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Change Renderer

This is the updated version of my First Script which u can use to change Render Engines. Am planning to add more render engines if i get their RenderClass.names. I would like to add other renderers too but i need their rendererclass names. You can see how to get that at the end of the video. Hope you enjoy this simple script.


Version 4 Available HERE


v3.00b screenshot:

FumeFX Sim + 4/7/2011

- Can automate the simulation for all selected states (default,wavelet,post,render)
- Can continue simulation from any state (default,wavelet,post)
- Prints simulation time in the listener for most accurate simulation times

Merge By Layer

Merge By Layer 0.4

A self explained script, I think. Enjoy

Viewport Maxscript Editor

I'm happy to release a new script that allows you to create scripts using objects in max's viewport. It was written with the idea that it could replace the long outdated and basically useless "Visual Maxscript Editor" - it's even named the same acronym.

VME also 'imports' a PSD and converts it to a .MS file, if the PSDs layers are named correctly.

You can follow the development here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=98&t=959876

Here is a shot of the UI:

Toggle Trackbar and Timeslider

Will Toggle the display of the the trackbar and timeslider.

Stretchy Bones Creator

Stretchy Bones Creator allows a user to quickly create chains of stretchy bones, mirror them, project them onto an arbitrary mesh, and add them into a skin modifier. This allows a user to get right into weighting the vertices and fixing the skinning envelopes.

Follow the development here:

Bend Randomizer Control

Bends the selected objects with a random value.

Feel free to expand on this script and build from it.

UVW to Poly

Generates editable poly object from UVW chanel. Face and vertex indexes are the same as UVs.

Mesh Baker

Changes animated mesh modifiers to vertex animation. Useful for game exporting.

Reverse Animation

This simple script reverses the animation of the selected objects. It uses the current time range as the beginning and end point for reversing the animation.

Just run the script and make a selection then hit Reverse Animation!


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