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3DS MaxTrackBar Markers Script

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This script marks specific frames in an animation, adds a note to each marked frame and save the list as xml.
The script is quite useful when juggling scenes and need to keep track of requiered changes, or team members need to share info among them.
The list will not be saved with the scene, it needs to be saved externally as xml to be used when re-opening the scene.

TrackBarMarkers XML AE v2.1.6 :

  • New AfterEffects script which imports and exports xml.
  • RTTassist

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    Not really a script but a replacement for the default "Graphics Modeling Tools" ribbon.

    Elements to Objects

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    A simple detach tool that explodes the selected objects into their elements.

    Part Seperator, via Group or SelectionSet (Great for Animation!)

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    Pose Manager

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    Friendly Pose Manager Tool in Python.

    V-Ray Proxy Tools

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    This is a very simple tool for controling the display of proxys in your scene. It is quite useful on large scenes with a great deal of proxys. 



    SciFi Pattern Generator

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    SciFi Pattern Generator v.1.1 ! Generate complex structures with a single click! (WATCH THE VIDEOS!) 

    Polygon Creator

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    This script is very useful for car exterior modelling. It allows you to create really smooth polygonal surface using splines or NURBS curves to control the shape of the surface. Also allows you to control the edge loops of the surface. With this script you have to draw only the borders of the surface you want. Watch the video or the help page for more information!

    Extended Timeline

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    This free script allows you to easily navigate in timeline. You can change the active time segment by dragging the slider, or zooming with your mouse wheel.

    Bug report: info@univerpix.hu

    Version info:
    1.6.1 (2013. Apr 7.) Error in new scene fixed, callback event error fixed, zoom to selected keyframes works with biped objects.
    1.6 (2013. Mar 19.) Available to Zoom to selected keyframes.

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