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The Rig Vadar

0 votes

Facial Animation script using Osipas joystick control method. Also provides a simple bone based rig.

Facial Animation Rig

21 votes

Create a complete head rig, with facial animation controls as recommended by Jason Osipa in his book 'Stop Staring'. Starting just with a head mesh, create bones for jaw, head,neck and eyelids. Also create a couple of spline controls for the eyes and the chin. Running the 'eyerig' script creates a rollout with pick buttons for all needed bones and meshes, then sets up the eye and head rigs, as well as placing a skin modifier on the mesh, with the required bones added, ready for vertex weighting. The rig also caters for 'fleshy eyelids' that move with the eye.


10 votes

By compressing all the max files in a directory - it will save alot of space. If you have alot of max files and wish to compress save them all. use this script. it will scan all the sub dir and open every max file and save them in compress mode. usually will free half space.


3 votes

plugin script, simpleObject Ceramics


4 votes

Vase -Scripted plugin for 3ds Max.

Create a wide variety of different vases, pots, etc...

Close Infocenter in 3dsmax

13 votes

no infocenter

If you don't use Infocenter there is a way how to close it. Just download this script and put it to your ..\Scripts\Startup\ folder. (usually c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\Scripts\Startup\). Enjoy!

Ant Traffic Simulator - automated vehicle rigging & traffic setup

107 votes

Ant Traffic Simulator


Ant Traffic Simulator script allows you to rig and animate vehicles to your scene with just a few mouse clicks and it will drastically reduce the time necessary for vehicle animation in visualization scenes.

CAD Circle

5 votes

Create a circle by picking tangent points, lines or circles.

Polygon Coordinate System

2 votes

Lets you create new Coordinate System based on polygon selection in any geometric node.

Select objects from selected keyframes

0 votes

Small script by request.
Selects the object(s) which has one or more keyframe(s) selected.

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