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TP easy joint

3 votes

Script for easy creation cebas Thinking Particles joints between two objects and tweak their properties.

TP autojoint script

1 vote

Script for placing cebas TP joint helpers(Shape collision only) between objects.

It's a fast and "dirty" way to make lot of joint helpers with auto linking to objects.

The good idea is to check distance between objects BEFORE press button "Place joints".

In other case it can freeze and create a thousand of joints.

Require a "TP easy joint script" to work with joint properties after approval placing.


Rs PointCache Merger

6 votes

This script can be used as an alternative to comercial mesh-cachers like Boomer Labs SuperMesher or Thinkbox Xmesh with the limitation that this works only on animated meshes or objects that does not have any topology changes.

Rotate UVs

16 votes


This script was requested in one bulgarian forum.

The main purpos of it is to find the longest edge of the selected UV island and rotate that island around this edge on predefined angle.

You can align selected UVs horizontally or vertically around the selected edge(this can be the longest edge or the any other edge).

BG Switcher

153 votes


0 votes

An easy way to manage multiple animations in a file.

animManager allows you to create Tagged key frame or range of key frames and store it in the max file, you can then quickly navigate to keyframes or switch between range of frames using. animManager sits at the bottom of the viewport, and has very simple UI to work with.

animManager stores all the data inside the max file, hence you don't have to worry about carrying an external file with the maxfile.

 Updates :

  • Minor bug fixes..


Benzie Isolate Selection Improved (now with XREFs support)

2 votes

This is an improved version of the original 'Benzie Isolate Selection Improved'. Now it hides and unhides the XREF files too.

This script works better than the isolation system inside max because it doesn't change the viewports. Max isolation system should not frame the object. If I need the object to be framed in the viewport, I now where the 'Z' key is.


15 votes

Main Interface



21 votes

A simple script I wrote for my daily work. Maybe it will be useful for someone.
Rotation and Scale transormations are restricted to "geometry" and "helper" objects to avoid any errors.

- ROTATE selected objects by selected angle in specified axis
- RESET position / rotation / scale of selected objects in selected or all axes
- ALIGN position / rotation / scale of selected objects to min / average / max in specified axes
- apply a RANDOM (with given min and max values) position / rotation / scale in specified axes to selected objects.


2 votes

Animatable open source Rubik.

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