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TerrainAxe : To accurately create terrain landscape

A  toolkits really be used to modle accurately terrain landscape ,such as making roads , flyovers and bridges,stairs or pavements on terrain ,hacking  clearings, placing handrails, 

TerrainAxe is powerful yet easy to use,which can   greatly shorten   your modeling time,optimize your models and  lay out excellent topology. 


Tools of TerrainAxe are fall into several categories:

Selection tools:quick selection tools for vertiecs ,edges  and face,such as select a part of border by two vertices.

creating tools:Fast model creation tools ,such as curb ,runline,stair,handrials,pavements pieces

construct tools :change the construct of model ,such as smooth road,round vertices, weld vertices to edges, poly stitching.

cutting tools: Lay out topology lines,such as grid-cutting polygons,connect two teams of vertices,

scenes tools :Such as creating runlines ,use AdvArray to create handrails,piers,trees,street lamps.

common tools:some common tools ,such as copy and paste objects,one key  import dwg file,

Material and rendering related tools: tools for manage materials

UV tools:UVW mapping tools , typical such as  UVW mapping for complex road.

A tutorial and its 3dsmax file were also provided,Basic Tutorial—Make Roads Through Terrain.

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Update content(2020-9-10):A new toolbar and a quick menu added

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3ds max 9-2021(need sp2 for 9 and 2012)
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What sorcery is this? very nice script


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Very impressive looking tool.
However: installation (MaxDesign 11, Windows7) installs the tool, but nothing seems to work. Starting with the simple FreeStair tool: can't create ANY stairs. System unit is Meter!! Installing classic theme under Windows7 is NOT an option; hopefully this is not why things go wrong.

When will there be an English manual?
Some tools still show strange characters, as if they are not translated. When will this be fixed?
Can the plugin be transfered (activated/de-activated) to another PC?

Waiting for a manual and a working version !!

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If you are using 3dsmax

If you are using 3dsmax 2012,you need download and intall service pack2 of 3dsmax 2012
There is a link to sp2 download page in UIMan panel

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just little input, if u want

just little input, if u want to sell your script or at least your script known (even you post it here), I recommend u using standard english lang in your script, so everybody can use or try it. Not everybody here can read chinese word ,but at least chinese man here can understand simple english, if you already using 3dsmax , not try to be rude tho.


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install problem

Install is not working, I can press the install button, nothing seems to happen, and no "TheAxeTools" in the customize list.
Otherwise it looks very promising.. :)


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