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Pixel Scan Cam

Bueno este es mi primer trabajo y es para materia de animacion 2 espero que les guste no es muhco pero pues es algo luego subire mas actualizaciones voten :D

Modifiers Switch

Turn On/Off in Renderer, Views or both, all or selected modifiers by class.
Modifiers Switch 2

Version 2.0

  • added option to switch both (in rend. + views)
  • also added a button to launch the tool in a new floatable dialog


This is a script request developed for a friend of mine how uses Nuke's 3d tracker.

*** Bug fixes, objects support (need seperate export from nuke), set origin added, workflow improvements (second video with the updates)

Toggle Diffuse

With Toggle Diffuse you can turn on and off all scene materials. It supports all Max's (except MentalRays)materials, plus VRay's and ThinkingParticle's. The avandage is that it searches through the materials' and maps' tree to turn on the first map that has an option "Show in Viewport".

Follow Them

Follow Them was developed in order to help Game Developers work with more complex animations by reducing render calls. What script does, is to track listed objects' motion in Points and then attach all geometries into one and skin the new object with these Points.

Change priority

With change priority you can set Max to start either with "Low" or with "Normal" priority. With this feature you can prevent from freezing your PC under heavy calculations such as Rendering.


toggles into a mode comparable to Expert mode but without the timeslider.

cbLogger - Callbacks Logger

This Callbacks Logger script provides for an easy way to log practically all of the callback events in 3ds Max (5+)

Typical usage is when you are trying to see whether a given action signals any callback event(s) - and if so, which.

Script can be used 'as is' as well as be accessed by scripters.

For details, see the script source file.

Animation Baker

not long ago i have animated object by expression connected to timeline and i need bake this animation but every baker i found was not be able to bake this animation so i wrote this baker myself so if you have problem with baking animations this script maybe helps you

- fixed some bugs

Bitmap2Maxscript Convertor

Converts bitmaps to MaxScript using LZ compression and copies the resulting code to the clipboard (Max2010+) or listener window(Max9+). Works best on files with redundant colors like icons. Use it to add graphics to your scripts while minimizing file-size. Based on a script example found in the help files. In some scenarios this algorithm yields up to 800% smaller file sizes over the original script. I might add a GUI to this later on.

Enjoy. Instructions:

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