Disassemble version 1.0

Date Updated: 
Author Name: 
Ali Torabi

1. Run the script from utility panel

2. Select one or multiple objects (geometry) with planar faces.

3. Set the thickness of your material and press Disassemble button.

Program generates a series of panels with the given thickness on each face of the geometry and trims the edges in proper angle. A copy of each panel will be placed on the object so you can ensure they re-assemble the original object. All the panels are connected to the original object (parametric) and you can do minor adjustment even after decomposing the object. (you cannot add new faces to the geometry) This tool is useful for making physical models from the geometries with planar faces. You may have any suggestion please don't hesitate to contact me on: info@torabiarchitect.com

Version Requirement: 
max 2008 or higher