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Smooth to Prevalent Smoothing Group

Works in face sub-object level of editable polygon base objects.
Assigns the prevalent smoothing group found within the current selection of faces to the entire selection of faces (removing any other smoothing groups).

Feel free to modify as you like.

Variable Control

I made quickly a small script to control if a variable is already used or not.
It gives you the variable value as well.

SymMapping_Tools for max

This tool was created by inspired from XSI symmetry mapping with some additional feature for max and its saved on external files for easy to use. Works on editable_poly object.

Quick X-View

This is a script utility that allows to see-throught (X-View) the objects during the work. Excellent for the stages of modeling with a reference image. Implements the function of 3dsMax of See-Through (Alt+X key).

Quick XView


first time make script
save the project before use it, it can render sequence as you set the time range in render setup (F10), and set the output path also.
this script makes the objects that selected will be render as white and other will be black and makes environment background off and be black and set the renderer to scanline, but it keeps the time range and output , so you should change the output path or will be overwrite.


Dennis WK

Quick Layer Organizer

Simply create a layer and name it specific to what should go into the layer, for example "CHAR" for character geometry. Any character geometry you make you just need to remember to include "CHAR" in the object's name and when the Quick Layer Organizer is run it will find any objects with "CHAR" in the name and put them into the "CHAR" layer. Any objects that don't match the name a layer will remain in whatever layer they are currently in and the default layer is ignored during the organization.

DUM (Dynamic Utility Menu)

Smart utility menu for your scripts.
Easy customizable (noted inside the code).


ThinkingParticles MasterDynamic Control

Object Replacer

Automatically update dummy objects in a scene with more detailed counterparts.

Great Tentacle!

This is a great tentacle rig written by Felix Joleanes. The only issue I have with it is that It would be nice if the sin wave worked on more that one axis, ex: x,y,z
If anyone could help me figure out how to make this adjustment to this script that would be awesome! Either way it is a powerful script for using bones to rig a tentacle. I am planning to use a blend bone between this wave rig by Felix and an Ik system. If anyone could help me out that would be GREAT!

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