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ArchiCAD import wizard

14 votes

ArchiCAD import wizard takes care of your exported ArchiCADâ„¢ geometry. it allows filtering out unwanted objects and cleans up the geometry by welding overlapping vertices - without affecting the shape - or degrading detail quality. it also creates a named selection set for every import step - allowing better scene management.

Vray AutVel Passes

22 votes

This tool creates a series of passes in vray for compositing: Ambient occlusion, matte pass, vray toon, wireframe, clay render, ghost render (like evermotion's pdf), ghost and wireframe together. Feel free to use it whenever you need. This is an open source project for my degree (Industrial Design, Rome).
*version v0.9: first version shared. Save your file before use it.
*update v1.0: minor bug fixed, add some instruction in the head of the code.
*update v1.1: add vray phisical camera support for passes; changed the HSV Exponential color mapping type to Exponential


6 votes

This macroscript lets rename the selected object without switching to Modif-Panel. Handy - if you have to rename a lot of objects without a common name-structure.

fbx into layers by revit category

0 votes

fbx into layers by revit category

1 vote


27 votes

This script will give you the power to easily apply your smoothing groups on editable poly with faces colouration, fast assignation from vertex to elements and face selection technique driven by smoothing groups.



4 votes

7/31 -- fixed the errors in the script that stopped from working. added a youtue vid to explain what it does

5/31 -- fixed some bugs; added better explanation

Elevation By Degree

2 votes

this script will calculate the height based on a degree input the result height valur is automatically copied to clipboard.

it will be usefull to create slopes for example based on degree value

I created for my personal use maybe it will be usefull for some else :) hope u like it if so please vote up.


# Installation:

1-extract files

2-copy ElevByDeg.mse to 3dsmax\script folder

Easy Turntable

7 votes

A quick script to aid in setting up a turntable render for your assets.

Press go.

Set the frame rate

Set the animation length.

The spline rotation allows you to set the start position

Regardless of animation range only performs 360 dgrees of travel

Added Slidertime to 0 on reset

Lego Head

3 votes

Simple Lego Head scripted Geometry Plug-in.

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