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Animation Baker

11 votes

Bakes all transformations on the given objects.


5 votes

Bookmanager is a powerful tool for automatic books placement in array or directly on shelf polygons.

MSPM - MaxScript Project Manager

53 votes


MaxScript Project Manager is a tool for MaxScript Developers.

MSPM will assist in creating, developing and publishing projects.

This way the developer only needs to think about developing his tool and nothing else.

The biggest advantage of this tool is the ability to create a ready-to-go mzp within seconds. This with a solid customizable installer-template. 

Every created mzp-installer is "MaxScript Manager" compatible. (norman3D), this gives the ability to make your users aware if there are any new updates for your tool.

VRayMatt / A tiny VrayMat Editor

0 votes

VRayMatt is a simple VrayMaterial Editor that make shader editing faster.
You can check all features here: http://bit.ly/UeES7F
And get some support here: http://forum.mattguetta.com


33 votes

This script makes switching to another viewport when maximized behave like pre-max2010. It prevents a reset of the view so when you switch back and forth you get the view back as you left it.

Texture Usage

9 votes

Shows the area used by each texture from selected MultiSubMaterial.
Might be useful for level-designers at optimization stage.

- select your MultiSubMaterial in MaterialEditor
- select one or several objects(EPoly) using that material
- drag script to viewport

ZOA Slicer

6 votes

Slices an editable poly along its x, y or z axis by distance or by a number of parallel planes. You can also slice along a spline. Alternatively you can split - cap the resulting elements. Explode works on elements.


7 votes

Simple script that allows you to make your object fit another object in easy way.

Match Transform

8 votes

This script helps you to match the modifier gizmo (UVW, Slice) of selected object to the gizmo of picked object.

Point Parent

5 votes

This 3ds max script that helps you create hierarchies in one step which makes them replacement for 3ds max groups.

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