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Animation Ranger

9 votes

Animation Ranger

This script intended to simplify changing time range values inside max.

I tried to make it similar to Mayas timeslider.

There are four spinners and two sliders.

At the far right and far left spinners are maximum and minimum values of range.

Other two spinners and two sliders are for zooming in and out to the timeslider.

Camera Plane (Maya Style)

21 votes

This Script creates a free camera from the current view which has a plane attached.

- Asks for a bitmap input and creates and assigns a self illuminated material to the plane.

- Looks for the image aspect ratio of the current scene and creates the plane according to that.

-Plane stays at the far range of the camera (you can simply change the location by changing cameras far range value)

-Plane always stays filling the current render area, even if you transform the camera, change the focal length or change the far range value.

Visibility Ranger

16 votes


This small script is intended to simplify setting keyframes for object visibility. 


-Define Visibility or Invisibility area for single or multiple objects at the same time

-Define fade in and fade out values to fade in and out objects


8 votes

Copies aligns and links an object over multiple objects.

1. Select the Source object.

2. Select Destination objects. 

3.  Check "Unrenderable Targets" if you want to make parent objects unrenderable.

4. Give rotation offset values if necessary.

5. Press copy-align-link button. 

Cylinder Rigger

13 votes

Cylinder Rigger is intended to be used in animations of cylindirical objects on hard surfaces.


20 votes

mrStudioMr.Studio is a tool to simulate studio lighting with Mental Ray. It has some features to simplify the control of lights and provide previews.

Voxel Animater

11 votes

This script takes an image sequence, creates selected primitive type for each pixel, adjusts its length according to the pixels value, and animates it.


Flipper Mechanism

26 votes

Flipper Mechanism

Script creates a rigged flipper mechanism with all textures and
materials. With this script you can easily do old style airport
flipping boards, flipping clock, signs, etc.

Mass Randomizer

51 votes

Mass Randomizer 1.9

The ability to Randomize

Geometry Sequence Exporter

9 votes

This script enables you to export geometry data as a sequence. Especially for workflows like Flame/Inferno workflow where point data is not supported it is possible to export mesh deformation through object sequence.


- Export .obj .3ds .fbx and any other 3ds Max supported Geometry data format as a sequence
- Export only selected range
- Selection based export. Exports only selected geometries.


- Run the script. (MAXScript => Run Script)
- Customize => Customize User Interface. Under the Category: Tik Works you will find the script.

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