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Quick Render

The idea was to create a script which makes renders in every Nth minutes from a selected view of a camera. The result is a breakdown of the project, phases of the creating. You can use it in: tutorials, "making of" projects, presentations, showreels etc...

Worker of Biped

Based on Blur's Biped Worker, this script creates a floater interface allowing easier selection of a biped's different body parts. It will simultaneously support several Bipeds with different bone setups. Multi-bone (Control-Click), hierarchical (Shift-Click), symmetry and opposite selections are also supported, as are the setting of commonly use pivot points all within the GUI.

G.I. Toggle

A simple script for mental ray, which will give you a toggle for Global Illumination that you can have in a toolbar, quad or floater.

I created this as I found myself often turning GI on and off to test various assets in a scene in isolation.

Visibility Ranger


This small script is intended to simplify setting keyframes for object visibility. 


-Define Visibility or Invisibility area for single or multiple objects at the same time

-Define fade in and fade out values to fade in and out objects

Parametric Kitchen

Creates 3D parametric kitchen
Improvements in the 3.016 version include: new mapping code - add 16th mat id for inner parts - remove bug that prevent for loading user defined preset.
Version 3.018 for max 2k9+

Update 16.nov.2009 - bugfix

Facial Motion Capture Stabilizer

The script stabilizes (moves transformation information of the head from) facial motion capture points.
Run the script.
Select at least three points in the forehead.
Select all the points except reference (parent) point of the data.
That's all.

Creating A point attached to the vertex

In order to install run the script. It will appear in the category: "JBsoft" macroscript CPyasash. Drag it to the toolbar.

Select poly object. Select the vertexes. Pick the button

Viewport Switcher


Assign the macroscript to a hotkey. Space bar for example. A menu will appear around your cursor that allows you to quickly switch to different views.

For the installation simply drag and drop the mzp file to the viewport. Go to Customize/Customize User Interface/ Keyboard. And under the group Norman3D select Viewport Swtich and assign it to a hotkey.


EDIT: Fixed an issue in the script that would cause an error on 3dsMax 2010

Clever Reset XForm

Resets and collapses the XForm of all selected objects whilst attempting to preserve the orientation of their pivot points. Unlike the standard 'ResetXForm' button - this tool can be undone.

Scatter To Verts

This will take the selected Source Object - and place a copy of that object at each vertex position of the Destination Object. The Destination object must be some form of an editable mesh type object. Orientation is left as it is. Useful for placing say a simple grass or other object with a modifier on it - at various locations onto another - such as for the Blow Grass script below.

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