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Heres a tool to make your 3D PieCharts for you. You've got as many slices as you like and random or specified colors. There are also some global parameters wich are preety self-explanatory.
have phun


Manage all turbosmooth modifiers in the scene.
apply/delete/modify turbosmooth values for either :
1..entire scene or
2..selected objects

Slate - View Selected

This free MaxScript instantly displays the material of the selected object (or objects) in a new view in the Slate Material Editor. Currently, Slate does not have a quick and easy way to do this. Slate View Selected allows you to create multiple views as well. You can close the script dialog box and the script will continue to run until you re-run the script where you can stop it. In the dialog box you can also set a "display max" so that if you select a large number of objects, Slate won't waste time collecting and displaying all the materials used by objects in the selection.


"If you have used Multigen Creator and are familiar with its grid tool - then you will have a good idea of what this does.

Audioflow SpaceTravel



V-MOTION - Audioflow SpaceTravel // 3-Dimensional Audio-Synchronized Incremental Controller *** Audio-Sync Breakthrough!!! ***


r|shaders procedural natural shaders collection

r|shaders is a collection of scripted procedural shaders able to simulate natural environment and surfaces as ground, snow, ice, lava, water, sand etc. The collection contains 8 materials for 3ds max. User can controls a lot of parameters in a simple and effective way to simulate a big amount of surfaces, some of it are derived from shaders developed for production environment as Roland Emmerich "2012" movie. The shaders can be mixed with others to create more complex final results.

Store Frame Markers

This is a simple little floater that allows you to store and recal frames in time. By default it sets markers at 10% intervals across the timeline. Shift+Click to memorize a frame number.



Lock COM Bip

This script is actived to the 'lock COM keying' toggle, including Horizontal, Vertical and Rotation tracks at once in the selection track of the Biped root objects.

Bake Transform

Bake animation transform keys to chosen object with specified interval and sample frame step.
Plus reduce keys for chosen object with specified interval, sample frame step and threshold.


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