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Create Encrypting Max Script

28 votes

Simple script that allow the convert Max Script File (.ms) in Encrypting Max Script file (.mse).

create .mse


4 votes

A maxscript to replace a selection of objects by others. You can enter a percentage by object, and a random scale value. It replace the objects and copy the position, rotation, scale and visibility animation. the old objects are placed into a layer named "Replacer_Old"

Automatic animate Treads

0 votes

A tool i made automating some tutorials that i wach of wiring to make tank treads also can it be used for conveyor belt, in the video explain how it works, i tested in max 2012 and 2013, i assume will work in 2009 , 2010, 2011.
is a very simple script, but it was very useful for me

Relink VrayBmpFilter Maps

4 votes

With this tool you can change the bitmap path of VrayBmpFilter maps very quickly and easily. In this case, Asset Tracking can not help because does not see the VrayBmpFilter maps in the scene.

Muscle Strand Tools

2 votes



This tool objective is to help the rigging artist in the skinning Envelope Step, permitting them to set the muscle envelopes by group (a CAT muscle object is composed by 7 strands be default), or individually. 

V-Ray Set GI Paths

2 votes


2 votes

tiny script to toggle the Enabled state, or Display type of Selected or all scene Multiscatters

(Yea, frank put 30some multiscatter objects in the scene and it was unusable enough that it was faster to write a script, upload it here, and run it, than it was to disable them one by one.)

Just incase anyone else runs into a similar problem.



24 votes

image for 3ds max notepad script


a maxscript that serves as a kind of notepad within 3ds max. the user can save little but maybe important information that are file related, for example special settings or infos for team members. whenever a file is opened which contains custom notes the notepad-window will pop up automatically on startup (script must be placed in scripts/startup folder).



Copy Material Editor

0 votes

Simple script to make a mesh snapshot of Medit materials.

Sprite Render Script

22 votes

This script will render animations and pack them into a sprite sheet. It exports the image file, the animation frame data as an XML file, and optionally a heightmap.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (v0.7)

+ Render Lists use XML. (they work now)
+ Included an option to turn cropping off.
+ Config settings are now written and read in a consistent way. (now it works)
+ Border padding has been fixed.
+ Added an option in the viewer to toggle the frame borders

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