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Fun Script

14 votes

This is just a Fun Script. Download it and use it to see what it does. If anyone wants the MS code just comment here. This script does not create/modify anything.


Render Holder Zorb

2 votes

Render Holder Zorb is a max helper that is designed to help you manage, share and build render setting, render elements, material assignments and RPM passes. The main use for this is to us one or mutiple Render Holder with an asset file to store per pass render settings and materials.

You can store and restore the current Renderer, Render Elemants and object materials. Also there is a suit of RPM tools to help build and manage passes based on the settings stored on the Render Holder.  Including an object list to create the visability set with.

to install just extract to the 3dsmax root, or put the .ms file in scripts/startup or the plugins folder

For more help, hover your mouse over a button or checkbox in 3dsMax


0 votes

RagDoll Utility Launcher

16 votes

RagDoll Utility Launcher. Simple macroScript for launching the RagDoll utility shipping with 3dsmax 6.0.

Layer Renamer

16 votes

Does what the title says, renames layers. Renaming is possible for single items (double-click on list item), selected items and all items in the list. The default layer 0 can't be renamed and if the user creates a situation where more than one layer will share the same name, only the first layer will get renamed. Resulting names of zero length are automatically skipped.


29 votes

Topoproject is a topology projection script that enables you to project flat topology onto a 3d objects surface


53 votes

This is a scripted utility plugin to animate a hierarchy or set of hierarchies with only ONE CLICK!, to simulate smooth and soft tree and plants natural movement.

Imageholder & Noteholder

2 votes

Two little and maybe use full scripts ...

- load an image and makes an window in Max for it
Don't take a ultra high res pic, it's not scaleable.

- load's an editable *.txt file in an extra window in Max

- fixed 3 little bugs.

Easy Layers Control

1 vote

This tool allows you to easily manipulate the selected or unselected
objects by hiding or locking (freeze) layers.
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Arduino-3dsmax-Estrechan sus manos

0 votes

buenas, luego de haber trasteado algunas semanas con en este tema
he podido lograr la comunicacion en ambos sentidos.

con este Script para 3dsmax, se puede establecer una facil comunicacion
para cualquier proyecto que se te ocurra.

en el ejemplo del video que he creado, me he puesto a leer la data de
los accelerometro y giroscopio (wii wii nunchuck, wii motion plus),
y le de un infrarrojo. con la data entrante
puedo cambiar el color de los distintos elementos de la escena.

talvez no se note bien en el video los accesorios de la wii, es que los tengo desarmados.

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