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Text Tools

This tool helps you to control texts easily in 3ds max, and you will have nice text animation when integrated with the tool Simple Key Shifter

Watch the video for more info

Idea By: Sameh Bijo
Developed By: Walid Abou Ali


BevelMan is a Geometry Manipulator for 3ds max 5. It lets you apply Bevel - Extrude - Outline and Inset in a very quick way with interactive control over extrusion height - outline amount and normal modes.

It works with EditablePoly objects (with or without modifiers on the stack) in 3ds max 5 only

Splines Scatter

This script allows you to scatter splines on the surface by making new splines using interpolation from fixed number of nearest splines.



Not really a script but a replacement for the default "Graphics Modeling Tools" ribbon.

fumefx system scale

hi all!

i'm learning 3ds max and i ended with my first script.

this script will allow you to change the system scale of one or more of fumefx

just simply run the script and select them and change the value with what you want or randomly

hope you'll enjoy it and thanks in advance :)


If you’re working with multi-shot animations this will make your life a lot easier! You can now create, view and tweak an edit directly in 3dsMax. All this in an artist friendly way comparable to working in After Effects or Premiere. Quickly export previews or render clips directly from the timeline.


Bouncy Bones for max 2009-2010-2011

Bouncy Bones 1.0

Bouncy Bones 1.0 by Jonah Shafer

The script is compatible with max 2009, max 2010, and max 2011.  I have not tested with 2012, but the 2011 version might work for that as well.  If someone can confirm this for me that would be great!  The files are available for download on my website in the sharing section.



Installing scripts for 3dsMax has never been easier!

MaxScriptManager is a tool that will help you keep track of installed scripts, help you install new ones in a number of different ways, get notified if updates are available and even apply updates automatically. Developers can create script repositores so that users can access their script without leaving 3dsMax.

BodyObject Quality

With this tool you can control Display and Mesh Quality Settings of multiple selected BodyObjects by single click.
This is very useful for those who often use models imported from SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia, Rhinoceros etc.
Requested by bisara230

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