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Pre-Render Script over network - Working method!

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For my specific reason I needed to send a render of a selected object. I've been trying unsuccessfully to send a job to render over the network using the "setRenderType #selected" active to render a selected item only.
(in combination with VRay's "renderers.current.imageSampler_renderMask_type = 2")

Problem is - once it gets to the network, my object is no longer selected.

So I delved into the Pre-Render script. However, even though I managed to create a small single-line script that selects my object and set it to run before the render (pre-render) - Max would constantly ignore it:

VFB+ : A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer

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VFB+ v2.8 is now completely free!

Click for Change Log


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MAXScript for build Chinese Knot model.


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mmRegions is a free script which helps you manage the render regions in your scene. Use is to save/load different regions, and to batch-render multiple regions.

See the download link for installation instructions and additional info.

 V1.15 New Features:

  • Fixed: X/Y spinners had a wrong minimum range of 1, it has been fixed to 0.

V1.1 New Features:

miauu's Script Pack vol.2

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Find And Bind - Vray Hdri & Sun

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Find And Bind maxscript will scan your hdri and find the sun location.
After that,it will create V-Ray sun in this position and bind it to V-Ray Dome light.
You can rotate the rig by rotation the dome light or in the VrayHDRI map(horz rotation).


Sk-Films: Camera Exporter

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 Camera Exporter

test vray

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FumeFX ModernUI

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I wrote FumeFX ModernUI (basically a macroscript) to reduce repetitive tasks when simulating with FumeFX. It helps you manage your simulations, has a clear interface (therefore the name) and comes with an easy to use installer.


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MAXScript for build paper windmill model.

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