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A spline based rig. An alternative approach to using PathDeform with more control over twist and scale.

1. Create a straight Spline - every vertex on that spline will be a helper to control the position
2. Run Script
3. Pick Spline
4. Adjust X Y Z to align the orientation of the box to your spline
5. Adjust width and length
6. Set twist helpers - this controls the amount of helpers to control twist and scale
7. Subdivisions - this controls the final resolution of your mesh
8. Press Go

Restore Imported Objects Wirecolor

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A little fix code for imported objects from AutoCAD. Inspired by this post
http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/correcting-viewport... by Jamie Cardoso

Lazy Prosound

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Quick Open Prosound

Select Poles ( MultiEdge )

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This script will find all objects with Poles (places where more than 5 edges coming from one vertex) and select them (Objects and Poles too).

Information Display

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This tool displays information inside 3ds max in real time. Feel free to suggest any additional options you would like to see in this tool. I’m open to expanding upon this tool and adding addition information to be displayed. It works as the user changes the scene and display options.
Feel free to play around with it and let me know your thoughts.
I’ll be going into the code here soon and cleaning up the redundant stuff.

The tool currently displays the following:
Poly Count
Object Name
Object ID
Object’s Parent Name
Displays visible line connection to Parent

ImagePlane For 3ds Max 2014

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Script for help the position create of objects in your scenes. With possibility of background, foreground or multiple planes. For still image or sequence of image with or without alpha channel.

Poorman's Render Element Manager

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A very simple manager for designating locations for each of the render elements in your scene. It builds out a sub-directory in the main image output directory. It allows you to choose the file extension visually, as well

NOTE: This script has been tested on Max 2012 and up.

UPDATE: Added a button to clear elements and fixed a bug that was causing the manager to not pick up the original settings.

FaceGrabO v1.5

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Handy to create twin faces from face selection of sublevel editablepoly to becoming new object for raw model or maybe final model.

Camera Location

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A simple script that facilitates the modification of XYZ values of cameras but instead of picking from the selection floater (or the Select by name screen) - you can select form a cameras-only list and change the values on the fly. Press the Switch to camera button to view the changes from the camera view. View screenshot

HCG Asset Browser

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NEW Video!!!

HCG Asset Browser Interface


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