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jEasyRenderer 0.2

jEasyRenderer v0.2

Variations Render

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Renders all variations possible using the selected layers and materials.
For each render, it shows only one layer from the selected layer, and renders it with all selected materials, by assigning the material to all objects in the layer, rendering and moving to the next material.
Developed for Martin Jann (http://pixelsonic.com/) who allowed it to be released as open source.

Skin Helper

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A tool to help setting vertex weights when skinning.

Changes in version 0.90:

  • Added: option to sort list by bone name (turned on by default).
  • Added: Restoring the bones list position after list update (if possible).
  • Fixed: updating values didn\'t work sometimes due to precision issues.

Changes in version 0.85:


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Simple interface talking to TetGen through 3dsMax.

TetGen is a program to generate tetrahedral meshes of any 3D polyhedral domains. TetGen generates exact constrained Delaunay tetrahedralizations, boundary conforming Delaunay meshes, and Voronoi partitions.




Find Coinstances

24 votes

Find CoInstances works in two ways:

1. With Multiple Objects selected it will find objects that are cloned on top of each other resulting in animation flickering

2. With a Single object selected it will find and select faces that are coinstanced

Flipper Mechanism

26 votes

Flipper Mechanism

Script creates a rigged flipper mechanism with all textures and
materials. With this script you can easily do old style airport
flipping boards, flipping clock, signs, etc.

PF Channel Info

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This script will display accessible particle flow channels into a list view.

MXS Virus :)

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if you hate your colleague just run script installer on his max :), it will shut it down his max in the interval from 10s to 30min without any prompt
enjoy :-D

p.s. if you think you have upset your colleague enough just run the uninstaller

how it works: it copies the virus(see virus_code.ms bellow) to startup scripts and set a "hidden" atribut to it so you cant see it, and then after every max start it will shut it down in the interval from 10s to 30min without any prompt

Simplified Net Render

15 votes

Simplified dialog to submit jobs to backbuner.

V-Ray Material Shortcuts

34 votes

These short cuts are really collection of very simple Macro scripts. Like my Turn Viewport Maps On/Off this one has had some serious staying power with artists to date it has to be one of my most used scripts. All of the macros are designed to manipulate V-Ray materials globally throughout the scene, very quickly and efficiently. Each macro effects every V-Ray material in the scene. They are very handy in a number of situations, for example when you get a file from a junior that has the glossy sub divs on every material sky high.

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