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SpaceWarps Selector

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Script to quickly select SpaceWarps present in a scene

- Click on a spacewarps in the list, select it in the scene
- Double-click on a spacewarps in the list, select it and display its settings in the panel "Modify"

Particle Flow - Random Seed

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Script to assign a random value to all the "seed" particle flow operators present in the scene

Prime passes

0 votes

automated workflow for product rendering

in order to speed up your workflow in product rendering , avoiding long time rendering process, this script is for you.

auto passes available

--color pass
-- diffuse pass
--rim pass
--blurry reflections

multi-path animation tools

1 vote

multi object path deform
just make some splines and choose object to follow and it will make it looks great
timing control , random timing

Notes modifier

3 votes

A modifier that does nothing to the object but just holds a piece of text with it.
Think 'post-it notes'.

BCS_Projector (Boxify-Cylindrify-Spherify)

2 votes

With this modifier, you can project your object into either a box, a cylinder or a sphere.

In box mode, you will have ability to modify the width, length and height.

In cylinder mode, you can change the radius, the height and the direction.

In Sphere mode, you can only change the radius.

There is also a global parameter in percentage that control the overall deformation effect.


0 votes

Ever had to change your renderwidth but keep the same renderheight?
When changing only the with you know everything changes.

What if this wasn't necessary true?

Now you can change your renderwidth only without changing everything else!


Methode based on a post by peter guthry (based on a methode by VisualEyesMedia)

Just drag and drop in your viewport and work your magic...

TP easy joint

3 votes

Script for easy creation cebas Thinking Particles joints between two objects and tweak their properties.

TP autojoint script

1 vote

Script for placing cebas TP joint helpers(Shape collision only) between objects.

It's a fast and "dirty" way to make lot of joint helpers with auto linking to objects.

The good idea is to check distance between objects BEFORE press button "Place joints".

In other case it can freeze and create a thousand of joints.

Require a "TP easy joint script" to work with joint properties after approval placing.


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