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this script converts colors from one gamma space to another. it affects color picker fields in material editor.



this is a replacement for the standard xref scene manager with the main goal - allowing you to switch on/off xref scenes quickly. just click on an item in the list.

scripted glue

this scripts does the same thing as a free plugin GLUE does, namely it glues objects to a surface. i've written this sript because i was tired of necessity of looking for new recompiled plugins with every new max release. and this script can do a bit more than original: it can align glued objects to normal, and you can glue along any vector, defined with tape helper object. more with newer version - vertex projection, eye ray, more precision



This script makes multiple slices in editable poly, it is handy if you need to cut a lot of parallel lines. Just set the Slice Plane as needed, set the distance and push one of the buttons. Small checkbox in upper right makes the first cut in the position, where you have the plane initially. You can set your own number of cuts in addition to preset 1 10 and 20. And also a button to reset the plane.


this script replaces or distributes objects across initial selection. it differs from standard tool with ability to use offset position (clones will be offset like a reference object, no need for pivots synchronization). transforms (size, rotation position) of source object and replaced objects are taken into account.

Show Active Constraint

This script will show in the left corner of the active viewport the currently used(active) Cosntraint type. It supports Editable Poly object and Edit Poly modifier.

The script works as a toggle.

Put miauushowactivecosntraintinviewportStartUp.ms in maxroot/scripts/Startup folder so the constraint always shows.


Create Quick Wall

This script allows us to quickly create a wall using the shape (linee, text, circle ecc..)


----- Features

V-Ray Proxy Tools

This is a very simple tool for controling the display of proxys in your scene. It is quite useful on large scenes with a great deal of proxys. 




A simple tool to save a lot of time if bridging a lot of polygons is part of your workflow.

[V1.2] UPDATE!

Now LazyBridge works even if the editable poly in question has modifiers on top. Also, the GO button is no more, now the script will automatically select an bridge polygons when you click the direction button.


PreRenderCheck Script for V-Ray and 3ds Max

Here’s a simple little pre-render script, that checks and warns you about those things you may have overlooked for whatever reason. The first thing it does is check if you are rendering a camera view, and if you are not, it asks you which camera view to render.

Sometimes you are doing GI precalculations or by accident you tick “Don’t render final image”. The script will check for that and ask if you want to switch it off or not.

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