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If you’re working with multi-shot animations this will make your life a lot easier! You can now create, view and tweak an edit directly in 3dsMax. All this in an artist friendly way comparable to working in After Effects or Premiere. Quickly export previews or render clips directly from the timeline.


Position to VertexColor

This script can convert vertex position XYZ to vertexcolor RGB.
useful with 3d texture map UV or some.

idea from


Sanitize Object Names

Removes special characters from object names which can cause issues with network rendering. These often appear when bringing in a model from Revit.

- Inch and feet characters (" and ') are replaced with in and ft.
- Both 's and s' are replaced with s.
- Most other common special characters are currently replaced with underscores.

CPAnimation (Copy/Paste Animation)

This script copies the animation of the move, rotate and scale from one object to another.
Script Installed in category: "GregoryMaxScript"

Detach faces V2

with this script, you can detach all the faces of selected objects as separate objects.
with pivot aligned to their center.
You also can detach only selected faces, with pivot and parent options.
You can detach faces from edges selection, if you check align pivot, it will align pivot to the center of each edge.
You can align pivots or parent after, on objects selection.

miauu's Mini Transform Type-In

  Script for 3dsMax 2009+ that changes the default Transform Type-In dialog to mini TTI. The miniTTI is placed over the title bar of the default TTI. The script file can be placed in maxroot/scripts/startup folder so when you run 3dsMax the default TTI will be automatically transformed to mini TTI and will be placed at the last used position of the TTI(default and mini).

In the video you can see how to use the script.

Special thanks to Denis Trofimov for his help.


RandomizatorRT is a small script that eases the everyday randomization needs of artists by making the changes appear real time on the viewport - just enter the desired values or spin some spinners to see the randomization happen right away!

The expandable UI allows for quick and fast randomizations or more complex, value constrained, selectable axis randomizations in Expert Mode.

The script is still in alpha, but it's fully functional and will not (hopefully) break your scene or mess with your animations if you happen to be randomizing animated objects.

SaveFile Reminder

••• version 1.5

This simple macro will remind you to save modified scene over a specified period of time.
When working on large scenes often happens that the autosave starts to freezes viewport and slows down the work process.
My solution allows you to decide when you want to save the file or to continue with the work.

Turn On Generate Mapping Coordiantes for added modifiers

This script will turn On the Generate Mapping Coords. checkbox when a certain modifier is applyed to the object. Supported modifiers are:

- Bevel, Bevel Profile, Extrude, Lathe, Sweep, Renderable Spline

Installation - paste the script in maxRoot/scripts/startup folder and restart 3ds Max.

This script was requested here.







v 2.1

Create geometry:Left-click to create conventional standard, right is created in the center of the grid

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