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"View and Zoom Extents Selected" macro buttons

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Simple macro buttons to set active view and run "Zoom Extents Selected" command. (If no object selected, "Zoom Extents" instead.) So you don't lose track of objects while switching views.




Bounding Boxer

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"Create a sub-object selection and use Bounding Boxer to create a fitting box around the selection. You can then use the created box(es) for a Linked X-Form or as a bone. The various Bounding Boxer options include the possibility to automatically create a link hierarchy between created boxes."


23 votes

PolyRotor is a modeling script that based on drag & drop.

PolyRotor make it possible to select vertex, edge and faces automatically.

But it should be in Editable Poly Mode.

key all biped limbs

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Biped-key-all gui

This is a tool for keying all your biped limbs in on click (including the root or COM ). Simply select part of the biped and click 'key' This will set a TCB key at the current frame on all the biped limbs. You can also delete all the keys at the current time using the 'delete' button.

Toggle Turbosmooth , shell , and Symmetry

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This is a simple script allows you to quickly toggle ( on or off ) all: turbosmooth , shell , and Symmetry modifers in the scene. I use it to control detail levels while I'm building up a scene. To install simply unzip the folders into your 3dsMax userscripts directory. If you preserve the folder structure the script will be properly picked up by my quick launcher tool that I will be releasing at a later date To use run the script click the checkboxes to toggle all modifers on or off You can also use the spinner to change the turbosmooth interations of all objects in the scene (..

Kenzors Mirror Ball

3 votes

This maxScript generates a mirror ball. I wrote it for fun, as part of some project related RnD.

There are a few parameters for you to play with, and it's a lot faster than building one by hand. But be warned things can get a little slow with a lot of mirrors. You can download it as part of my maxScript pack.

Select Edges By Material ID

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Add separate Edit Poly modifier to each of selected objects and apply edge selection by selecting only edges that connect faces with different material ID

Archicad Importer

35 votes

This script lets build a parallel workflow with Archicad, in the same way as Artlantis.
You can import and update the AC model in 3dsMax while keeping materials, UVWmaps, and VrayDisplacementMaps.
Note: Udpated!! using now the .OBJ export of Archicad instead of .3ds, which is much quicker.


29 votes

Simple tool that mimics Maya procedures (Search and Replace, Jason Schleifer´s hashRename) to easily organize naming conventions in scene nodes.

more usefull helix than 3dsmaxs helix!!

this script help to creat a helix , in max there's a helix too!!so why this script?! the maxs helix problems are: 1-no controll on the number of vertex wich u want to cr8. 2-after creating that last and convert it to Editable spline,u can't have controll on that vertexs, u can't convert it to Smooths or corner bezier or...., try u'll understand. my helix haven't this problem, i'd just forgiven to made the 2nd radius :s

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