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SciFi Pattern Generator

SciFi Pattern Generator v.1.1 ! Generate complex structures with a single click! (WATCH THE VIDEOS!) 

Wire Mesh Generator

Script to generate a wire mesh.

Uni[+][-] Grow-Shrink Tool

For EditablePoly and with modifer EditPoly, and as SplineShape (for knots of spline) and for subobjects of UnwrapUVW modifer objects, single tool - Shrink Grow selector. Works with a single key. 

Works on:



Unwraps all objects in a selection using Max's built-in flatten function based on the specified parameters. Intended mainly for texture baking.

Some minor additional functionality is planned for later releases.

Animated Digits

Digits changing by slider time.

changes in V02.0.0
1: the Digit can be convert to Number or Clock
2: Start and Stop frame is optional
3: Step size is optional
4: Start value is optional

Views + zoom

Now is not necessary to press the Zoom Extents Selected, when switching of view.

Теперь не надо нажимать Zoom Extents Selected когда переключаешь вид. 


.ply file importer

Here is a maxscript that reads a .ply file and creates a mesh for it (note that for big meshes this is very. very slow).

Rock Maker v2.5 & Rock My World v1.6!

This is a script I wrote while learning Maxscript.


Create a high poly Rock and adjust to suit your needs

Click Make Low Poly and you'll get a low poly rock based on the high

poly rock that is unwrapped ready for Render to Texture.

You can save your shapes to presets and adjust the pivot with one click.

The original and the best: :)

External MaxScript IDE

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