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Material Presets Shop Standard

Material Presets Shop Standard is a scripted material collection for V-Ray and mental ray in 3ds Max. It includes 78 V-Ray and mental ray Material presets and templates:
- Metal Materials (24)
- Ceramics Materials (18)
- Leather Materials (12)
- Stone Materials (18)
- Concrete Materials (6)

The V-Ray materials are compatible with SolidRocks, and all of the textures used are seamless.

Resize Splines From First

Tools that resize spline sub-objects in regard to their first vertex, one with a scaling factor, the other using a fixed size.


Neon is a material plugin that converts any object to a lightsource. It works with the radiosity engine built into VIZ4/max5 or higher.


This is a little tool to get the scripspot rss feed directly in max, displayed on the viewport. It of course only shows max related stuff, updates every 7 minutes and thats about it for descriptions.
have phun


DOF passer

Dof passer
Script for rendering DOF passes. Needed installed photoshop and windows platform

Automatic Roof - Tetto Automatico

this script allows to fill up a stratum of the roof of space coordinate goblets being inserted three them in order to characterize the stratum plan


This is a WIP function collection to make the working with structs in maxScript easier.
It's kinda inspired by: 1.Garp's Primitive maker in that you can quickly reDefine structs and 2.the lack of functions provided by maxScript.

The only functions in it so far are:

  • addVar - add a property to a struct
  • gotProperty - the equivalent of hasProperty or isProperty functions for a struct

Let me know what kind of functions you'd like to see in here

Isolate Track

Isolate Track

When an object has several “object keyframes” of different parameters at the same frame time (e.g. a morpher with multiple targets, or baseObject’s radius and segments animated), all of these keyframes are displayed as one “grey object key” in the timeline.

Isolate Track popups (under mouse cursor) a rollout that displays all the animatable tracks of the current modifier stack selection, and quickly isolates the selected track keyframes in the timeline.

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