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LightsOn - LightsOff

Hi,I want to share with you a little script of my own that I find useful in everyday work.
It simply turns all the selected lights ON or OFF in a selection

The useful thing is that you can make a quick selection regardless of objects types and it will work.
You also don't have to open groups if lights are inside.

Enjoy :)

FumeFX Palyback offseting


 V1.1 - 增加根据生成FumeFX PF粒子的位置 - 2014年6月28日

为了实现大面积冒烟,起火,爆炸,云雾等功效。只要解决算作一个 - 三套FumeFX缓存支持任意大小的随机旋转随机分配的缓存FumeFX更新版本可支持新一代油烟流畅的帧基于粒子的位置这是我第一次尝试写剧本,如果您有什么好的建议欢迎告诉我。谢谢

Instance Tool

Instance tool analyze the geometry objects in the scene and finds groups of objects that could be represented as instances of one of them. Then the user can turn every group into actual instances and choose which object from the group will be preserved. The objects in the group are objects that have the same topology (could be morph targets of one another) and the difference between them could be described with transformation alone.

Importer toolbox

This script is a toolbox.

building generator

with this script, you'll be able to generate many diferent buildings shapes with interriors floors.

works on max 9 to 2012.

Export FBX to Unreal

Designed specifically for Unreal 3 workflow, this script provides a quick way to export scene data with minimal interaction with scene objects.

It is currently being used successfully in full game production and has seen many iterations and bug fixes so far.

The script will quickly export static meshes and their existing collisions, skeletal meshes or skeletal animations using the FBX format.

For a full list of features see the attached PDF guide. The guide is also installed with the script and accessible via the interface.


Attach Object To Vertices

This script allows you to bind any object to vertices geometry using simple expressions.

Category: "GregoryMaxScript"

refGuides for Max


This tool will create a Reference guide line, oriented from two points selection, and subdivided at a given Scale (in world units), for later snapping. 

Its specially useful for achitectural modelling, when you need a distance reference for objects positioning, distance reference, intersection points....


XFormer is a tool that will allow you recover the transformation of an object.

Some scenarios where you might want to restore an object transformation could be:

  • After a model transformation matrix was reset (Reset XForm)
  • If you have detached part of an object as another object
  • If you import a model and it is not aligned as you would expect
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