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Simply Cool Uv Tool

This is my first script.Made for fun. Actually i needed to move selected uv clusters exactly 1 uv tile in witch direction i choose so i made a script. And added a few things...

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This is just a simple Tool i used for my last project, its just a quick way to setup some lights to only include/exclude a group of geometry.

Camera Toggler

This is a simple camera toggle that i just made. There are a lot out there i Know, but i had to make my own. works on all Maxs i guess.

.mov Preview Maker

.mov Preview Maker

version b2

 written by Mayec Rancel


Creates a preview .MOV, even in x64 max (by default it's impossible in x64 max).

You need to have Quicktime installed for this to work.
You also need to have the companion "qtSeq2mov.js" script (included in package) in your
default scripts folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\Scripts").



V-Ray Material Library

A script that makes it very easy to apply materials to objects and material slots.

Reactor - Set Real Mass

Affects selected objects. Sets their Reactor mass depending on their volume and density of their material (specified by user). You can set the scale (max units per meter) for realistic results or to "cheat" by scaling all the masses coherently.

Mass Parameter Changer


Changes same parameter to same value in all selected objects (in which property exists).

This script has been tested in 3ds max 2009 x64.
I'm pretty sure it won't work in versions previous to 9, because dotnet (which this script makes use of for the Tree View) was not supported.

Execute mcr file from 3ds max.
Go to "Customize > Customize User Interface".
In Category "MayecTools" you will find "Mass Parameter Changer" which you can drag to a toolbar to have as a button, or associate it with a hotkey, etc.

Asset Mass Analyzer

Many 3d offices and individuals have folders filled with 3d objects ready to be put to action. Custom asset browsers, databases, tools and plugins are available for accessing these objects. But what happens when the quality of the objects isn’t that good (anymore)? It is a lot of work to check every file by hand. I call this: asset-rot. No sweat! I present the Asset Mass Analyzer!

Broken Wall Creator

Use only the top view to create the broken wall because of some bugs.

MentalRay Utility Gamma Adder

- Adds Mental ray Gamma and gain utility to the diffuse map channel, only if a bitmap texture exists.
- Currently adds only for Multi Material and Standard Material in the diffuse map channel.

- Added Arch and Design Material support.

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