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This Script is Aimed to :

1- Detach All Objects with Multi/Sub object Materials to Elements by ID and Assign the Proper Material (this Step is necessary because the Script will not Handle any Multi/Sub Materials).

2- Replacing Any Displacment Modifier with Displacement Map.

3- Converting (Almost :) ) All Type of Maps to Rendered Bitmaps with Options for Output (Better to Test the Scale for Procedural Maps and Gamma on Some Objects Before Converting the Scene).

4- Convert All Type of Color Maps Like Color Correction..... (with Empty Slots) to Color (Diffuse-Reflection......).

5- Convert any Type of Blend Materials into Standard or VRayMtl or Corona Mtl Materials (the Accuracy is as good as possible).

6- Convert All Materials to Standard.

List of Supported Maps :

Rendered Maps:

(CompositeTexturemap, ColorCorrection, ColorCorrect, output, Mix, Bricks, Noise, VRayCompTex, VRayNoiseTex, VRaySoftbox, VRayTriplanarTex, VRayUserColor, VRayUserScalar CoronaMix, CoronaUvwRandomizer, CoronaTonemapControl, CoronaWire, CoronaColorCorrect, Smoke, Gradient_Ramp, Cellular, Checker, Dent, Gradient, BerconTile, BerconNoise, BerconMapping, BerconWood, Color_Replace, Mask, RGB_Multiply, RGB_Tint, Speckle, Splat, Stucco, SigerScratches, ShapeMap, AdvancedWood, Marble, TextMap).

Converted Maps:

(falloff, SigerComplexFresnel, Normal_Bump, VRayHDRI, VRayDirt, VRayColor, VRayNormalMap, VRayMultiSubTex, CoronaAO, CoronaColor, CoronaBitmap, CoronaNormal, CoronaRoundEdges, CoronaMultiMap).


1- for Now Multi/Sub Maps Like (VRayMultiSubTex and CoronaMultiMap) will be Replaced with the First Slot (Map or Color(if Map is Empty).

2- for SigerComplexFresnel Map only Presets is Supported (Custom Color not Supported).

To Do List : - Apply to Specific Class of Maps and Materials.

Updated : Convert Maps to Bitmaps Checkbox Now Working Properly (Render Maps to Bitmaps).

UPDATE Version 1.1 :

Fixed Some Bugs in The Script .

UPDATE Version 1.2 :

- Converting CoronaBitmap not Working Properly ---- Fixed

      (Thanks to slider17 for Reporting this issue)

- Max not Responding When the Script Throw Errors ---- Fixed

UPDATE Version 1.21 :

- The Script Now Convert VRayHDRI and CoronaBitmap Maps with RenderMap instead of Replacing it with SubMap (Thanks to AmmarShow for Feedbacks) .

UPDATE Version 1.22 :

The Script Now is Free for all .

UPDATE Version 1.23 :

- The Maps not Converted to Bitmaps after Converting Blend (VRay-Corona-Standard) Materials FIXED .

material_converter_-_lumion_v1.23.mse114.48 KB


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you can use "replaceInstances A B" to replace A with B

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Octane to Standard

Great tool!
I'm trying to develop a somewhat similar script to convert scenes from Octane to Standard, but I'm having a hard time with the programming. If I could have a look at your script's code that would help me immensely. The part I'm really struggling with is that my script works, but it creates a different unique material for each object in the scene instead of reapplying already converted materials to objects with the same "obj.material". So, large scenes just take forever and don't even convert properly. Anyways, I'm quite new to programming so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Please provide download link

please provide download link please

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No Download Link

Please Download link needed

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@Itaipava , Thanks for Nice words :) .

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You are a legend. Thanks so much!

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UPDATE v1.22

Nothing New from last Version Except its without Time Limitation and free for All .

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actually i was planing to sell it but i'll make it free nvm .
Best Regards .

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I just found your script today, obviously it's trial has run out, any idea when you will update?


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thank you for your comment , Best Regards .

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