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how it works

Script deletes vertex based on the angle threshold


Scene 2 Material Editor

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This script cleans the material editor and then puts all the materials from your active scene into the material editor..

FFD 2 Quad

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10/31: Added a vertex normal projection option by pressing alt while clicking, fixed some small issues. Hope you find this useful, Happy Halloween everyone

about: the script sets up an 2x2x2_FFD modifier (FFD group button). It lets you automatically build new geometry by cloning and aligning the the orginal object to a quad of an Editable_Poly (place group). It also adds the 'Archetype Holder' modifier which lets you set up simple rules to run the script based on MatID's in an edit_poly.

Sketchfab Publisher

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The sketchfab publisher exports your model to sketchfab, an online platform to display 3d-models in a webgl environment.

Models are exported as an obj-file and sent over http to sketchfab. This all happens multithreaded, so you can keep working while your models upload. You first need to make an account on sketchfab and get the api-token to be able to upload. The token comes standard with any account.

Sprite Sheet Renderer

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This script allows for an animation to be rendered off and added into a sprite sheet, allowing for a quick and easy method to render out animations as a 2D texture which fits together perfectly.

The script in action:

The script in action


The Script's feature list includes:

Quad Primitives

3 votes

A small script to generate a quad cylinder and quad sphere...


Scene Light Multiplier By POPA_3D

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Scene Light multiplier let you manage all your scene lights by multiplying their multiplier by a defined value or set all light multiplier to a defined value...

you can chose which lights will be taken in consideration

#Standard will affect:

 target Spot 

free Spot 

Target Directional ight 

free Directional light

Omni light 


mr area omni

Visibility Assistant

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A simple script to facilitate setting visibilty keys on individual objects, or collections of objects. There's a few pieces of interest about the the code - the script uses a mapped function, something that is usually overlooked in maxscript but is very useful. There is also a custom trackbar filter to only show visibilty keys. Finally, it is boxed into a struct which is a nice neat way of packaging the whole UI and methods into a single variable.  

Intersection of a Line and a Sphere – MAXScript function

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This is MAXScript  version of function "Intersection of a Line and a Sphere (or circle)"
 Written by Paul Bourke.


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I proudly present the AutoRigger

The AutoRigger will exist of 5 parts:

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