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Realtime Spring

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After watch a few rigging reel using xsi or maya,I think that it would be much easier in animating if the rig has realtime delay effect.

2D Fluid Solver in MaxScript

9 votes

I made simple tool to visualize fluid motion based on Navier-Stokes equations. Technique is based on research made by Jos Stam and described in his publications. Below few links, for more information go to my website.

More info on my blog



Bake Animation

21 votes

Bake Animation
version 1.2

written by Mayec Rancel


Applies, through keyframing, the transform animations of source object to target object

This script has been tested in 3ds max 2009 x64.

Execute mcr file from 3ds max.
Go to "Customize > Customize User Interface".
In Category "MayecTools" you will find "Bake Animation" which you drag to a toolbar to have as a button, or associate it with a hotkey, etc.


Bake Animation 1.2

Bug Fixes

FTP Upload

2 votes

Simple script to upload files to a server via ftp.

Interface should be obvious.

Random Wire Color HSV

3 votes

Same as the Random Wire Color script, but works with HSV values rather than RGB.

Allows you to set random wireframe colors on selected objects based on upper and lower Hue Saturation and Value ranges.



2 votes

I'm working on a mailscript in my spare time.
I have figured out how to send mail
This is not yet with a ui, but this is a function you can use in your scripts. This is written with dotnet and maxscript.

FumeFX Gi Maker

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This script will Prepare FumeFX containers for creating GI masks to be used later in Comp. Also has controls to optimize the render settings of your shader and shadow creation.


Things this script does:

Sets fire and smoke color to be a flat color of your selection.

Sets the Strength of Gi multiplier in your grid.

Turns shadows on and off.

mrProxy Generator v1.0

22 votes

mrProxy Generator v1.0 is a helpful script for creating multiple proxies of selected objects. It automatically names the output files from the selection and can also replace your geometry. The script is free of charge and available for download.
Works with versions 9.x and above. There’s also a video tutorial describing the usage of the script on youtube.


20 votes

- Creates welds between intersecting geometry
- Creates welds on selected edges
- Multiple weld type options
- Realtime settings/property adjustments
- Works with splines and meshes

InterLight for Mental Ray, Final Rener, Brazil Rio and Vray

48 votes

Update: May/05/2010. - support for Max2011

- Mental Ray (Max 2009) :
with the materials:

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