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SunSystem 1.0 for 3ds max daylight system is easy, fun, fast, practical solar positioned and rendering plug-in presets.


Decal Projector

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decal projector is creating decal object from bitmap

Decals object can also bake image


*** keyboard ***

shift+mouse move(up down): Scale

ctrl+mouse move(up down): Rotate






video: http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipViewByVid.do?vid=dpftbymgxRg$



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This script will shrink one mesh to the surface of another mesh or meshes. This can help making a lowpoly collision object for a character. First a snapshot of the selected object is created. The original object is put into box mode (so it is easier to

Muti-object properties Modify tool

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select objects ,this tool will get there valid properties[radius, height,etc..], then you can modify those properties by this tool.

verson 0.7 features:

  1. Added "Auto" button, can auto update the parameter list
  2. Added "Select by class" can select object by class
  3. Added "Select random" can select object random
  4. Auto hide UI element which not used


Mirror Shatter

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Shatters objects into specified amount of segments, aswell as radial segments.

The amount of segments, the center of the shattering, the amount of radial segments, bias towards/away from center, angle, and secondary angle (for radial segments and segments) can all be changed, and almost all of them also can be randomized (all randomization(apart from center) is a percentage, and constrained, however it is still possible to create overlapping pieces and/or incorrectly shatter).


Super Render

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Super Render V3.0 is the utility for the people who need to
make really large ,1 frame renders. Is extremely usefull for
people who works in arquitecture and printed graphics in general. This script allows you to brake the render apart into fragments,
in such way that the RAM of the PC doesn´t limit the size of the
final image.

HoHa SpringThem

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This is a small script I wrote to add spring motion to selections, as Max allow to change to spring motion controller only one at a time.

With this you can add spring motion to your selection, change the mass as well as the drag for better spring, or even set it to random within range so that you will have more random motion.

It is easy to use, and the script is simple. It supprises me that nobody have writen this yet.

Any comments, feedbacks are welcome.

The script is free to use :) giving back to the community :)

Thank you.


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hello everyone - so after a really long thay working on this i decided to share it with all of you.
this script will automaticly upgrade your bitmap´s paths on your 3dsmax.ini retreiving those paths from a central file called path.ini that is located on central server.

FillMyShelf - Generate books to fill your bookshelf

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Version 2.0
Some tweaking making the script more efficient
Look at additional info for updates and changes

Comments and Suggestions are still welcome...

Version 1.0


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This script generates a geosphere with lights on its vertices. The lights can be coloured using a bitmap. The settings let you create a lightdome that simulates complex environment light.

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