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DTiming is no longer available :(

DTiming is a tool used by Animators to create a Timing reference in 3dsMax, it records the pressing of a key in real-time and convert it into keyframes, it also gives sound feedback on the Timing since Animators like to use sounds when talking about Timing ;)


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DTrajEdit is no longer available :(

DTrajEdit let you create trajectories on your mesh ( the Trajectory follows a polygon ) and let you choose when the Trajectory starts and ends as well as the color of the Trajectory.
To Install, simply DRAG-AND-DROP the DTrajEdit.mzp file to a 3dsMax Viewport. ( you will have to extract it from the DTrajEdit.zip file first )

DViewPaint II

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Where to Download DViewPaint II :
DViewPaint is no longer available :(


DViewPaint II is used to sketch 2D animation on top of 3dsMax`s viewports but can also be using for reviews and critiques as well.


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Have you ever tried to use selection sets in 3dsmax ?

This is a pretty usefull tool, but it’s also very limited since if you merge the file they don’t persist.

NodeLIST is a Helper which does pretty much the same thing as Selection Sets but is easier to manage, with more options, and you can merge it with your other objects.

The Selection Sets are saved in the helper itself.


Features :


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Katana is a tool for destruction in 3d max

VRay Orthographic Rendering Camera Rig

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Simple VRay camera rig to produce orthographic renderings.

  • Front, Right, Left, and Rear Camera positions
  • Adjustable Rig - X, Y, Z, radius
  • Adjustable Camera Settings to fit object in VFB
  • Test Render button for preview


Camera and Rig:

Camera Image Plane

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Maya-style image plane.

-just copy the script in scripts startup folder and you will find the image plane inside target or free camera rollouts

mipoll Placement

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Material Lister

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Material List is soon to be made redundant with the release of Mission Control!

Read more about it here : http://reformstudios.com/mission-control-for-3ds-max/

or joing the Beta here : http://reformstudios.com/mission-control-beta-programme/

I have added a feature list to the website here :
I am also looking for beta testers, so please sign up here for a chance to take Mission Control for a spin. 

Plane Lens Distortion

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Plane Lens Distortion (PL Distortion) it is the primitive plane with applied UV mapping coordinates which allows you to correct lens distortions on Bitmap of assigned Material.

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