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Bakes animations into the Mesh. (Developed last year. Just realized it wasn't on this list... ;o)

A&D Global Samples

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This simple script allow users to control globally reflection/refraction samples in Mental Ray Arch&Design materials. It can be usefull when working with Unified Sampling.

Align Spline

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"Move the selected vertices to follow a spline.

  • Snap on shape : just snap each vertex to the closest position on the shape
  • Regular : equally repartition of the vertex on the shape
  • Move on sel center : the shape is moved to the center of the selection
  • This script works with closed or open shapes.
    This script works with polys and meshes"


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    With this script you can get useful information that is displayed on viewport. Includes:

    - The time from the last save.

    - Last Render Time. For me is quite comfortable at any moment to know the render time.

    - Render Settings. You can choose which render parameters to visible in viewport to control them without open render setup dialog.

    Tutorial - http://www.vimeo.com/27439275

    For more info - http://www.tepavicharov.com/scripts.html



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    Small UI with powerful selection functionality, featuring a quick and spotlight-like search behavior.


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    Polyvis is a maxscript utility intended to help artist determin what polygons on certain objects are visable to a particular camera during animation of that camera/objects. The utility is especially intended to determin what polygons are visable on weapons in FPS games...


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    Super Dupper Rock Replacer 2000 Elite

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    I made this very simple took at work a few days ago to replace dummy rocks that the layout artist has placed with my high rez vray proxies. It does not replace multiple objects at once by design. It is created so that I can hand place my library of Rocks quickly and with some customization.

    What it does:

    Spline Project

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    Same kinda thing as mesh project except projects spline anlong their Z axis onto the surface of an object

    move to origin

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    the script allows you to move selected object/s to 0,0,0 coordinates.

    useful when moving imported cad files or 3d files to immediately move your objects to 0,0,0

    note: it uses selected objects center for reference

    v.1.1 - now works on group/s
    v.1.0 - initial script

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