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Balogh Andras Miklos

Simple Path relinker application for maps, ies, hdri corona proxy and vrayproxy objects. Features are: path text replacing and copy functions. The two text fields below each section are for "original" and for "future" paths. $ stand for string. Use it to copy a map path of a selected map to the desired text field.

User interface for the maps section. Others look the same.

Revision 1: I have uptaed the script with Maelvon's nice function. Thanks Maelvon!

Revision 2 | New in v3.00:
-new ui with radiobutton filtering (use the refresh button for manual update!)
-Object selection via map name
-works for HDRIs and environment maps

Revision 4 | New in v4.00:
-sorting is possible
-works for corona related stuff

If you find a bug, report it!

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The old versions of the script is still availabele at the links below:

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tested on maxR2016


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crystal3d's picture

one sugestion though...

Vray HDRI is not considered as an asset file there fore it s now shown in the windows, the problem is this tool is such a complete tool that i forget that is has actually some missing features and that leads to some renders without proper HDRI files,

if u dont mind, i got one other suggestion...

* a path box that can recall previous entries.

*a warning message that asks if they really want to enter the path as "c:\maps" , ZOA needs it as "c:\maps\" at the moment.here i see some people having difficulty with it i guess.

crystal3d's picture

let me help you as a gratitude to the author

you are pasting "D:\Downloads\Textures" to set new path function.

PROBLEM:= "D:\Downloads\Textures"
should be "D:\Downloads\Textures\"

i think script should be kept this way, cause it is usefull for something else.
it is usefull if you want to rename textures by a prefix, and repath it by this tool.

crystal3d's picture

beautiful script

been using it for 6 months and it works MARVELOUS together with colin's relink bitmaps.

One suggestion is an option to "overwrite existing files" currently it does not.

thank you sir!

andrasmiklos's picture

Thanks Maelvon for the

Thanks Maelvon for the function. It works like a charm!
I absolutely had no time to do scripting lately, so I'm really happy someone did the work for me. :)
If you give me your emailadress, I'd be pleased to give you a proper credit.

András Miklós Balogh - [email protected]

Maelvon's picture

"Bitmap undefined" bug

fn collect_map_list =
    for m in getClassInstances BitmapTexture do --(if (findItem map_list mapfileN) == 0 do (append map_list m.filename))
            local mapfileN = m.filename as string
            if (mapfileN != "undefined") do
                local index = findItem map_list mapfileN
                if index == 0 do append map_list mapfileN
    sort map_list

I've done thoses modification and the Undefined Bitmap Bug seems to be resolved.

Thanks for the script Andras Miklos.


jsrocha's picture

Thanks for your help, i´ll

Thanks for your help, i´ll try the script again doing the way you told me. I´ll let you know if everything goes ok.


onodi.andras's picture


for the video capture tip! We will try that.

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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Matyrix's picture

Really usefull script, thanks

Really useful script, thanks for sharing!
Videófelvevésre ajánlom a "Hypercam2" programot, videókonvertálgatáshoz pedig a: http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html

Keep it up! :)

onodi.andras's picture

Let me help you -

- as Andras Balogh might not be around now, and I was using his tool for a year now anyways. There are two text fields. The top one is only useful if you are trying to replace a portion of your path string to something else, so don't waste your time with that if you are just fixing paths. Hit the select missing button. That will highlight the maps that max can't find. Use the bottom text field and navigate to the directory (or just paste the path) where your missing maps are and hit "set new path". Well, I hope this helps. :)
What exactly is not working?
We are planning to create a video tutorial, but don't really know which screen capture app would suite us. Any idea?

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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jsrocha's picture

Sorry man, i don´t know how

Sorry man, i don´t know how this script works. I´ve tried to set the path several times, in a way that seemed the right way to me, but it never worked. Maybe a little tutorial will help..........or the problem is that i´m too dumb :/

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