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Recently updated function:PCloudToMesh,a tool to read points from a text file to create a terrain mesh.



TerrainAxe : To accurately create terrain landscape

A  toolkits really be used to modle accurately terrain landscape ,such as making roads , flyovers and bridges,stairs or pavements on terrain ,hacking  clearings, placing handrails, 

TerrainAxe is powerful yet easy to use,which can   greatly shorten   your modeling time,optimize your models and  lay out excellent topology. 


Tools of TerrainAxe are fall into several categories:

Selection tools:quick selection tools for vertiecs ,edges  and face,such as select a part of border by two vertices.

creating tools:Fast model creation tools ,such as curb ,runline,stair,handrials,pavements pieces

construct tools :change the construct of model ,such as smooth road,round vertices, weld vertices to edges, poly stitching.

cutting tools: Lay out topology lines,such as grid-cutting polygons,connect two teams of vertices,

scenes tools :Such as creating runlines ,use AdvArray to create handrails,piers,trees,street lamps.

common tools:some common tools ,such as copy and paste objects,one key  import dwg file,

Material and rendering related tools: tools for manage materials

UV tools:UVW mapping tools , typical such as  UVW mapping for complex road.

A tutorial and its 3dsmax file were also provided,Basic Tutorial—Make Roads Through Terrain.

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3ds max 9-2019(need sp2 for 9 and 2012)
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How to uninstall?

How to uninstall?

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Website has been fixed

My website has been fixed ,please feel free to visit it.

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your website

your website is being blocked - google thinks it contains malicious content and advises not to open your website

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Help documents updated,visit

Help documents updated,visit http://www.flyingcfx.com/help for help.Although it is not good enough,but I will append more content and make it better.

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Big encouragement

Thank you! your approval is a big encouragement

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Despite the more negative comments and experiences I took the risk and purchased TerrainAxe incl. Extension, because making landscapes with roads and platforms fast is not such an easy task without specialized landscaping software... and even then, it is quite complicated. I mostly model in FormZ and bring things over to Max for fine-tuning and rendering and together with TerrainAxe there is simply nothing more to wish for setting up complicated landscapes. Sure, the help/tutorials require a bit of your imagination, but when you have done landscaping in any software before, you must know where the culprits are and then everything is quite self-explanatory. I had a few issues at first, but support was quite helpful and fast. They really do their best to communicate even if it is without (English) words ;) I for one am quite happy. Setting up a complicated landscape with with roads/curbs/pavements, platforms, stairs and connecting fields is very fast; you still have to do all the detailing, but there are enough tools (for making bridges, placing lighting, etc) that can even help you with that. All in all, a very well thought out tool, even if at first sight it might seem overwhelming :) One job with one big landscape should justify the price, because it surely saved me a few days of work.

EDIT: together with TerrainAxe, I also bought Aerial Textures from iCube. This combination can do wonders for birds eye views :)

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Looks very promising, will

Looks very promising, will test it asap.

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How to learn TerrainAxe

I found many users don't still know how to apply the tools to their project as I expected since the softwere was published. So I wrote an article "how to learn TerrainAxe" and post in additional info area,hope it is helpful.

The initial purpose of the tools is not for commecial.Every thing of TerrainAxe was wrote for my or our 3D projects,beause I am first a 3D modeler then a programmer.Even though the tools have made terrain landscape modeling task streamlined and already mature ,but I found it is very diffcult to tell users how to use it .Fortunately ,many of my customers can find how to apply them because of the same think thread.

Recently,I appended many help documents to my website , most of the documents are from the asking and answering in the emails with my customers,hope it can help understand the product.

Please visit the page http://www.flyingcfx.com/enjoy/?page_id=32 if you want to watch videos not gifs

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It's very funny

No matter how lower or higher the price,why do you guys care so much? you are just developers
For get more attentions,or unsatisfactory sales?
It's funny so much.

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Constructive critisism on your $220 critisism:

If the plugin/script does what the videos and stills show, than it's worth every penny of those $220. And in my experience on the web( not judging the tone of the conversion or the special case here ), the customer might indeed NOT always be right . Especially when it comes to public rants and accusations. Again - i'm just speaking in general - not about this special case here. The 3ds Max tools market is fragile and as a developer, it's really hard to earn money ( piracy etc... ). It's similar to the mobile games market, but at least that one found a solution via IAP.
I for one have respect for anyone introducing some new workflow enhancing tools and
trying to earn some money for the immense efforts such tool development is. Those are small businesses so they rely on any penny they can get from sales.

But back to this case:
I simply suspect that an english<->chinese language barrier is the real problem here, but really don't know the details. As far i can judge, the Dev has initially responded here in a helpful manner, but some cultural difference in wording caused the clash and things got somehow personal ....

But again regarding price:
if the script does what it says, it's worth the $220. But in the 3ds Max script market it still might look particularly high priced

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