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 A script to load and save animated morph data

For many years, I have used the same system to deal with lipsync within production, and it is with great pleasure that I release it to the community now. This script will take a character that uses a morph modifier for lipsync and save the data to XML. This can then be re-applied at a later stage.

Grab ViewPort Plus Alpha


Grab the active viewport with embedded alpha channel


This script makes adding positional noise to an object a simple task.

Undo Isolate

Assign it to a hot key to close Isolation mode. I find it easier than locating that floating dialog box.

I would recommend assign it to CTRL + ALT + Q, which compliments CTRL + Q.

Pulled from this thread.....

Animated Grass Generator Script

Animated Grass Generator, by MaVCArt

this script generates grass that grows in an animated fashion around a certain point, all defined by the user.

you can edit:

growth radius
growth speed (now available!)
type of grass strand (4 types!) (only two types are yet available)
size of grass strand (available!)
randomness of the grass placement (available to a certain amount, not yet user defined though)
grass strands spacing (not yet available)
strand detail (4 modes!) (not yet available)

Auto Adjust Shutter

ARTRAY Auto Adjust

Shutter Speed Script


How to artificially increase/decrease DoF and Motion blur

Install: Open 3ds max. Drag and drop script to viewport or run.

Hide and unhide all bones and helpers before Rendering

Hi all.

These are my first scripts and are rediculously simple and obvious, but should be quite handy, if like me, on the odd occasion due to tight deadlines and final renders having to be sent, you forget to turn off the bone objects of your character studio bipeds and they render in the scene. A re-render is required and there's no time left.....doh!

Here begins my MaxScripting journey.....wish me luck!

MASS File Exporter


Maxscript to Batch Export Files to selected Format from a set of 3dsmax files.

Proxy Edit

This is a script that enables editing of VRayProxy objects instantly in the scene they are currently.

It is easy to use:

1. Drop the .ms file in the viewport to run the script. A dialog appears.

2. Click the Pick proxy button and select a proxy from the scene. It becomes a editable mesh with material applied.

3. You can change geometry, uvw mapping, apply modifiers etc.

Animated Hide Property Script

I made this little script to allow the users to animated the hide property.

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