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Add and Edit Scene X-Ref objects en-masse.


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This tool will assist you when mapping Morph's tracks to a joystick and when connecting corrective morphs. It allows you to choose among several behaviours depending on the 'target' position you use, so you can connect your morphs to lineal or square controllers.

If you also want to automate the creation of joystick controllers for your facial rig check this document, written by Rick Stirling, on how to script a tool for that:


Streincorp Pistons

19 votes

A script that recreates the tutorial from Dario Strano.




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Based on Neil Blevins 'RandomNoiseSeed' script - this is a tool to randomly modify most of the parameters of noise controllers enmasse.


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I give this scripted plugin for FREE at TurboSquid.com


Simple Reverse Animation

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This script reverses any animation while keeping the original animation range of each object.

Custom Attribute Editor

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This one allows you to fairly easily edit your custom attributes. It also allows you to build a rollout using VMS and then use that as your custom attribute rollout so layout is in your hands. On redefining a CA stuff like wired parameters etc. are preserved (as long as you don't change Paramblock and UI control names - editing captions as seen in the rollouts is fine).


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This is a follow up script to jpAligner. now you can snap groups by materialID instead of manually clicking. you can assign up to 10 MaterialIDs each with unique sets jpaGroups, a random group will be assigned when the new mesh is being created.
And... jpaGroups can be nested to call themselves recursively.

r|shaders CZ

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r|shaders is a collection of procedural shaders for 3ds max.

-- Update 11/22 : Release 1.0.2 is out, a complete new license scheme with a standalone license tool, it comes from Deep Ocean shader development, until the end of November pricelist will continue to be discounted then it will be 129,00 USD for single license and 169,00 USD for site lisence, unlimited free render nodes for both ;

R_Mesh Manager

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