Render Passes Tool

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Michael Burgoyne

A tool to render different render passes such as:

  • Matte
  • Shadows and Reflections
  • Shadows
  •  Reflections
  • Z Depth
  • Fast Skin Subsurface Scattering
  • Ambient Occlusion
  •  Normals

It operates using scene states and object properties. So on some passes you add objects to an array and others you will need to set up your object properties the way you would if you where normally trying to get a shadow pass or reflection pass.

It also automates folder and naming of the selected passes. So for instance a matte pass will render to the selected directory but the script will add a folder called Matte and add _Matte to the file name.The attached word document explains in more detail how to use the script.

It installs as a macroscript in the mikes script category.

Additional Info: 

--01.19.12 fixed the download link.
--01.10.12 fixed a bug where the 32 bit or 64 bit submission of jobs was being
ignored in MAX 2012.
--04.10.12 repaired the download link.

Video URL: 
passes_readme.doc875 KB


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viro's picture

I'm not sure if displacement

I'm not sure if displacement in the material would work well with this method. It would be better to use the displace modifier and then use the fast sss or fast sss+ after I add it. I'm going to see if I can add some more options to the sss pass to get the Overall Diffuse coloration and all the Specular passes.

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wearestardust's picture

Give us more!


i´m currently struggling with several passes problems, one of them being z-depth and hair&fur.

I have to switch hair&fur to geometry for the pass to work. Doing that with quick passes script renders one frame in 25 minutes, with your script its done in 4 Minutes.
So yes, great script!

I´d love an implementation of the Fast sss+ Shader aswell!

And by the way: Is it possible to see the render progress window during rendering somehow?

viro's picture

I believe that would all be

I believe that would all be possible. I would just need to modify the Current SSS pass and split it up some more. I might look in to it if I get the time. I'm currently working on a custom pass and an x-ray pass that I want to add. It would also be nice if you could save your settings to file so that you need to set them up again every time you open the script. But I don't know how much more I will do on this as the new state sets in max could eventually replace this script.

leonardpin's picture

Very good script!!!

I tested the SSS capabilities of your script yesterday and I think it works very efficiently.
I have some sugestions:
1- It would be great if it worked with the SSS Fast Skin + Displacement material.
2- It would be good if it rendered the Overall Diffuse Coloration too.
3- Would it be possible to split the Specular pass into three different passes (the result of the first specular, the result of the second specular and the result of the reflections)?
Finally, i want to report that, after I executed the script as instructed in the word file, the item passes did not appear at the bottom of my rendering menu. But I dragged the item to one of my toobars and it worked wonderfully.

Thank you very much!

notapix's picture

yeeeesss!!! you are

you are right.
sorry, i use firefox. this is the my problem.
i change to "explorer" and... all good :)
the links in your site work.
tnk tnk tnk.

viro's picture

What browser are you using?

What browser are you using? My site has a lot of javascript to function and you could be having issues there.

notapix's picture

thanks for your answer :) I

thanks for your answer :)

I deleted the cookies but nothing has changed.
In your site, the only active links are on the menù at the top right.
The mouse pointer passes over all the links of the rest of the page as if it were a image-file.
buttons and fields are frozen (downloading, video, email, message...).

However, if I'm the only one having this problem, maybe depends on my PC.
I thank you anyway for the suggestions, no problem.

viro's picture

I just checked my site.

I just checked my site. Everything seems to be fine on my end. I did update the links a few days ago so maybe clearing your cache will help. Or could it be that your having trouble because I have my scripts in .zip files?

notapix's picture

site no active

tnk for your script, but in your site is not active script download. also "contacts" section is not active.
What should I do please?

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