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ViewPort Preview

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Capture Viewport animation to any output video/image format that 3ds Max support, with an access to the I/O bitmap setup (quality and compression settings), with a few (similar to the renderer) timing options.

Viewport PreviewViewport Preview 1.2


    - version 1.4 change log:

  • Now custom-built sequence support negative ranges
  • You can use interval (space sign) in custom-built sequence

Lazy Group Selector

Max Render Layer

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Simple and Powerful

Max Render Layer will save you a lot of time when rendering passes. You will be able to intuitively set different materials, object properties, light properties, render setup and more without duplicating objects. With one click you fire the render of all passes at once, just like magic!




Camera Range Viewer

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I've released the first version of my 'Camera Range Modifier' for 3dsmax.
It took a while for me to release it since I had many approaches on how to make this.
The way I've done it now (by drawing directly in the graphics viewport) is by far the best way to do this.
I initially tried by creating plane objects and so on, but this was not a smart way to do it.

I have a to do list, which has these items:

1) Custom color for the planes.
2) Better support for Nitrous modes.
3) Texture map support
4) Transparent plane.


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This script will make preview renders from the viewport using the default 'make preview' dialog, when completed it renames the preview file to match the camera's name.

This makes it easier to generate preview files for a ruff edit, without having to manually rename the preview files again and again.


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This script lets you automatically align one object to another (animated) by aligning it in every frame and creating a key for choosen controllers (position, rotation, scale) in every frame. Especially useful for animators. The use explained on video.

Pivot 2 edge

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v1.3e :slider for progress + Esc to exit + hide command panel

(進度顯示 + ESC鍵終止 + 多於10個物件就隱藏命令面板)

v1.2e :support multi object  and group


set Pivot(Z axis) to select edge (poly only).

1.select a poly edge (選一條 poly 的線)

AK-BonesPro to Skin

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as we all know bonesPro is incredibly fast vs skin that is very safe, plus after all BP is a plugin and maybe sometime digimation guys decide to donot update it for upper max versions...so it will be a good idea to be able to convert BP data to skin. So this script does it for you, I hope you like it.
It applies skin modifier right after BP and keeps any other modifiers obove it; also it dissables BP but keeps it for you.If you have a dense mesh it will be slow but for modeles under 1500 vertices it works fast.


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This script optimize an scene´s object to render

Scanline - Mentalray Switcher + AO

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Simple Switcher that changes from Scanline to MentalRay and has an AO button that will create a skylight and turn on light tracer.

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