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Get 3dhippie stereocam v2

ADDED in 2.1.2
Camera Clipping.

ADDED in 2.1.0

MCG Wire Fence

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Installation: Scripting>Install Max Creation Graph...

Creates a simple wire fence with splines

If you want to bend so top meets bottom, bend it to 359, then enable Close...I can't be stuffed finetuning

the last bit to drop the last verts...sorry there's no video as I'd like to save some juice for doing a step by step tutorial for this...but it's pretty easy to use...

MCG Chamfered Triangle

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This gives segment controls for components of a Chamfered Triangle. Don't forget to turn off Show Segs once you're happy with settings.

Ver 1.01: added Equilateral option

MCG Chamfered Rectangle

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This gives segment control for each component of a rectangle, ie, corner, length and width.

Found in Create>Shapes>Vu>Vu_ChamferedRectangle

To see the changes as you are adjusting, rightclick>Obj Properties>check vertex ticks

Material ID Condense

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What it does:
Condenses material ID's Based on the texture name or material name.

How to use it:
Under Utilities Tab, hit the MAXScript button
then push run script, locate CondenseMaterialIDs.mcr and hit open.
Now in the Utilities drop down, choose Condense material ID's.

Here you may choose to
condense it from the material name i use a script i found on Scriptspot called "OS3D_SetMaterialName_v01.ms" i cant seem to locate it again but it sets all material names to the Image names.

Condense by the diffuse texture name eg Image1.jpg

MCG $hithouse Door

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Creates a $hithouse door...hillbillies can MCG too...!!!


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SaveVersionHandler V1.10:
Making save to previous max version a bit easier to handle for the users was a thing i had on my mind for some time now. So finally a request by Nicholas Fox motivated me to put something together Laughing

See more details below...


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Creates a number of wires that travel through various target objects. Useful for making bundles of wires for robots or other mechanical devices in a few simple clicks.

Make 3 spheres anywhere in the viewport. Select all 3 spheres. Run the UI version of the script. In the wirebundler interface, click on "Add select to target list". Click Apply. It will make 10 splines, each the vertex of each spline will exist inside one of the 3 spheres. Play with the settings to get different effects.


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Using this script, you can turn on, turn off, or delete certain modifier simultaneously within all objects that contain such modifier (or only within the selected objects). The list of modifiers attend only those used in the scene. You can find the script in "IllusionBoxStudio" category (Customize/Customize User Interface/IllusionBoxStudio)


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OK, tell me that you use TotalCommander. I can not work without him. With this script I made contact with a TotalCommander. This is RightClickMenu which has quick access to the locations of key files (loaded maxfile, render file location, material maps). The script search only for x64 version of TotalCommander. You can find the script in "IllusionBoxStudio" category (Customize/Customize User Interface/IllusionBoxStudio)

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