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Atelier Bump

Design Toolbox is a collection of tools specially designed to accelerate and simplify basic modeling tasks for architectural models, furniture design and other tasks where accurate modeling is needed. Professionals used to CAD or precision software will find it very familiar some of the included transformation tools, like reference rotation, scale and position, measurement tools and reference guides.

Hability to place snapping points at polylines intersections, visual rulers, fast UVW mapping and randomizations, cloning tools, scene management, panel grids, fast pivot placement and workplanes are some of the tools includad, and new ones are added with each update.

Main features:

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  • If you are upgrading from refGuides, you will need to uninstall it first. Some files needs to be manually removed.
  • Some features depends on 3ds Max version. If you are working with a version prior to 2017, features like reference objects parameters will not be available.
  • This is a commercial script. Some features are not available in the demo version.

If you have any ideas to improve this tools, or some tool you would like, feel free to comment, suggestions are always welcome!

Version Requirement: 
2016 x64 - 2018
Other Software Required: 
Microsoft .net 4.5+
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trick's picture

Install DTB crashes Backburner

Installing DTB in Max2018 results in a 3dsMax Adapter error in Backburner (No "ShowProperties" function for undefined), making it impossible to use it.

Please fix this as soon as possible!

(If you install DTB without the ribbon extension Backburner works OK!)

Kurai's picture

Excellent Collection

This is the first Max script I have ever purchased.
I do alot of ArchViz and interiors and I find this collection of tools very helpful. The "Eyedropper" tool in itself is a huge timesaver.

Coming from a Sketchup background, I find the Max measuring system painful to use and the RefGuides tool helps in creating accurate models.

Customer service is fast and friendly.

Rosin's picture


Hi i have sent you a mail.

init0's picture

Excellent tool!

Excellent tool, fast and high quality support. Purchase 2 licenses.

araspicture's picture


this is very good tools thank you ı will buy it when I make design

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