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Moving an Egg on 3 axes

Hi, this is our work made for a school project, it's an easy way to move an egg with the help of a dummy.

Its rotation is actually based on another script made by Cuneyt Ozdas and the positioning is made by getting the lowest vertex on the object (egg) and adding it to the distance where a ray(previously made) collide.

I hope you understand how it works. Just take the scene example and run the script, it'll work wonders! :D (I attach a word document though, just in case :P).


Special Thanks:


This tool just holds a list of key objects u want to quickly select or view. helpful when in a scene with a crapload of nodes when ur really only animating a few of them. Additionally if u right click an item in the list u will zoom extents of it (if geometry), or look from its perspective (camera or light). It also keeps the list variables as persistant... so u can open and close it without changin the list.. even closing and loading the scene.


Egg Maker (A rigged Egg with scripting)

Egg Maker 0.7

This script is for making an Egg or many and then animate it so EASY.

Avoiding collitions, nice shape and nice motion. Without reactor and in real time.
It includes a “How to do”, for learning about applied quaternion and analytic geometry  in animation.


Secondary Motion Automatic Rigger

this is my first script and my first contribution to this comunity. i created this script as an assignment for my animation class. feel free to use it or change it, but if u do so please post it again so i could watch the improvements. if u have any suggestions or tips for me pleas post :).


Matlib Manager

This is a script for managing materials in several matlibs at once. It offers a quick way of searching for materials in all libraries and for rendering thumbnails of them. Also comes bundled with a set of predefined materials. See video for usage instructions.


Dispersion is when different wavelengths refract differently. I guess the most obvious case of this is a rainbow.

Real sunlight is a spectra containing basically an infinite number of wavelengths at once, and each of the different wavelengths will refract slightly differently... i.e. when a sunray hits a surface, one would (in principle) need to trace an infinite amount of rays around the scene to get the "real" effect.

Debris Maker

The Debris maker creates several types of debris quickly with user defined levels of detail, irregularity and chaos, and can create a particle flow with the geometry instanced into it.



Bones Editor

Bones Editor

It's really useful for managing Bones.

Now, it's not necessary to select every bone in the scene for changing Fins sizes and size of the bone. And now it's possible to change the name of a Bone and all of its children with few steps, MUCH FASTER

This is my first script.

Auto Hand Rigger (BETA)

This Rigger was made having in mind the difference in hands and fingers. It works on any hand with any number of fingers and any number of finger joints.

Its a little sensitive due to euler rotation but it works mostly OK.

NOTE.- This is my very first script and so it might have lots of newbe mistakes

Este rigger fue hecho teniendo en cuenta la diferencia de manos y dedos. Funciona en cualquier mano con cuelquier numero de dedos y cualquier numero de articulaciones.

Es un poco sensible debido a la rotacion de euler, pero funciona bien.


Macroscript for automatically breaking a mesh object into volumetric pieces. Has option for crack width.

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