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Alexander Kramer (Track)

FilepathFinder it is a power tool for working with asset files in 3ds Max.
With FilepathFinder you can easy find, collect and sort asset files.
Utility supports XRefs of all types and processes all XRefs scenes linked to current.
Unlike all other such scripts, it really finds all resources (images, HDR-images, Proxy, IES-files, shaders).
Also the FilePathFinder can help you quick find objects or materials and textures by asset links.

FilepathFinder PRO v3.50.02

  • Increase the size of thumbnails up to 256px
  • Adds the support to Corona renderer
  • Adds the support to Octane renderer
  • Adds support to Maxwell renderer:
    • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell Proxy
    • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxLight
    • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxMesher
    • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxParticles
    • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxVolumetric
    • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell Materials and Maps
  • Add the ability to render the preview as .png with alpha channel.[Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixed the some issues and bugs when the system use the text with size greater than 100%.
  • Fixed the issue with hiding the Vray VFB window.
  • Fixed the bug with locking the 3ds max hotkeys after opening some menus.

This version is required the new license-key.
The update is free for buyers!
Please send a request for update from dashboard.

See full list of history changes on this page - Update History.




Asset Tracking

  • Search for missing assets
  • Relink external files
  • Collect external files
  • Ability to exclude files from collecting by type of file
  • Rename the links by mask
  • Removing the maps from scene
  • Ability to collect the Asset files via clipboard and drag&drop method
  • Include the “Batch Render&Relink” tool for organize the Asset files into the 3d Models and Materials Libraries in the batch mode
  • Support to xRef files.
  • Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins.

Selecting objects, work with materials and textures

  • Selecting the objects by their links to files
  • Displays in interactive mode a list of files linked to selected objects
  • Place Materials and BitmapTextures into the Material Editor
  • Show\Hide bitmap in viewport
  • Opening the files into the external application.

Misc Features

  • Autocheck for updates
  • Displays thumbnails for Bitmaps, 3d models, Proxy, IES, Material Libraries and other file-types (include formats HDR, EXR, PSD and other)
  • Various methods of display files in list: by type of files, linked to selected objects, by status, by mask of name
  • Independent from 3dsMax caching of thumbnails
  • The “Batch Render&Relink” tool for rendering the thumbnails for 3ds Max scenes, Material Libraries and IES files
  • Unostentatious and "Transparent" the demo-version
  • User-Friendly interface
Additional Info: 

Commercial script.
Installation and generation of id-file video 
Note: Please use latest updates for your version of 3ds max
3ds Max Updates & Service Packs
3ds Max Design Updates & Service Packs

Demo-version Limits:

Demo version allows to work only with non-strikeout files.

FilePathFinder Light v.3.0

  • New interface
  • Adds support to Octane-renderer.
  • Display xRefs in tree mode.
  • Adds support to Substance Textures.


  • Now the early versions not more supported.
  • Current version replace the Medium and old Light version.
  • You can used the old version or update to current.
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010 and above (32 and 64 bits)
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Kstudio's picture

Now possible to easily rename

Now possible to easily rename only one file with link.

In the future i extend the API for add the ability to write extension for customization of process.

Also i have a plan for add the ability to rename links on HDD in the section "Find&Replace"

roamn's picture

And is process automatical

And is process automatical please? renaming files manually on HDD (in windows) is not an option for me of course because there are tons of textures.

So please, is the process automatical?

Kstudio's picture

It's possible by two step 1)

It's possible by two step
1) Rename file on HDD
2) Set the new path from FilePathFinder

Or you can use the Project Manager.
See video

roamn's picture

Does this script support

Does this script support renaming the texture name both in 3ds max and in windows/HDD, e.g. simple.jpg to redgreenyellow.jpg both in 3ds max but also in windows? I need to rename the textures files. is it possibůle

Kstudio's picture

Please generate the bug

Please generate the bug report (menu "Help" ==>> "Create support Request")
If you can not run the FilePathFinder, then start the script SupportRequest.mse by dragging it into viewport.
You can find it in this directory

Thanks for bug-report.

paranoidx's picture

Runtime error

Im using demo mode with PRO version before purchase, don't know why but this is the error I got.


My .NET is 4.0

Kindly assit,

Thank you,
Creative & Architectural Visualization

Kstudio's picture

Maybe you're using an older

Maybe you're using an older version of the Project Manager and run it before running the new version of FilePathFinder.

Restart the 3ds max and try again.
It must work.

Not reccomend for using the PM and FPF on one session of 3ds max.
The Project Manager have all features of FilePathFinder and has not reason for using both programs on one computer.

fajar's picture

Got this error when finished

Got this error when finished updating and run the script


 My Dotnet is complete n updated







fajar's picture

This is pos about file path

This is pos about file path finder pro or light ? quiet confused with your writing

Kstudio's picture

The last version has

The last version has uninstaller.
Download it, drop the mzp file into viewport and turn on the chekbox "Uninstall" .

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