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Wide Ratio Camera Tool

The Wide Ratio Camera Tool creates a camera rig that overrides the project's image output ratio.

Example :

- The final output image is for tv (HDTV 1280x720) : ratio 1.77.
- We want to display some 2.35 ratio for a "movie effect".

It works with 3dsmax's default cameras (free and target), and VrayPhysicalCameras.
The ratio is handled by a Custom Attribute in the created "c" helper.
The masks are properly wired : the ratio and the camera's focal length can be animated.

Convert Vrimg to Exr

Monster Matte

Undo Selection:Macro Script

An scipted macro to Undo selection.
What is it good for ?
during Animating proccess (or navigating objects), user need to swich between controllers or objects for many times. every time they need to navigate viewport and select new controllers. in the case of normal undo of max, your actions will be undo too. this Script is for Undo only the selection sets and keep actions.
note: this Script only works in object-mode selections and not any sub-level selections like vertex and edjes.

After placing files , Run Max, go to Customize > Customize user interface > toolbars tab


Heres a tool to make your 3D PieCharts for you. You've got as many slices as you like and random or specified colors. There are also some global parameters wich are preety self-explanatory.
have phun


Manage all turbosmooth modifiers in the scene.
apply/delete/modify turbosmooth values for either :
1..entire scene or
2..selected objects

Slate - View Selected

This free MaxScript instantly displays the material of the selected object (or objects) in a new view in the Slate Material Editor. Currently, Slate does not have a quick and easy way to do this. Slate View Selected allows you to create multiple views as well. You can close the script dialog box and the script will continue to run until you re-run the script where you can stop it. In the dialog box you can also set a "display max" so that if you select a large number of objects, Slate won't waste time collecting and displaying all the materials used by objects in the selection.


"If you have used Multigen Creator and are familiar with its grid tool - then you will have a good idea of what this does.

Audioflow SpaceTravel



V-MOTION - Audioflow SpaceTravel // 3-Dimensional Audio-Synchronized Incremental Controller *** Audio-Sync Breakthrough!!! ***


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