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TerrainAxe : To accurately create terrain landscape

A  toolkits really be used to modle accurately terrain landscape ,such as making roads , flyovers and bridges,stairs or pavements on terrain ,hacking  clearings, placing handrails, 

TerrainAxe is powerful yet easy to use,which can   greatly shorten   your modeling time,optimize your models and  lay out excellent topology. 


Tools of TerrainAxe are fall into several categories:

Selection tools:quick selection tools for vertiecs ,edges  and face,such as select a part of border by two vertices.

creating tools:Fast model creation tools ,such as curb ,runline,stair,handrials,pavements pieces

construct tools :change the construct of model ,such as smooth road,round vertices, weld vertices to edges, poly stitching.

cutting tools: Lay out topology lines,such as grid-cutting polygons,connect two teams of vertices,

scenes tools :Such as creating runlines ,use AdvArray to create handrails,piers,trees,street lamps.

common tools:some common tools ,such as copy and paste objects,one key  import dwg file,

Material and rendering related tools: tools for manage materials

UV tools:UVW mapping tools , typical such as  UVW mapping for complex road.

A tutorial and its 3dsmax file were also provided,Basic Tutorial—Make Roads Through Terrain.

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Update content(2020-9-10):A new toolbar and a quick menu added

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3ds max 9-2021(need sp2 for 9 and 2012)
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spacefrog's picture

Constructive critisism on your $220 critisism:

If the plugin/script does what the videos and stills show, than it's worth every penny of those $220. And in my experience on the web( not judging the tone of the conversion or the special case here ), the customer might indeed NOT always be right . Especially when it comes to public rants and accusations. Again - i'm just speaking in general - not about this special case here. The 3ds Max tools market is fragile and as a developer, it's really hard to earn money ( piracy etc... ). It's similar to the mobile games market, but at least that one found a solution via IAP.
I for one have respect for anyone introducing some new workflow enhancing tools and
trying to earn some money for the immense efforts such tool development is. Those are small businesses so they rely on any penny they can get from sales.

But back to this case:
I simply suspect that an english<->chinese language barrier is the real problem here, but really don't know the details. As far i can judge, the Dev has initially responded here in a helpful manner, but some cultural difference in wording caused the clash and things got somehow personal ....

But again regarding price:
if the script does what it says, it's worth the $220. But in the 3ds Max script market it still might look particularly high priced

Woodee's picture

Some constructive criticism

$220 USD... a bit much for a plugin don't you think?!

I have watched most of your video tutorials and I have a few bits of advice to give:

- Videos are hard to follow as you jump about in the viewport making things hard to follow.
- There is no pause and because the videos are mute, no explanation of what you are doing and why (this can be done with youtube annotations if you don't want to speak).
- The videos also lack a little structure, there is no reason why you are doing such actions with your plugin, you jump from button to button, this might be easy for someone that wrote the plugin and knows where everything is, but for someone wanting to learn, it is VERY HARD to follow.
- Replying to customers in the tone I have seen on this thread is awful, maybe lost in translation but the customer is always right and shouldn't need to jump through hoops to get a refund. Maybe something to consider when replying to customers IN PUBLIC about issues.
- GIF "videos" as you put it, aren't tutorial materials, they can't be paused or slowed down so they are pretty much only for slight demonstrations of plugin's ability.

I did think about buying this plugin after my trial... but second thoughts on the price and the developer... I think not.

Also... $220 USD... a bit much don't you think?

Thanks for your hard work, I hope you find my feedback useful and that it help you improve for future productions.

alexnguyen's picture

very good plugin

can you give me the cross road function ,i like it but i dont have money to buy it

flyingc's picture

As a developer and vender,for

As a developer and vender,for my business, I must keep communication ways clear,But NO delveloper can make sure he can avoid any bug.

After your angry blames,then I found one of email addresses was unavailable beause of host migrating.
Why I can receive your refund request? because I did received the message but can't receive your email.It's a matter of personal character?

Reputation is life of a product.The reputation of TerrainAxe is far more important than your such a little money for me.Why did I ignore deliberately your asking for help to destroy my reputation?

Turnim's picture


I did contact you several times but until i requested the refund i did not get ANY response from you.

Put yourself in my shoes, you pay a lot of money for a software who has issues and the developer doesn't answer. What do you do?????

You can't expect from a client to register to forums, ticket systems etc. Instead you need to understand that the normal way of support it done through email, or at least inform the customer about exceptions in regards to the support channel, so he can choose before he buys anything from you

As for your way of talking to me, i don't really care what you are saying and getting hit by the refund expenses is a part of business, especially when not answering support requests

Just for the records. I did wait 5 days for your answer before i initiated the chargeback! Much longer then a lot of other people would have wait

And in regards to your statement that i'm just worry about myself, well, yes i'm worry about myself, which is a natural fact. But more important i'm worry to not get screwed over by buying a software without support. I haver to work way to hard to earn my money and not giving it to anybody without getting anything in return is a normal thing, don't you think???

Thats just my few cents

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fajar's picture

I guess there's correct thing

I guess there's correct thing in what you've said , but the word you wrote isn't appropriate to reply to your costumer tho. Just 2 penny from me.

flyingc's picture

Suggest you don't just worry about yourself

Please look through carefully my previouse replies.

Many videos in my website and youtube,and forums was also used for ask help.And I provied trial version to help you decided if you should buy it.

Why were you so obstinate to post help in scriptSpot ,such a place I bothered to guess ,rather than my forums?
Shouldn't you think about your own reasons instead of blames?

You have got TerrainAxe Installation package,I beared the all the losses to give you a full refund which was supposed to be denied.

You should not just worry about yourself,

Turnim's picture

Refund received

Just for the records.

I have received a full refund.

Certainly i will not consider to buy this software again, as the lack of support and documentation is a big NO GO, especially looking at the price tag the developer placed on it

Just adding a few videos is certainly not enough to call it a help/documentation section

But thats just my few cents

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flyingc's picture

Welcome to choose TerrainAxe again if you still like it

I have not find your any ask for help.email or forums
Please look through carefully my previous reply

I don't care whether you uninstalled the software,because you have already got the installation package,

Most of my users can know ask help through forums,you were supposed to consider it
I have paied back all money of yours and paied for all process fees due to refund
Please learn carefully about what you want before purchase,give an objective, just evaluation. this can avoid the loss for both sides.
Welcome to choose TerrainAxe again if you still like it.

Turnim's picture

I have asked on several occasion for help

I have asked on several occasions for your help, using you email and your contact form on your website

Now that i have requested a full refund you finally show up???!!!

Like said in my last email to you, which you hopefully will receive as previous messages seem to disappear on your system, i already uninstalled the software and just want you to pay me back my money

Thats all

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