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Design Toolbox is a collection of tools designed to accelerate and simplify basic modeling tasks of  architectural, urban or interior scenes tools: Standard transformations by reference, like the ones usually found in more precise work oriented applications; Fast measurements, speed up positioning of reference coordinates and workplanes. It also includes some other useful tools for quickly apply and manipulate uvw maps, for paneling simple surfaces; plus some others useful time saver tools.

DesignToolBox is packed with our previous tool, refGuides:

refGuides plug-in is intended to improve and speed up architecture modeling, or any case where precise measurements are needed. It allows to create construction guides, for accurately position and model objects. This guides can act as rulers, displaying custom measurement units in the viewport. Another feature is the ability to place **intersection marks** where linear guides intersects in space.


Main features:


Full feature list




Look at the changelog about the new tools added.

If you have any ideas to improve this tools, or some tool you would like, feel free to comment, suggestions are always welcome!

Additional Info: 
  • Version 2.4.0 CHangelog
    • 3ds Max 2018 compaibility
    • Implemented demo version
    • Fixes:
      • Several fixes for measure tools
      • General optimizations and fixes
      • Activation process update
    • New Tool: Measure distance history
  • Version 2.2 Changelog
  • Also, check the updated documentation and videos.
  • New features
    • Fast Interactive (from viewport) 2D Array. Like the divide distance and clone tool, but in 2D.
    • Pattern Array maker
  • New extras
    • Resizer modifier
  • Tools improvements and fixes
    • Fixed error on replicator when picking groups as target.
    • reworked move around tool:
      • Added option to use current coordinates as rotation center. If you don't pick a center node, it will work with current coordinates origin instead.
      • Now works wit groups.
    • Local rotation:
      • Now works with Editable Poly sub objects too.
      • Fixed to work with groups.
      • Visual enhancements.
      • Fixed tracking with angle snap (shift) mode.
    • Offset tool:
      • Complete rework to make it more simple to use and have a more logic approach.
    • Fixed undo problems.
    • Fixed downscale problem in dimension tool. Added "measure report" to listener.
    • Fixed issues with map tools.
    • Fixed redimension tool problem with displaced pivots.
    • Addressed some problems with replicator tool: inverted UI switches, fixed problem when working with groups.
    • refGuides Info display optimization.
  • General improvements and fixes
    • Minor UI enhancements to better match UI color profile and 2017 interface.
    • Core performance and fixes.
  • Version 2.10 Changelog
  • This version includes several fixes and improvements, along with some new tools and functionality, for example, orthogonal tracking has been implemented in scale, redimension and measure tools. read the changelog to see the major changes. Also there is a new  help documentation page, up to date and more descriptive.
  • New Features
    • Local isolate
      • Now works with Epoly/Edit mesh selected faces when editing
    • Changed viewport elements colors, added a dialog to change the colors, including some presets.
  • For a complete list of the changes, please visit: DesignToolBox changelog
  • Version 2.00 Changelog
  • New Tools
    • unFreeze by selection.
    • Continued measure distance.
    • Spatial and standard transformations live info.
    • Map tools
  • New Features
    • reDimension:
      • Added orthogonal tracking.
      • Fixed incorrect results in scaled objects.
    • reference Scale:
      • Added keep proportions option.
      • Added Xform modifier mode.
      • Added Orthogonal tracking.
      • Enhaced behavior on certain situations, less incorrect results.
    • Measure Tool: Now the tape is drawed until the next measure.
    • Area measure: Added orthogonal tracking.
    • Divide tool
      • Added keyboard imput mode instead of mouse movement.
      • Added Orthogonal tracking.
    • Move Around: Added clone object option.
  • General changes
    • General stability improvements and fixes.
    • Improved viewports perfomance of refGuides tools.
    • Fixed "Lock" tool
      • Lock Object Scale wasn't working propperly.
      • Fixed overall behavior when some locks were already been set
    • Measure Tool: Now the tape is drawed until the next measure.
    • Divide tool: more responsive segments selection.
    • MultiMap : Previous extra tools (fit, center and reset UVW Gizmo...) can now be used as a separate tool.
    • Improved "put assets in line" with a options dialog.
  • UI Impovements
    • Overall Tooltips completion, information and ease of use tweaks
    • Redesigned "move Around" UI to make it more useable and straightfoward.
    • Updated tools dialogs

Previous versions changelog

      • Important note: If you are upgrading from refGuides, you will need to uninstall it first. some features needs to be manually removed.
      • refGuides standalone and the included refGuides tools in DesigntoolBox are not compatible right now.
      • Some features like "Add Chamfer" in Panelign tool will only work with 3ds Max 2016 and up.

This is a commercial script.

Version Requirement: 
2014 x64 - 2018
Other Software Required: 
Microsoft .net 4.5+
Video URL: 


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Kurai's picture

Excellent Collection

This is the first Max script I have ever purchased.
I do alot of ArchViz and interiors and I find this collection of tools very helpful. The "Eyedropper" tool in itself is a huge timesaver.

Coming from a Sketchup background, I find the Max measuring system painful to use and the RefGuides tool helps in creating accurate models.

Customer service is fast and friendly.

Rosin's picture


Hi i have sent you a mail.

init0's picture

Excellent tool!

Excellent tool, fast and high quality support. Purchase 2 licenses.

araspicture's picture


this is very good tools thank you ı will buy it when I make design

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