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TerrainAxe : To accurately create terrain landscape

A  toolkits really be used to modle accurately terrain landscape ,such as making roads , flyovers and bridges,stairs or pavements on terrain ,hacking  clearings, placing handrails, 

TerrainAxe is powerful yet easy to use,which can   greatly shorten   your modeling time,optimize your models and  lay out excellent topology. 


Tools of TerrainAxe are fall into several categories:

Selection tools:quick selection tools for vertiecs ,edges  and face,such as select a part of border by two vertices.

creating tools:Fast model creation tools ,such as curb ,runline,stair,handrials,pavements pieces

construct tools :change the construct of model ,such as smooth road,round vertices, weld vertices to edges, poly stitching.

cutting tools: Lay out topology lines,such as grid-cutting polygons,connect two teams of vertices,

scenes tools :Such as creating runlines ,use AdvArray to create handrails,piers,trees,street lamps.

common tools:some common tools ,such as copy and paste objects,one key  import dwg file,

Material and rendering related tools: tools for manage materials

UV tools:UVW mapping tools , typical such as  UVW mapping for complex road.

A tutorial and its 3dsmax file were also provided,Basic Tutorial—Make Roads Through Terrain.

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Update content(2020-9-10):A new toolbar and a quick menu added

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3ds max 9-2021(need sp2 for 9 and 2012)
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  1. Fix a bug caused by date format,which can difference with the change of language environment  to make some functions invalid
  2. Add a error report system which can pop messagebox when encounter exception ,which can help us to find what happend from your side.
  3. SweepEdge can update the sideway when the width of spinner changes

Also all chinese prompt has been removed as much as possible ,but it's a heavy work to do this from a large amount of code,so may be there are still some omissions

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I think ..this is my

I think ..this is my IMHO..china user can read english and understand them...but for English user not many of them understand nor can read chinese word. So the problem is in lang, btw if you want to sell your script in world wide better writte it in english, theres a case before where someone try to sell his script but in chinese lang...well its not so well. Ah n once again, I don't want to convert my max lang to chinese as I cant read or understand them. Sorry its bit selfish to read tho.

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would be nice tools but a lot

would be nice tools but a lot doesn't work... (english version of max)
for example ExtendToCurve doens't do anything... sometimes I get an error... all the scripts for fillet (Arc...) do not work, they do nothing and I followed the online tutorials step by step.

before I buy it I think the functionality has to be proven.

best regards

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think about that maybe

think about that maybe language environment caused this problem,
I will test TerrainAxe in english version of windows again,then upload a new version. stay tuned

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Hi FlyingC, I'm currently on

Hi FlyingC,

I'm currently on a deadline, but I am looking forward to the new build. Also thanks for understanding my situation; hope you can work something out, but first I hope to try out and see if everything works as smooth as in the tutorial videos. I will switch to a new workstation with Max2016 by November, which will also make things easier.



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To trick and fajar

I think the problems you encountered was caused by  default  language option in files tab in Preference setting dialog.because the plugin has been used by users in China, the option is set to Chinese.

So ,I have just uploaded a new version of TerrainAxe, in which  I modified some scripts .Hope it is helpful.

 Also ,the new version has been  changed to Lite ,and eliminated the limit to 30 days

 To trick:

the trial version can work  in 3dsmax2009- 2016 ,I will think about your situation and try to find a scheme according your situation

 to fajar:

you can ignore the active function because the trial version don't need it

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Hi FlyingC, Unfortunately my

Hi FlyingC,

Unfortunately my workstation is not allowed to be connected to the internet, so Skype is not possible. I am allowed to connect for activation/deactivation, but if the plugin needs a fulltime connection, it's sadly not possible.

Your webpage tells the current TerrainAxe trial for Max2011 is in development. Probably that is the cause for it not working?



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many bug

install it , get my max crash...I think its about docking thing and also I cant install it if its in long space separate folder. Also your activation function seem broken


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to trick

Can you add me to your skype friend? so that I can find what caused the problem.my account is [email protected]
The English manual is writing,but need some time.
Also ,I have placed many tutorial videos in youtube,which cover most of functions of TerrainAxe.
You can learn more there about TerrainAxe if you haven't watch them .

The plugin is not need to transfer between PCs,this trial version can run any PC.
For full version,as long as you stay connected to the Internet,you can use it.

Thank you for your questions

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To fil47


Please check if  you have  chosen "maxroot" directory of TerrainAxe package after clicked [TheAxePath]?

Don't copy the package to the root directory of 3dsmax

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