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Patanouk is a free asset manager for 3dsMax.
Easy to use, with its sleek graphical interface, Patanouk is perfectly adapted for any development pipeline or for private asset management.
Feel free to request any new feature via the built-in Feedback window, this ScriptSpot page or [email protected], I'll be pleased to improve Patanouk.

Description :

 - Intended for easy storing and browsing 3D objects into a library.

 - Automatically creates a preview for the objects you add into your library.

 - Only need a couple of clicks to manage your library (Add, Rename, Move, Delete, Edit, Replace, ...)

 - Saves a lot of time avoiding the artist to manually export the object, check the bitmaps paths or even creating the preview.

 - Designed to be easily upgraded with each of your needs.

 - Docked version, for mono-screen workstations.

Additional features :

 - Drag&Drop installation, just put the installation file into 3dsMax, watch and... it's done.

 - One-for-all-version installation file, it'll always get the latest version from the internet.

 - Auto updatable, automatically checks for the latest version and installs it if there is one.

 - Built-in improvement tracking windows, you can send Feedbacks from Patanouk and/or check my todo list, the changelog and the reported bugs directly from Patanouk.


How to install Patanouk :

Just download the attached installation file and drag&drop it into 3dsMax. You can keep this same installation file forever.


How to start Patanouk :

There are two possibilities :

 1 - You just click on Patanouk in the main menu bar of 3dsMax on the top of your screen.

 2 - You can add a Patanouk button to any toolbar via the toolbar management. ( Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars, category Raphick)


What changed in version 1.14  :

 - Added tooltips

What changed in version 1.13  :

 - Corrected a major bug in the "Replace Asset" system

 - Corrected a bug in the "Docking" system

 - Re-enabled the "Dock" button

 - Improved the bitmap copy system

 - Compacted the UI

 - Added an "Uninstall" system

 - Corrected the problems with the bitmaps' gamma


Screenshots :

Version Requirement: 
Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 up to 2012, 32 or 64bit
Other Software Required: 
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
Video URL: 
patanoukinstall.mse1.11 KB


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raphick's picture

No way to reproduce the bug...

Hello, I tried by all means to reproduce the bug you encounter but never manage to get into it.

I suspect another plugin to corrupt some basic functions I use in Patanouk, althought there are not a lot. Were you able to try on another PC? Let me know!

jonahhawk's picture

just a box converted to

just a box converted to editablePoly with a standard mat. must be some conflict with something else in my scripts. I will try at the office tomorrow and see what happens...

raphick's picture


Hello, could you send me some more details about the objects you try to add? Type, material, size, anything you can for me to reproduce the bug...
Thanks a lot for your feedback though!


jonahhawk's picture


This looks pretty slick.

It installed and I can create categories. I cannot add objects though. The following error appears.

3dsMax Couldn't use the add flow, please try again...

I've restarted Max after this, still no love.

Any thoughts?

raphick's picture

Updated to 1.14

Hello, I updated to 1.14 with tooltips.

raphick's picture

Updated to 1.13

Hello all,

Patanouk has been updated to 1.13, please have a look at the changelog to check if your request has been implemented or not yet :)

Coming up next version with vray material support and better thumbnails rendering.


raphick's picture


Hello Wolfsoull, thank you for your feedback!

Indeed, Vray materials aren't supported yet but are very planned for update 1.08 (1.07 is already very loaded).
It should come along with better thumbnails generation too.

1.07 should be released in early October while 1.08 would take another 2-3 weeks.


wolfsoull's picture

hi, the script seems very

hi, the script seems very good, but i use vray for production and when i create one asset with vray materials the thumb image dont show in the library! is a bug or dont have support yeat?


raphick's picture


Hello and thank you for you feedback, I'll consider it as soon as the next update.


othoap's picture

smaller is better.

Please consider condensing your ui. For me it's all about screen real estate.

untitled-1.jpg 17.88 KB

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