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Coordinate Center Macros

These are 3 simple macros I use to add shortcuts for the transform coordinate center options.

Autoback Toggle

A simple script to toggle max's autobackup on and off, this helps me when I work with very big scenes. it also shows you when auto backup is enabled or disabled.

Time Range Reset

The first time you run this script, it creates time tags for the start frame of the time range and end frame,
From now on when you run the script it will reset the time range to these start and end frames.
To update the start and end frames, run it while pressing shift.


Isolate Selection with "Layers"..


Bind LI_Isolate to "Alt+Q" and LI_Back to "Q" or whatever suits you best.

Has its limits compared to the original, deleting or attaching objects will result in everything beeing unhided.


Collapse Transform

Collapse/bake PRS per frame to keyframes for the current time range.
(reserve addition to the built-in Collapse tool)


spline and vertet edit

Check Total Lengths SplineShape

This simple and funny script, you can measure the total length, check the number of segments and the Knot of SplineShape. Very useful :)



Cathenary also called chainette and alysoid is the curve a hanging flexible wire/chain assumes when supported at its ends and acted upon by a uniform gravitational force. This is typically seen on long draping cables - a powerline hanging between two poles...

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