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ERCO Lightcontrol

ERCO Lightcontrol is aimed on streamlining the setup - overview and animation for higher numbers of lights. Lights are grouped in 'curcuits' - mixing ls-lights - omnis and spot in one curcuit-group is possible. Groups can be dimmed intuitively and stored/recalled as 'scenes'.


My second script. The only thing it does is creating & setting one of those annoying skydomes from the old tutorials (still very usefull for people like me). I haven't seen other people skydome tutorials so i cant comment on them(though theirs are probably better than this one) - but i like mine it saves me some time - and hopefully yours too.



A lightboy type interface that lets you change multiple parameters in your scene lights quickly and easily. This is basically our LightUtilities script but without the extra floater - to be used in case you don't want all the other utilities - just the LightControl Floater.

Light Flasher

This script allows you to easily animate a lights multiplier value to make ti flash on and off.


Allows you to include or exclude a selection of objects with a selection of lights. All using only one selection! You also have the option to add or subtract to the list selection as well as create a new one.


It is a small script wich let you change width - height and samples of all the Mr_Area_Spots in the scene or Turn their area shadow On or Off . very hany when you want to render your secene (wich has several Area_light) with different arealight parameters. So you change it for all in one pass .

MeshTrace BETA

Takes a Light source and a Ground object and casts meshed Shadows from any selected objects.

Light Grouper

"This utility allows you to define groups of lights - for easy management. You can then turn all the lights in the group On/Off and Hide/Unhide them. It is useful for task such as having the same scene with day/night light schemes."

Light Enhancer

Simple util that creates visual helpers linked to your lights that mirror the colour of the light in both wireframe and material colour. Cap of helper indicates multiplier.


Works only (for now) with VrayLight Type:Plane.
Set the Vraylight half-length and half-width of the plane and the multiplier will be set automaticly to preserve the VrayLight intensity.

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