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2 votes

Only a tool for automatic placing of an object relative to another at a preset distance

Wall Worm Sky Writer

23 votes

Sky Writer sends your scene form 3ds Max into the Valve Source Game Engine as a HDR sky texture (a 2D cubemap). You can compile into Source straight from the UI or you can use the cube cross image it also generates for HDR Workshop.

Wall Worm Sky Writer

Now packaged together with Wall Worm Model Tools.


9 votes

This macroscript lets you select a spline and generate one or more splines with a specified offset. Unlike the 3DS MAX offset function in 'Editable Spline' - this offset spline detached from the original spline.

Check the 'consecutive' checkbox to keep the result selected.

Render Tools

4 votes

Este pequeño script permite generar elementos de render automaticamente con solo presionar un boton. Algunos pases requieren de cierto conocimiento previo para su uso o inclusive de activar alguinas funciones ocultas de la aplicacion dependiendo de que version estemos usando. Point Position: para generar este pase van a necesitar activar una funcion que se encuentra oculta, que mas abajo explicare, este pase es recomndable guardarlo en 32 Bits al igual que el Zdepth.

SOP : S.pit O.ut P.roperties

32 votes

SOP - displays the children names, parent name & properties of 1 selected item in semi-dynamic rows based on the available screenEstate. Also draws poly lines from the selected object to it's hierarchical kin. Basically, this just posts all properties of the selected object so that we can visually check an object's props. - This works with most classes.
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Poly Flow

19 votes

Poly Flow is a set of scripts designed to help the modeler with the everyday boring task of rearranging edges. It makes predictable changes to the topology giving you want you want.


1 vote

Animation helper script to dynamically add animation ranges. By clicking on a stored range the active range is set back to the stored range. Right click on a stored range will play the animation as well (see screenshot).

The animation ranges are stored within the scene, no additional files are used. Animation sequence can be changed, exported or deleted.

Material Tweaker

35 votes

A very useful script for making lots of material adjustments. It works with Vray material, Standard material, & ArchDesign materials.

This script was recently created during a production to save a ton of time making massive material changes.

Dummy Resizer

3 votes

A little Tool to create a Dummy and resize it, using hided Dummy properties.

Do not affect the scale values.

Blueprint Maker

31 votes

I know there is great Blueprint creator scripts on this site, but i wanted to do this solution on my way. I wanted a small, quick opportunity to create simple images in 3dsmax, to use them as blueprints.

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