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The SIGERTEXMAPS NCS Color Solid is a scripted 2D Texture map plug-in for 3ds MAX.


  • Convenient input of the NCS color code
  • Compatible with V-Ray, finalRender, Brazil, default Scanline render
  • Compatible with mental ray (3ds Max 2010 and above)
  • Gamma correction possibility
  • Color info (8-bit: 0… 255, float: 0… 1 and Hexadecimal)
  • Friendly and simple interface

Hard Edges

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With this script, you can easily and simply select
all hard edges of Editable Poly object,
with the given minimum and maximum angle
between two faces who share same edge.


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Lets you run any of the SoulburnScripts from a handy dropdownlist.

Run the script in UI form, now select a soulburn script you'd like to run from the dropdown list. Hit Do. It will run that script.

Revision History:
v 1.01 Increased height of the dropdown list to accomidate more scripts.
v 1.02 Increased height of the dropdown list again. Defined ui as new function. Defined a new mode called Expert Mode.
v 1.03 Added some new code to more cleanly open and close the UI.
v 1.04 Replaced the Close button with a Help button. Use the X button to Close the Floater.


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Sets selected vertices in a spline to smooth and then bezier - something I often do in two steps by hand. Only works on base level editable splines or lines.


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A Batch Exporter that let's you select different Root folders and will export all files in those and their subFolders.. and so on for every .max scene. Apparently there isn't anything out there that can do this kind of thing so here you go:

 have phun 


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it is a gui botton to on or off material/textures previews in viewport.

to assign a shortcut: "customize user interface" -> "mainUI" -> "compariello"

* just you must have materialID equal to number of multimaterial list.

Points to Surface

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This script transforms data retrieved from 3D scanner (as *.pts file) into set of splines. They are used to build a NURBS U Loft surface.


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This script will take ann object that is on a path (using a path controller) and make X copies of it along the spline.

HitchHiker - A Dynamic Thumbnail control for 3dsMax

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Alpha Stage over, Commercial and Time-Trial will come shortly

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