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It simulates an automatic tank tread with auto wheel rotation. I got the idea from one of the 3ds max master classes.

Custom Rigger


CustomRigger is a tool to create a rig in a matter of seconds.

You've got two steps in the process:


A setup off all the joints


Create the controls/bones you want

Material Manager

Material Manager


A new version of Material Manager is done.

New features:

Search function, Save to separate matlibs, Render any thumbnail, Render missing thumnail, Render with "ctrl" held down, renders liquid stuff, Saves screen position and many more.


This script comes in 6 macros - rolled into 2 script files. The script flattens splines to an X - Y or Z snap point. You select the spline - select the verts you want affected and then use the command. The script creates 6 commands - Flatten_Spline_X - Flatten_Spline_Y... Fatten_B_Spline_X and so on. The non B version moves the verts to the proper location but will not adjust Bezier Handles.


Scene Bracket

SceneBracket simply allows you to set up a pair of frame tags that store the current time frame you are working in. If you need to move the timeslider range to see some other animation keys, you simply press the set button to return to the stored range. This is an invaluable time saver in animation production as ranges change for each shot in a length of scene audio.


new in ver 1.1:
saves selected object in the file "copy_paste_buffer.max"
in default scenes directory and make
a backup of old file /"copy_paste_buffer_backup.max"/
merge "copy_paste_buffer.max" in the current scene

script goes in the category “Georgy Chakarov”

subobject level 0

set shortcut key for this script
and use it to exit from subobject level

GML Importer

GML Importer will let you import GML data generated by graffiti capture software such as Graffiti Analysis.



like "freeze", but object stay selectable
usefull for cameras, lights etc.

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