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waRp PrepareExp

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This script helps with preparing for export to Maya or UV Layout. It works on all selected objects. (Note: It is meant to be used in combination with my other scripts)

Actions that takes for both preparing export to Maya and UV Layout:
- Runs the waRp RemoveTurbo script (this script can work without it)
- Weld option welds each selected objects' vertices by the threshold amount
- Show Ngons runs the waRp Ngons script (you have to have this script in order to use this functionality)

Actions it takes for preparing export to Maya:
- Collapses the modifier stack to Editable Poly

waRp CtrlMtls

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This script simplifies the editing of the textures (that are imported from Mari) within 3ds Max. It changes some basic parameters of all the imported textures.
It automatically enable only the mapping slots that have textures assigned to them.
It only works with materials that are assigned in the scene and have the keyword "_tg" in their name

Options that are included:
-- Turn on or off a particular mapping slot
-- Change the RGB offset
-- invert the textures
-- Preview the textures in the viewport

Wireframe Simple Render

73 votes

Wireframe Render Version 3.0

This script simple takes the max scene and renders wireframe, in either black or white. It does not alter your scene in anyway. Your scene will remain untouched with all of its settings and materials.

This script is a small part of a larger script I'm working on for 3ds Max.


waRp Poly

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This script converts all selected objects to editable poly, Clears the smoothing groups and adds a gray material.

waRp ConvertDummy

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This script converts all Dummies (into containers) in the scene that have objects parented to them.

It is useful when importing a scene from Maya (pressing the option Send to 3ds Max automatically converts the groups from maya to Dummies into 3ds max).

waRp SelectByMaterial

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Selects all objects that have a same chosen material.
Usage: Open Material Editor and select a material (that is in the scene). Then run the script.
Note: 3ds max already has this functionality (right click on a material in the material editor and choose Select By Material), but you have to go through the Select Objects window.

waRp Slate

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Inserts into Material Editor sets of 24 SCENE materials.
If there are more than 24 materials in the scene you can choose, which set of 24 you want to load to the Material Editor (slate number one means get the first 24 scene materials, set number two means get the second set of 24 materials and so on).

waRp Mirror

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-- It solves the problem with flipped faces (problem that can't be fixed just with resetXform) that happens by using the default mirror tool on objects that are in a container.
-- It mirrors along the pivot point of the topmost container (in the chosen axis). If there is no container then it mirrors along the first object in the selection.
-- Flip UVs, mirrors the UVs of all selected objects to compensate for the mirrored objects.
-- Copy Materials, makes an identical COPY of the same material as the original counterpart of each mirrored object.

waRp Ngons

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Finds and isolates a selection of objects that have Ngons (polygons that have 3 or more than 4 sides).
All the Ngons are then marked yellow (with multimaterial), to be easier to spot.

Usage: make a selection of objects (only objects that have an editable poly base are supported) and run the script

waRp removeTurbo

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A simple script that removes the turbosmooth modifier (if present in the modifier stack) from all selected objects.

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