AutVel Jumper

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whit this simple tool you can jump over the timelime of 3ds and go directly to some point of an animation: modifying the code you can set different step (I've used: 50 100 150 200 250 300) and a different intervals of frames to skip (going one by one the movement can be slow, I have used an interval of 10).
I have created big buttons to permit you to write some text needed to remember the content of the frame.
Feel free to use the code or integrate it in you macros in order to jump over steps on the timeline. This is an open source project for my degree (Industrial Design, Rome).

*version v0.8: first version shared. Save your file before use it.
*Update v0.9: created a single function with more arguments, to improve global performance

Version Requirement: 
3ds 9
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