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Just started to play with MaxScripting and thought it would be fun to make something.... Well - at least it is partly my work since it is a heavily modified version of DomeLight by Christopher Subagio. Now you can get light from a Plane!!


"This script simulates global illumination. Based on the skyDome principle - it allows you to choose an object as a light emmiter - it will hold one light on each of its vertices. Light color - intensity and common parameters depend either on the value of the softselection you made on the vertices - or on the diffuse map used by the support.

Quick Lighting

Sets up easy lighting rigs quick and easy.

Light Grouper

"This utility allows you to define groups of lights - for easy management. You can then turn all the lights in the group On/Off and Hide/Unhide them. It is useful for task such as having the same scene with day/night light schemes."

Light Enhancer

Simple util that creates visual helpers linked to your lights that mirror the colour of the light in both wireframe and material colour. Cap of helper indicates multiplier.

Light Flasher

This script allows you to easily animate a lights multiplier value to make ti flash on and off.


Allows you to include or exclude a selection of objects with a selection of lights. All using only one selection! You also have the option to add or subtract to the list selection as well as create a new one.


It is a small script wich let you change width - height and samples of all the Mr_Area_Spots in the scene or Turn their area shadow On or Off . very hany when you want to render your secene (wich has several Area_light) with different arealight parameters. So you change it for all in one pass .

MeshTrace BETA

Takes a Light source and a Ground object and casts meshed Shadows from any selected objects.


Creates a VRay Light Select Element for each light in your scene.

Elements are named with prefix of the nameTag variable. You can change this variable if necessary for your pipeline. To do so you will need to open the script and modify the variable within the struct.

Default nameTag = "lgt_"

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