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A simple Script for moving the selected object to 0,0,0 at the touch of a single button.

To install simply copy the downloaded macroscript file to

You may need to enable show hidden files to access the folder.

After that you open 3ds max, go to customize> Customize User Interface> Toolbars. Under category find Oliver Emley and then drag Zero to an existing toolbar or create a new one.

Load Material Library from path

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Select a path where all you material files are. Click the pull-down menu and select a material library, it will automatically load in the material browser. This is a macroscript, after running the script you will find it in the "3idee Tools" category.

La Ola

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Lo Ola creates wavelike delay motion. You define one master object and its slave objects. La Ola then links all the properties and modifiers you want via expression controllers. It does not create or copy any keyframes. Once set up you get direct feedback when you animate.

Sudoku Max

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Creates a menu in order to select difficulty in Sudoku and to display a full board for you to fill out. will check your answers and make sure you are correct before asking to play again. Please read the README.txt to get everything started it is that easy!

Multi Camera Preview

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A script asked in the forum.
MCP v.1

A tool with self explained interface.
Make viewport preview for multiple cameras
with separate range and Nth frame settings
and save to single video or image sequence
with desired compresion.


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Simply select the object you want to break apart and the amount of pieces to break into and hit the button!

LinkConstraint UI

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Link constraint UI was created to make life a bit easier for the animators. It gives an intuitive and simplified workflow for animating an object's parent.


for more information visit the link below


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mmMaxControls is a .NET control library which contains several common controls which look and feel like native 3dsmax UI elements.

See this blog post for more details.

Updated to version 1.02. See blog post for details.


waRp UVShellToSelection

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This script makes a selection in the viewport based on which UV shell is selected in the unwrap UVW modifier. See the tutorial for a better explanation.

waRp Turbo

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This is a simple script that adds a turbosmooth modifier to all the selected objects with 2 iterations, 3 render iterations, and isoline display.

It also uses removeTurbo script to remove all previous turbosmooth modifiers. But it will work fine if you don't have removeTurbo.

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