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"This script allows to convert any selected Spline object(s) to MAXScript code that will recreate them.

Pictor ver 2.0.0

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Pictor plugin is creating three-dimensional objects from two dimensional images. This plug-in works with Max and has the ability to read and convert images to three-dimensional files. General features of the software are as follows


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Quickly pick a new pivot position for the selected object

Batch Library Helper v1.0.1

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XrayCat Survival Toolkit 1.5

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Italy’s leading independent games and tools developer, Raylight, today announced that their XrayCat ST v.1.5 toolset is now available for purchase. After the success of the first release they worked closely to Autodesk and customers to provide a new set of features which make XrayCat ST v.1.5 the ultimate tool to speed up rigging and animation work pipelines.

The new features includes:

Layer Manager
- Autoscan of Cat rigs in the scene
- Resizable Window

Pose Manager
- Playback tools

JoyCreator Pro
- Totally rewritten
- 8 directions joystick added

Set Selection FIlter based on selected object

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This script was requested by titane357 here: click.

What it does:

When nothing is selected and you run the script it set the Selection Filter dropdown list to All.

If Spline object is selected it set the Selection Filter to Shape

If light object is selected it set the Selection Filter to Light

and so on.


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This scriptpack contains some simple scripts, which can optimize your workflow.

Version 1.04 includes 7 scrips grouped into following categories:

- object scattering

- maps and materials

- landscape modeling

I hope you find them useful.

Let me know if you find any bugs.

Best regards.


Spline penetration through mesh

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Little tool for marking penetration point of spline through mesh.
--Undo/redo works without crash
--Progress bar with cancel
--for high poly mesh you can specify polygons for faster progress
--works on transformed objects
--works without changing original objects and modifiers

PolyNurbs 1.0 - Released

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PolyNurbs is a tool to convert nurbs objects to quad poly.


A lot of us want to use nurbs or spline to make our quad meshes. I have tried a lot of solutions, scripts, surface modifier, turn to poly and detriangulate... but no one works as we want.

With PolyNurbs you can:

Model Quality Checker

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Designed for 3ds max 2012 and up, the 3ds Max Model Quality Check is a tool to help the user while modeling in 3ds Max. This tool contains two elements: Scene Info and a Model Quality check.

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