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PFTrack Object Tracking

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This little script is designed to inverse the dependencies of the object tracking export from PFTrack. Instead of a moving cam around the tracked object you will get the tracked object moving around the cam. This helps you to light and integrate tracked objects more easily into your enviroment.

Version 1.0 works only with Max2009 and older and Version 1.1 works from Max2010

contact robert.langnickel@web.de


3 votes

Plugin scripts that create empty poly and trimesh objects and allow you to start building surfaces immediately.


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Update of previous post. Hope you like it.
changes : 1,1/2,1/4 render option.

UVW Multi Mapper

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This script applies, fits and deletes
UVWmaps to more then one selected object at a time.
Thanks again to Anibus and Tassel for there help.

Installation for UMM_v0.9

-Put umm_0.9.mcr into Max3ds/ui/macroscripts/
-Put all four .bmp files into Max3ds/ui/Icons/
-Launch Max
-On menubar click Customize/Customize User Interface/
-In the Customize window click on the "Toolbars" tab
-Then click on the "Category:" menu
-Scroll down to Othoap
-Drag "UVW Multi Mapper" to your desired position


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select a camera ( or an object if you want) and run the script.
It will add a attribute holder.
Now you can change interactively the render output size directly, each camera can have its own, the "apply" button allow to apply camera settings to render output (when switching to another camera).

to do : buttons to have 1, 1/2, 1/4, render size to make test render

Animation Range Tool

23 votes

This is a simple Macro script which makes it possible to manage and to save (txt files) several animations ranges.

Delete animation ranges by rigth click on it.

NEW: It's possible to assign a selected camera


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This script is an alternative to the optimize and the multires modifiers. Being a script it's a lot slower though. Keep in mind: save before use! This script cleans up a poly by removing edges where two polys meet below a certain pitch. Select the edges which you feel are not so important regarding your topology then apply the script. Wait. Write me if something goes wrong!


39 votes

Easy way to set VrayHDRI map. Select object with VrayHDRI map and run the script

Tutorial - http://www.tepavicharov.com/scripts/vray_hdri_tool_preview.avi


Bake Spline Animations

4 votes

This script bake animation of all selected shapes to simple key-framed spline animation. Can be usefull then you do complex animation with lots of shapes with dinamic simulation, for example – ropes.

BonesPro 3 to Skin

3 votes

BonesPro 3 to Skin will convert the selected BonesPro3 modifier to a Skin modifier - translating vertex assignments.

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