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Animation Baker

Hello everyone :)

here's my first free script for baking objects animation, hope you find it useful

Best Regards,,
Mahmoud Hesham

miauu's Spline Deformer


Script for placing random MatID (min max) on poly editable objects.

MatiD assignment by polygon, smoothing group, object or element and adding MultiMaterial.

Follow Surface

"Here's a script to allow an object to follow the contours/etc. of another object. It's called 'Follow_Surface' and it will enable you to have an object follow a surface even if the surface is animated. You can also follow the surface with a time delay (like a buoy does when it's floating on water)."

Create Quick Wall

This script allows us to quickly create a wall using the shape (linee, text, circle ecc..)


----- Features

Reference Guides for Max *BETA*



This tool will create a Reference guide line, oriented from two points selection, and subdivided at a given Scale (in world units), for later snapping. 

Its specially useful for achitectural modelling, when you need a distance reference for objects positioning, distance reference, intersection points....

UPDATE - NEW FEATURES ( IN DEVELOPMENT) - please see the video

  • Reference protractor, with diferrent common angles sets, protractor axis aligment option.
  • Intersections: Creates helper points in lines intersections.




"SPIROFLY•CAM" script is the unique 'turn table' tool which uses the simple trigonometric formulas to create an interesting path around the targeted object in the scene.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By barigazy at 2011-12-02


this script cuts object by user defined grid

version beneath v0.3 wasnt released

- work at any combination of axes
- cut by segment lenght or edges count
- always recalculate segment lenght to keep it same in hole object


Helps to draw a spline - like a AutoCAD Polyline tool by free or precisely coordinates - but works faster.
Syntax of the coordinate input is the same as AutoCAD Command Line.

New features:
1. Correct button-trigger to turn script on or off.
2. Freehand mode to draw splines by hand on XY-plane or surface of the Base-object (Hotkey F).

Vray Proxy Lister

Script list and edit Vray Proxy (name, meshfile, material display).

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