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Hernan Rodenstein

A very simple but EXTREMLY USEFUL script you will use all the time!

With just one click it opens the Slate Material Editor and displays all the materials for the selected objects well organized in a clean view.

Forget about the annoying material picker tool. Add this simple button to your toolbar and every time you want to see the material/s for your current selected object/s just click the button and... Voila!

It will save you a lot of time!

INSTALLATION: Just drag the script to any viewport, go to Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars tab -> choose Rode3D category. Drag "Show materiakls for selected objects" to your top toolbar. Ready to use!

Note: This is a free and open script. You may use it or modify it as you like. I will not provide support since I'm not a programmer but a 3D artist with a little knowledge of scripting. Hope you find it as useful as I do. Cheers!

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UPDATE: I added a new version of the script that shows the materials always in a new view.

The latest versions of this script are available under the name 'Get Materials (one click!)' at:

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3ds Max 2012 and higher
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rode3d's picture

The script was succesfully tested on Max 2020 and 2021

What do you mean you can't add it to your toolbar?
That's very strange. It looks like a 3dsMax temporary error, not a script error.
Did you have this behaviour with other scripts too in the past?

npelouin's picture

It doesn't work

Script doesn't work on 3ds Max 2020, nothing is happening. I tested the two versions on two different computers. And I can't add it to my toolbar. Strange.

drunkenmaster's picture

Edit Create just one temporary view

If someone wants to keep all existing views, and don't want to create a bunch of new views here is edited version below. It creates one new temporary view called "TEMP" each time you use a script, but keeps all costume created views.

	macroScript GetMaterials
category:"Spline Dynamics - free scripts"
tooltip:"Get materials"
	-- *** Opens the Material Editor and shows just the materials for the selected objects ***
	if (selection.count > 0) then
		--sme.DeleteView 1 false
		sme.DeleteView (sme.GetViewByName "TEMP") false
		NewView = sme.GetView(sme.CreateView "TEMP")
		for obj in selection do
			NewView.CreateNode obj.material[0,0]
		actionMan.executeAction 369891408 "40060"
		messagebox "You must have at least one object selected!"
amitshneor's picture

make slate thumbnails big as a default, or on hotkey

that script change my life ! its great !
now i have a question if someone knows :
is there a way , a preference or a maxscript , to make the nodes in the slate matrial editor be big and not small and as a default for new creations...?

i know of the double click and the preview window, i mean all the nodes in the view...

Thanks in advanced !

campy's picture

3ds max 2020

Cheers. Working and pretty useful.

rode3d's picture

Great addition!

Thanks Aleksey :)

aleksey.sheremetov's picture

Delete View tabs in slate material editor

Hi there, thanks for the useful script!

I made another simple script which removes "View" tabs generated by your script to clean up the material editor. Feel free to use! Thanks!

You can find it here:

rode3d's picture

New update

Just added a new version of the script that shows the materials always in a new view into the Material Editor.
Both work in 3dsmax versions 2012 and higher.

dungoc2190's picture

Update 2016

Plesae Update version 3dsmax 2016!!! Thanks you very muck

Hi everyone

dmitrybelonosov's picture

Good idea! Thank you!

Good idea! Thank you!

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