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3DSmax Spline to maya curve

3 votes

This is a little handy script I've written to convert 3DSmax's spline shapes to maya curves..

I was working on a project involving hair in 3dsmax and after finishing the styling phase my boss asked me if I can transfer the hairstyle to maya, but I couldn't find any tool to export curves from max to maya without destroying them, so here is it.

Usage: simply select your spline shape and change the output file path inside the script to your desired path for exporting a mel script that you can run later in maya to create your curves.

Camera Switcher

22 votes

The script is a small floating dialog which will mainly let you switch between cameras
in your scene. (plus some other handy features built-in)



16 votes

Dimensionize the current vertex-selection of your object, undo is possible.


2 votes

AppDisplay is a platform that uses custom scripted modules to divide the objects in the scene into groups and visualize the groups by coloring every group in a different color. Every module has it's own grouping algorithm. Adding a new module is relatively simple to users that are familiar with maxscript.



UI description:

  • Category drop down list: Select the module you want.

    Parabolic Shot

    1 vote

    A simple script to animate objects along the parabolic trajectory of a shot.

    Now in v1.1 the UI have news controls:

    Base64 DotNet Image Encoder

    23 votes

    Despite looking like the sound you make when trapping your plums in the fridge door, Base64 encoded strings can be used to represent dotnet images and sounds and deployed with scripts to avoid the need for external linked dependencies.

    BillBoard Generator

    16 votes
    A simple script that facilitates the creation of vertical planes for use with trees/people images billboards.
    1. Select a diffuse map (tree/person image)
    2. Select a matching Alpha map of the same map. or press the lock icon if you use a TGA/TIFF image with an embedded Alpha channel.
    3. You may resize the plane to a desired height or width (great for specific people heights).
    4. Press the Generate! button.

    UDK FBXporter

    2 votes

    This is a script the keeps track of "ExportSets" for UDK. It stores what object should be exported, and with what settings. It greatly speeds up the process of exporting to FBX for UDK, as you don't have to select anything and there's no export dialog anymore!
    Right now it only supports Static Meshes and SkeletalMeshes, I might add animation in the future.

    This is a macroscript that appears in the "FBX Export Sets" category. It should already have an icon if you place it on a toolbar.

    Unfreeze By Name

    1 vote

    This macroscript allows the user to unfreeze object by name.
    Like the Unhide By Name tool.

    You will find it in the "Aespid" Category

    Log Console Zorb

    3 votes

    This script is a general Log Console to be used by max scripters, a great way to quicly add information logging to your script Once installed you will have access to the LogConsole by creating an instance (you can create as many as you want) by using something like:

    foo = ZorbConsole title:"Log A"

    You may open the log by using: foo.showme() And write to the log with the AddLog function like so:

    foo.AddLog #("test", "I am testing-General", 0)

    The Information may then be filtered by verbosity or by the information origin (handy to add what function is sending the log info)

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