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Material Renamer



MBG measurer

Measure the distance in centimeters of 2 vertices in a object - or the distance of vertices in a edge - is possible to select various (sum various). Auto refresh.

RH Map Node Renamer

It takes the material assigned to the selected object and assigns the name of the object to it. Then it checks if there is a bitmap texture assigned to "Diffuse", "Specular Level", "Opacity" and "Bump". If it finds a bitmap texture in the slot it renames the bitmap texture node to "Color", "Specular", "Opacity", "Normal". Then it also renames the textures asigned using the pattern "NameOfTheObject_NameOfSlot.*" ex. SmallBox_Color.bmp


this script is possibility to change a bitmap name and delete and other thing for current Max scene.
you can choose select mode that All, select Object and Missing Map.

View Grabber

The purpose of this script is to help grab a bunch of still shots based off of the perspective viewport, or other cameras in the scene and to prepare them for rendering.

Large Object Manager

Allows you to set objects over a certain number of faces to appear as a box. Aids navigation in polygon-heavy scenes.


LightRigger is a free Maxscript-based, draft-quality Global Illumination lighting system for the 3ds max Default Scanline Renderer.  It is based on the well known "old-school" principle of a light dome, but LightRigger takes the concept much further.

Smooth to Prevalent Smoothing Group

Works in face sub-object level of editable polygon base objects.
Assigns the prevalent smoothing group found within the current selection of faces to the entire selection of faces (removing any other smoothing groups).

Feel free to modify as you like.

Variable Control

I made quickly a small script to control if a variable is already used or not.
It gives you the variable value as well.

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