro) else (Autodesk already did it)

Grab Hierarchy

27 votes

Selecting whole heirarchy by picking one belonging object.
Similar to Sergo's "Pick Hierarchy" script but simplified code.

VPL "viewport layouts"

22 votes

This is an update to ViewPort Controls Mini and renamed to VPL 2.0 I found with the introduction of the view cube. The other feathures of "ViewPort Controls Mini" were redundant. So I striped it down to just the viewport layout selections in a dock-able buttons bar.

VPL Use: Only use VPL from the 4 viewport state. Not the (alt+W) maximized viewport state.

SpreadSheet Editor

6 votes

Provides a flexible and highly customizable base utility for mass-displaying and manipulating object properties.

  • The SSE can be freely rescaled to any desired size - even to a whole monitor.
  • Every column can be freely resized.
  • Columns can be reordered. (The default order is defined by the Layout - but is not intersession-sticky yet).
  • Instance Identical Geometry

    46 votes

    Find identical objects (to chosen one) and instance them.

    Instance Identical Geometry

    What's new in version 2.0 :

    • process multiple (selected) objects at once
    • rollout (with pick button) removed
    • the script rewritten as macros

    Travel Distance

    1 vote

    a Maxscript Controller to measure and expose the distance traveled by an object.
    1: select an object, a point or something else
    2: run the script
    3: in the modify panel, clic on Pick Reference button and pick the object you want to mesure travel distance.

    Now, if you animate the object in autokey, you will see the value changing.
    You can use it in wire Parameter or in expressions or script controllers


    14 votes

    Script to turn standard max boxes into brick walls - suitable for games and physics engines.


    0 votes

    This script uses the built-in capabilities of MassFX in Max 2012 to creates very quickly convex hulls, spheres, boxes or capsules around the selected objects.


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