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NEW VERSION: Asset Paths + Sorting + Filtering + Multiselection

Make sure to select items in the list to see the renaming preview and do the actual renaming!

I guess every person dealing with rigging and MAXScript has to write a renaming script once in his life. I have tested at least half a dozen existing ones before I wrote my own. A key thing that is different from other similar scripts is the ability to see your name changes instantly while you type, giving it an interactive "text editor" feeling. A useful tool for maintaining name conventions in a complex Rig or scene, as well as quick file renaming, e.g. for numbering image sequences for import to Adobe Flash etc. Hope you like it!

28/12/13:   Rewritten again to better separate model and functionality. New features include: Asset Paths can be renamed, Names can be filtered and sorted, only selected items in the list are renamed.

25/01/13: Replaced the edittext field with a dotNet textbox with autocompletion (thanks to Nick Moutafis)

19/01/13: Now finds all materials in scene and nested materials on selected objects, Shows No. of items in list, remembers last file path, fancy header image, Supported nested material types atm: Multimaterial, Blend, Shell, Compositematerial, Shellac, DoubleSided, VRay2SidedMtl, VRayBlendMtl, VRayMtlWrapper, VRayOverrideMtl

18/01/13: Rewrote almost everything, dumped most custom GUI elements, too much hassle when things change, Added layers and materials, added scene/selection option for objects and materials, Added quick single renaming tool by doubleclicking an item in the list, Now only renames when name changed

23/09/12: GUI stuff, MZP installer 20/09/12: Some bug fixes, implemented s&r "All occurences" option  

Installation is easy: Just drag & drop the .mzp onto your 3ds Max viewport (or use MAXScript -> Run Script) and add the macro script (category: Buelter) to a menu/toolbar/quadmenu/shortcut afterwards.Cheers


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The script is not meant for

The script is not meant for relinking anything, just for batch renaming many objects/layers/etc. You can do sort of a relink by renaming both files and asset paths, but there are other and better scripts for that already.

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nice script but when you

nice script but when you rename files (maps) they aren't reassigned again, so you loose the link to them, is this useful? if the script would relink the maps after renaming, then it's very powerful. or do I miss something?

thanks for your effort.

best regards

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Similar .net version
Also works on hidden and readonly files


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It's working fine for me, so

It's working fine for me, so I can only guess. The script uses a DOS command to do the renaming, so maybe it has problems with your filenames. The command goes like this:

rename "fullFilePathAndName" "newFileName"


rename "C:\User\Christoph\Desktop\myFile.jpg" "RENDER_myFile_001.jpg"

You could try to manually test this in your windows cmd.exe (don't forget the quotation marks for filepaths that include spaces) with one of the files that the script fails to rename.

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The renaming of the files

The renaming of the files doesnt seem to work :-(, any idea why?

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Hey guys, thanks for the kind

Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. I still do have plans to update the script. I started rewriting it completely and that would make adding asset path renaming pretty simple but this will not happen in the next weeks as I am finishing my studies and have no time for nothing else.

I am pretty sure there are other scripts here to rename bitmap paths in 3ds Max, just give it a good search here on scriptspot.

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Hello, This tool is really

This tool is really great ... BUT there is one BIG problem in my opinion: renaming bitmaps works great, but the renamed bitmaps aren't replaced in materials !! or am I missing something ?? that would be simply awesome, because we've been given a scene to modify to do an animation (using an online renderfarm, that has some bitmaps naming constraints, like no spaces or special characters in names like "é" or so) ... so we have to change bitmaps names and edit materials to use the renamed bitmaps ;) could you please help us solving this issue ? thanks a lot :)


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Bitmaps path functions

Hi,my currently work with my project use your script and it works great,but I was wondering is that possible to add a function in the script to rename the bimaps path

Like I have thess 4 bitmap files in scene
And I have change them to
instead to manually reassign them can i just simplely do a search and replace

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thanks to both of you. I am

thanks to both of you. I am definitely planning to add the option for only renaming selected layers, I am just quite busy at the moment.

@tuxmask75: Nice suggestions, however I'd like to keep the script general and not too specific for one of the renaming modes, adding too many buttons etc. if it only saves one or two clicks. But I will give it a try

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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I second this request !

Great script !
But it needs a rename multiple selected layers feature!

And maybe also:
A rename all objects within the layer being renamed to whatever the layer name is. (a check box would work nice here)
And! ! ! Rename layer by selected model's name button.
I think these features would add lots more time saving to our workflows.

P.S. Love the script man !

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