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Thinking Particles Script Operator Generator




Fixes in v0.3

-Saves changes to output names

-No error when canceling out of file save





This is a script to take away the redundancy when generating a TP4 Script operator.


Fixes the non-working Xref Scenes  "Box" and "Visible" display options in Nitrous.


non Quad Selector

nonQuadSelector is a tool which is easy to use and which helps you with the cleaning up of your editable poly. It shows you the faces which haven't 4 sides. You can select the faces you want in order to highlight them : 3 sides, 4, 5 , 6 and 7 and more. It also shows the number of faces and their percentage. For editable Poly. Dockable.

3dsMax CAT Rig Resizer Script Fixed

After so many requests from the Cat users about the resize process for the already rigged models, we fixed for you the CAT Rig Resizer script.

miauu's Script Pack vol.1

miauu's Script Pack is a set of scripts that will help you to make faster and easier some of the tedious task when you use 3ds Max.

miauu's Script Pack include:

Camera Aspect Lister

This little script is for people who makes numerous still image camera views with different image aspects. The script lets you choose a camera and modify the aspect on the fly and store this as a postfix the camera name.

This way you dont have to remember what aspect you used for a certain camera.

Script is only beta version - and my first ever script, so be warned. 

I am thinking of expanding to also link up a scene state with each camera, for easy storing of per-camera lights etc. 


Script makes instances of picked main object from all selected objects.
Target objects can be replaced (deleted, primary script function) or leave untouched.
New objects can copy scale or rotation from their previous versions.

Have some copies of some object (not instances) and want them change all same way.
- Convert them to instances, change them at once by editing just one.

Want to make instances of main object at every object's position from selection

Select exact smoothgroup

Script selects all polys with exact smoothgroup as selected polygon.

Works with edit poly:
- Select one poly
- Apply script to select polys with exact smooth group

Can be found in Developer Tools category.
It's tiny but can be handy sometimes.

Scale To

This is tool helps you to scale objects to their actual size in real world easily, by just knowing one dimension length.

Idea and Developed By: Walid Abou Ali

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