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MaxScript 2012-2013 Help Launcher

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As we're all aware 3dsMax 2012/2013 came without offline help neither max help, maxscript reference (help) or mental ray help...but recently AD release their help for offliner, first Max help and 2nd Maxscript....as you already aware , help can be setting via preference....but how to launch maxscript reference (help) ? inspire from there, I wrotte a simply script to launch maxscript help from anywhere and came by name maxscript help launcher.....

Morphica Tool

3 votes

Here s my first contribution script , it is pretty similar to many existing scripts over here used in connecting morphs to UI ,but it deserves a trial , it is weel production proven for 2 yrs so far .
i ve made a video demoing its usage here :https://vimeo.com/63446923

Ambient Occlusion Pass Switcher for Mental Ray

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The script will set up the scene for the calculation of Ambient Occlusion Pass.

The script will switch off lights, Final Gathering, GI, Exposure, Enviroment map and create Standard material customized for AO pass and put it into override material slot in "processing" tab. AO map parameters should be set up by user himself.

After creating AO, you can return the initial state of the scene by turning off AO rendering mode (click again on the button).



1. Run the script.

open/close all/selected groups

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This macro-script is meant to use as a shortcut. It can open or close all or all selected groups in the scene.
I use "STRG + SHIFT + G" to open all groups and "STRG + G" to close all groups but you can change it to whatever you prefer.


Trackbar Mod Filter

5 votes

A small script that will install a trackbar filter which only shows the keys belonging to the currently selected modifier on the stack. So if you have 10 animated modifiers on your stack, you can now easily edit the keys for just one of them without opening the curve editor.

Run the script to create the filter (put script in /scripts/startup/ folder to make it stick)

To activate: rightclick on trackbar -> filter -> modFilter.



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-- Show Bone Axis
-- 2013/03/26 by SaiZyca
--for 3dsmax 2012 (should work above 5 )
--This tool can toggle the display axis for your bone collection.
--main function is based on showBoneAxis by M. Breidt (http://scripts.breidt.net/)

GrabViewport 2.1

56 votes

FOR THE LATEST VERSION PLEASE GO HERE http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/grabviewport-0

Xray CAT Survival Toolkit 1.0 is here!

1 vote

PaintSelector by drFlash

10 votes

Select verts - edges - faces of the 'editable poly' and the 'edit poly' objects by 'painting' with a variable sized brush.

Particle Flow Auto Cache

0 votes

Script to make a cache automatically on all PFlow systems

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