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Advanced UV Normalizer

This is an extension of the Normalize function found in PolyUnwrapper and it allows you to use custom Texel Density to normalize the UV Shells across different models.

So you can pick up the Texel Density from one model and use it in another model (or group of faces) as well as manually modify the Texel Density and Texture Size.


aerender is a script which sends AE job from 3dsmax.


  • Download installation file
  • UNZIP " 3dsmaxROOT to root folder of 3ds max " Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Toolbars> Category "HideScripts">Action "aerender"
  • Drop Toolbar

Before a rendering

Affect Pivot

This script simulate's Maya's 'Affect Pivot' tool and prompts the user to create a new pivot point for the selected object.

Affect Pivot and Center Pivot

This script contains an Affect Pivot - and a Center Pivot. It works similar to Maya's Affect Pivot. You need to assign it to a hotkey - or put it in a Quad Menu.
Once you have executed Affect Pivot - click anywhere you want the pivot point to be located. TIP: Works great with snaps. Center Pivot does just that. It also works with multiple selections.

After Effects animated position exporter

This script allows the user to bring 3D positions from 3DS Max to After effects, both static and animated. This is intended to be used for compositing footage or other 2d elements into your 3D scene in After Effects.

After Effects transforms exporter

Here is a free tool for copying animation from 3ds Max into After Effects via the clipboard, and the native AE clipboard data. You will be able to copy and paste keyframe data for position, rotation and scale from 3ds Max onto objects in AE.

AfterEffects Keyframe Exporter

A small tool to export keyframes to after effects. cam be used to export cameras and all other animation or static position. works with all kinds of animation (constrained, parented...).

this is my first script here. so feel free to post comments and suggest improvements.

UPDATED. working... again...

AirFoil Object

Creates a Rigwave object with an airfoil section.

AK-Add data to all morpher channels

this script adds the data in 100'th channel of morpher to all the other channels of it.

It copys the main object, names it as "new head", extracts every channel with chennel 100 added to it; then applies morpher to "new head" and pics all new morph targets while respects your original channel names.

in this case i created a head and added a few morph targets...

Ak-Add selection to skin

1- place your mesh, place your bones and etc...
2- select the bons/objects you want to be involved in skin
3- run the script(via hotkey or quad menue etc.) and click on your mesh(it doesn't need skin to be applied )

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