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Camera Manager

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There are quite a few fly-through camera management tools out there, but i needed something that could automatically change the time output range, sun, output file name, etc.

Also, very important, use Free Cameras only (not target). The script uses the position and rotation controllers of the camera to determine it’s range.

VRay CompTex Bump

1 vote

With this tool you can blend round corners and existing bump map of Vray material


23 votes

Script for simple animation appearance / disappearance of the object.


6 votes

Projector is a tool for creating projections of shapes in geometry

MCG Gear Rotation

1 vote

This MCG allows you to create gear rotation based on a Master object that has Euler RotationController. Note: this is found in the Motion Panel.

Ver 1.01: changed Axis spinners to radio buttons X, Y, Z. Pls note: if you prefer to use this version, your current gears will have their Axis off by 1, ie. you'll have to reassign them to Z most likely.

Xmas Light Generator

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Made by Estefania Ramirez Flores
Email: 0171072@up.edu.mx

Christmas lights generator is a plugin for 3ds Max. It creates a string of lights that go around a cylindrical object or a given spline. At this moment it only works for cylindrical Objects with the property "radius" and splines.

You have to download the types of bulbs and cables. Verify the route of your files.

1) Select a cylindrical object.
2) You can choose where it will start and end. By default covers 100% of the object.
3) Select the type of bulb you want.
4) Choose the number of bulbs.

Noors Normal Thief

2 votes

This is a script to copy vertex normals from one object to an other, based on SlideNormalThief.

The algo is the same but exponentially faster : each point on the target object gets the normal of the closest point in the reference mesh.

The main difference is the way i find closest vertices on the reference mesh.

For 2500 vert:

SNT : 9s

NNT : 1,3s

For 10000 vert:

SNT : 145s

NNT : 9s

Works with poly and mesh. It just adds an edit_normals modifier on the target object.

Off road rigger

1 vote

The purpose of this script is to rigg a vehicle in an off road surface. It is still in process, but what are thoughts about it?

3D Procedural Texture Interpreter

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Well i made up with the help of my teacher, Enrique Rosales, a script to interpret 3d texture information, by now it only renders the display but i will continue working on this script so it can generate the texture in a .jpg file or something like that.
You would understand in the video what it does, unfortunately the script, for my standarts, its far from being finished, so i am not posting it for the moment, but i hope i could post some demo for the script in the future.

House Creator

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This script works at creating or capturing mainly what some planes of architectuals proyects represent, this by importing them and adding values at every desired layer.

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