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Batch Asset Re-Path tool

10 votes

Normal 0 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE

Batch Preview Renderer

4 votes

The script searches for files in a given directory and renders a preview from the files found.
Ideal if you have a lot of model library and you dont know the content of the files.


7 votes

Uses selected object to creates lattice/blob like objects.




5 votes

It's a very easy tools to help you render your scene frame by frame. Could fix problem when you couldn't render your animation directly like MentalRay with MetaParticle in Max

AndyE Tools v1.0

36 votes


5 votes

A bitmap tracing utility. Converts bitmaps into shapes. Updated: Improved speed and quality


32 votes

Makes pipe work, the sort you would see in ships or industrial buildings.
more infomation in the script file.Thanks to the guys over at Maxforums for helping me out with this one.

Properties Browser

58 votes

This script allows you to get all the properties names and classof from any selected object or from the current renderer

Double click on the prop name to set it in Window's clipboard.

When you select a prop name, it will show its class.


9 votes

Creates an animated Target Camera based on an animated Free camera
version 1.04 works with both MAX 4 & MAX 5 - and adds position memory for the dialog.


6 votes

Simulates camera shaking in earthquakes - explosions - etc.

Usage: take a good perspective view - go to frame where you want it to start and run the script.
Now you have a new free Camera - Camera_Shaken01 - that has a procedural shake animation layered on position track.

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