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mrProxy Generator v1.0

22 votes

mrProxy Generator v1.0 is a helpful script for creating multiple proxies of selected objects. It automatically names the output files from the selection and can also replace your geometry. The script is free of charge and available for download.
Works with versions 9.x and above. There’s also a video tutorial describing the usage of the script on youtube.


19 votes

- Creates welds between intersecting geometry
- Creates welds on selected edges
- Multiple weld type options
- Realtime settings/property adjustments
- Works with splines and meshes

InterLight for Mental Ray, Final Rener, Brazil Rio and Vray

48 votes

Update: May/05/2010. - support for Max2011

- Mental Ray (Max 2009) :
with the materials:


3 votes

This is a tool designed to give the user more control than the default Select-By-Name dialog that ships with 3d Studio Max. It allows users access into grouped objects (searching through closed groups for objects - opening groups in scene on selection - etc.) along with multi-object renaming - moving - scaling - etc. A powerful object lister - and organizer.

BitmapPath in MatLib Relpacer

25 votes

This script can replace all bitmap texture pathes in selected matlib file. You select Matlib file,select directory you want to set, select the bitmap texture directory path you want to replace and thats all. This my first script.

BE CAREFULL. It does not make backups, but uses A LOT OF MEMORY, so if it crashes your matlib maybe damaged. Example: replacing All Evermotion ArchShaders Vol.1 + Vol.2 pathes (in one file for all maps) takes near 2,5GB! Any help and suggestions how to solve this will be accepted. This my first script:)

P.S. sorry for my english

Listener Colors

1 vote

Fast way to change MaxScript Listener text color, font and size.


4 votes

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [version 2]

This little tool allows you to put a texture with drag and drop method from any folder to
specified slot of the Material Editor.

Vertex pos to CSV

0 votes

-- built by bernardo amorim
-- help at bernardo dot amorim at gmail dot com
-- hugs bern
-- 2009

MacroScript vertexToCSV category:"bernielomax CSV"

out_filename= getSaveFileName caption:"SAVE WHERE" initialDir:"$export" filename:"VertexPos.csv"

out_file = createFile out_filename

for obj in geometry do (
tmesh = snapshotAsMesh obj
format "Obj Name:%\n" obj.name to:out_file

format "X Pos, Y Pos, Z Pos\n" to:out_file

for v = 1 to getNumVerts tmesh do

vert = getVert tmesh v
format "%, %, %\n" vert.x vert.y vert.z to:out_file
delete tmesh

bf :: SplineWalkator

3 votes

No longer supported, please check : http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/bf-splinewalk

bf :: SplineWalk

1 vote

Hello !

Here is the successor of bf::SplineWalkator : SplineWalk.

Until I add more options, this is the same script as bf :: SplineWalkator, with a better UI.

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