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Patanouk is a free asset manager for 3dsMax.
Easy to use, with its sleek graphical interface, Patanouk is perfectly adapted for any development pipeline or for private asset management.
Feel free to request any new feature via the built-in Feedback window, this ScriptSpot page or [email protected], I'll be pleased to improve Patanouk.

Description :

 - Intended for easy storing and browsing 3D objects into a library.

 - Automatically creates a preview for the objects you add into your library.

 - Only need a couple of clicks to manage your library (Add, Rename, Move, Delete, Edit, Replace, ...)

 - Saves a lot of time avoiding the artist to manually export the object, check the bitmaps paths or even creating the preview.

 - Designed to be easily upgraded with each of your needs.

 - Docked version, for mono-screen workstations.

Additional features :

 - Drag&Drop installation, just put the installation file into 3dsMax, watch and... it's done.

 - One-for-all-version installation file, it'll always get the latest version from the internet.

 - Auto updatable, automatically checks for the latest version and installs it if there is one.

 - Built-in improvement tracking windows, you can send Feedbacks from Patanouk and/or check my todo list, the changelog and the reported bugs directly from Patanouk.


How to install Patanouk :

Just download the attached installation file and drag&drop it into 3dsMax. You can keep this same installation file forever.


How to start Patanouk :

There are two possibilities :

 1 - You just click on Patanouk in the main menu bar of 3dsMax on the top of your screen.

 2 - You can add a Patanouk button to any toolbar via the toolbar management. ( Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars, category Raphick)


What changed in version 1.14  :

 - Added tooltips

What changed in version 1.13  :

 - Corrected a major bug in the "Replace Asset" system

 - Corrected a bug in the "Docking" system

 - Re-enabled the "Dock" button

 - Improved the bitmap copy system

 - Compacted the UI

 - Added an "Uninstall" system

 - Corrected the problems with the bitmaps' gamma


Screenshots :

Version Requirement: 
Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 up to 2012, 32 or 64bit
Other Software Required: 
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
Video URL: 
patanoukinstall.mse1.11 KB


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bronius's picture

I try various scripts just

I try various scripts just for interest and Patanouk was one of them. But I don't need manager at all (I don't use many textures).. BTW - I found how to uninstall. Thanx.

raphick's picture

Not yet but...

Hi Bronius!

Thanks for having given a try to Patanouk. There's currently not automated uninstallation for the script but I'll include one in the next update.

Could you possibly tell me why you want to uninstall it? May I remember you that although it only currently handles basic epolys with multisubs/standard materials, the goal is to improve it?

Cheers guys!

bronius's picture

How to?

How to uninstall?

othoap's picture

thanks cubed


All sounds great.

My big issues with max asset management is. The open,save,import,merge windows don't include the windows "My Place Bar". Can't wait to see your UI.

raphick's picture

No alteration

Hi Othoap!

No, Patanouk does not alter in any way your source file, it does not flush your undo stack either. It will only duplicate the selected object into the library...

More precisions and screens coming next week, thanks for your patience :D

There is actually no translation for Patanouk, it is actually the name of a wandering unknown and supposedly unexisting knight in the French comedy/drama/sitcom/series Kaamelott. It is some kind of tribute :P

othoap's picture

Scene file

Just wanted to be sure about this; Dose Patanouk alter the .max scene file in anyway?

Please include a ui shot

What is the translation of Patanouk ?

raphick's picture

Hi and thank you very much

Hi and thank you very much for your interest in Patanouk!

Crystal3d : I am sorry, I indeed forgot to explain what was the script intended to! I was so exited about releasing it that I forgot that you guys had never heard about it :)
It is indeed planned to store and browse 3D models in a (portable) library. The previews are already created by the script while adding the asset to your library.
I already knew about those other scripts and have never been glad with using them... That's the reason why I actually started my own one. I really wanted to get rid of those frustrations and make it available to my 3dsMax-mates...
Also, all I can say is I will try to improve the script as far as I can and I really hope that ypu guys will help me to understand and summarize what's needed in Patanouk :D

JokerMartini : I actually made the same mistake with forgetting that you didn't know about the script. I will definitely make a more complete Help section for the next update.

Cheer-up guys, I hope we'll make something good here :D
( I am off of my computer until next week, then I'll be able to update the script's descrition and work on the next update)

crystal3d's picture

nice menu...

but what does this do?

what are your plans? will it be used for browsing 3d models with previews? will it create previews?

two other scripts are working on this subject, one has very bad usage design and other's author has given up...

how far you feeling to go?

JokerMartini's picture


It would be beneficial to have the ms so everyone would have the ability to modify as needed to work within their pipelines unless there is a help file which explains how to control you manage with maxscript.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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