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Select faces by min angle. works only on collapsed wditable_mesh object.

stretchy biped

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Notes:The Script helps you to setup stretchy biped
bones (arms,legs,spine,etc) quickly with 1 mouse click. It simply adds
a parameter “stretchy” to first selected bone(modifier stack) from
selection. ( you can copy paste modifier where ever you want after

Installation: Just drag-drop or put in your “usermacros” folder

Usage: 3dsmax>>customize>>lm_Rigging(Catagory)>>SquashyBiped (assign a key,quadmenu,etc)


Mad System

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Mad System v 1.1 is an easy way to make roof + timber at the same time. If you need make a flythrough and to see the timber and the roof, both external and internally, this script it exactly what you need. Enjoy!


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buEdgeSketch is a tool that draws the polygon edge.

Create Reference planes from a .psd

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- My first script, so all crits are very welcome!
- Run this script to create up to six reference planes (front, back, top, bottom, left, right) from a layered .psd file.

- To use:
1. Run script in max
2. Select .psd file (note this only works with photoshop files)
3. Select the height (in current file units) that you want for the reference 'box' - all other dimensions will be determined from the image aspect ratio.

Mad System 1.00

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Mad System is an easy attribute script to help you on timber construction. Please read the instructions in the rar file and enjoy!

SOX Dynamics

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Sorry, The management of the tool will stop temporarily.


Papagayo to morpher targets

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Its is a script that make a morpher based on the Exported file from Papagayo lyp-sing software. You must have all morph Object for any letter that Papagayo export. I thing is a useful way for a basic and quick lyp-sing.

Viewport Stats

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Add this to your scripts/startup folder and you will always have a display of triangle count for one or more selected objects in your active viewport.

Convex Hull

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This script creates a convex hull mesh around any object that can be converted to an editable mesh. As its intended use is game models, it's not very useful for anyhing high-poly. The calculation time grows by square and a 50k-teapot-test took forever. Usage is pretty straight forward, just select an object and start the script.


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