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This script has been in my toolbox for a long time, so I’ve taken it out, polished it up, and partnered it with a friend. There are probably other scripts out there that will do this for you but I hope you will find mine intuitive and easy to use.



Converts copied objects into instances of the original. Note that this is still very much a WIP: there has been minimal testing; there is not UI - etc. Your mileage may vary...

Populate MEdit Zorb

Populates the Material Editor with the scene materials, or selected object materials. Has option to offset the materials placed in the material editor (usefull if there is more than 24 scenematerials). NEW: Added Material Editor Offset so it will dump materials starting at the specified slot


this script copyes uv data from one uv channel to another. and this script was written to aid exporting objects to cinema4d for painting (as cinema4d does not support multiple uv channels in the way 3dsmax does). so you need to copy your uvs to the first channel and then export.



This macroscript let's you copy one UVW Channel to another - and also
from or to Vertex Color / Illumination / Alpha. You can also delete
channels. Along with the vertexmap plugin - it is possible to use more
'vertex colors' in max5 - cause you can paint them and apply most vc
tools on the normal vc channel then copy it to another channel and use

Pixel Scan Cam

Bueno este es mi primer trabajo y es para materia de animacion 2 espero que les guste no es muhco pero pues es algo luego subire mas actualizaciones voten :D

Modifiers Switch

Turn On/Off in Renderer, Views or both, all or selected modifiers by class.
Modifiers Switch 2

Version 2.0

  • added option to switch both (in rend. + views)
  • also added a button to launch the tool in a new floatable dialog


This is a script request developed for a friend of mine how uses Nuke's 3d tracker.

*** Bug fixes, objects support (need seperate export from nuke), set origin added, workflow improvements (second video with the updates)

Toggle Diffuse

With Toggle Diffuse you can turn on and off all scene materials. It supports all Max's (except MentalRays)materials, plus VRay's and ThinkingParticle's. The avandage is that it searches through the materials' and maps' tree to turn on the first map that has an option "Show in Viewport".

Follow Them

Follow Them was developed in order to help Game Developers work with more complex animations by reducing render calls. What script does, is to track listed objects' motion in Points and then attach all geometries into one and skin the new object with these Points.

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