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Zoom Orbit Fix

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Fixes the orbit point of the camera when you zoom in on something small.
usually when you do 'zoom extent' on a small sub-object, and then zoom out, it breaks the orbit point.

- INSTAL instruction
copy the file to : "(3ds Root)\scripts\Startup\"
if Max is running you need to run the script with menu "MAXScript/run script..." and browse to it.

- UNINSTAL instruction
Delete : "BelzarViewFix.ms" from "(3ds Root)\scripts\Startup\"
and restart Max OR paste "callbacks.removeScripts id:#BelzarViewFocalFix" in the listener

Layers for gMax

18 votes

This is for gMax. It won't work right in 3ds, and 3ds already has layers capability.

This is a macroscript which opens a dialog window. Assign it a hotkey (I suggest Alt-L) and/or a menu item (I suggest Tools), toolbar button, or whatever you like. It lets you affect selection, transparency, visability, and freezing of groups of objects.

cometScripts Macro-Suite

9 votes

This ZIP contains ALL the scripts below in script form - as well as macroscript wrappers and icons so that you can easily add these to MAX's quads - menus - keyboard shortcuts and toolbars. Just download - and follow the instructions in the README for installation. Less than 300k download. All my MACRO versions of my scripts are placed in the 'Comet Cartoons' category.


41 votes

This is a script i created for convert animated object into voxels, maintaining correct voxel animation, it also support multimaterials (please check video tutorial). i also added a voxel material so it can simulate fillet on each voxel. i hope you find this useful. below is a video of the script in action, and a video tutorial.

NEW UPDATE to version 2.0
i sorted some errors and fix them, please update the script and replace the old one
Thanks to Anubis for optimizing the code, now it works better.

Camera Mixer

45 votes

Camera Mixer v0.1  Camera Mixer  is a real-time sequence editing tool.

It allows you to start editing draft sequences without starting any heavy film editing software.

Features :

- Real time playing
- File Open/Save
- Export the mix to 3dsmax’s batch renderer
- Save a preview of the whole mix
 - Usual UI controls : snap, delete/repace, mute/solo, move track up/down


62 votes

Create easy WireFence shape (Editable Spline).

Skin Or Die

31 votes

The SkinOrDie Script is a set of tools which will improve your workflow for skinning enormously. It's intention is to completly replace the interface of the standard max skin modifier and give you a more intuitive one.

Racer DOF Importer

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This scripted Utility will import geometry and materials from the DOF files, used in Racer game. It also reads accompanying SHD files for detailed shader information. Allows cars and tracks models import for further examination or editing.

A sample track imported into Max:


Installation and detailed information in the ReadMe file zipped with the script.


Hide|Unhide Skeleton

1 vote

Simple tool for hide or unhide different "skeleton" objects like BoneGeometry, BipedObject, CATBone, HubObject from your character models.
Requested by titane357
Forum topic Hide / Show bones

2-Tangents circle

2 votes

This script allows to create a circle relative to two tangent segments selected in a spline shape. 

New : Another version of the script that allows to create a 3-tangents circle has been added.

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