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The Cleaner

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Go to next/previous frame/key

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is a collection of
four very simple scripts that allow you to set individual hotkeys to go
to the next and previous frames in your timeline and the next and
previous keyframes of your selected object. Basically I made
these because when it comes to navigating frames forward and
by hotkey, I prefer maya's way of doing it as opposed to max's toggle

Stretch Spline

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This script will get the selected spline and will create new spline with the same length of all sgments.

Watch the video.

Installation: drag-n-drop the strechspline_v1.mcr file in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize USer Interface and find "miauu" category.

miauu's Select Edges by lenght

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With this script you can select edges which is less, equal or grater than the value that you want. Also, you can measure the lenght of single or multiple edges.

Instalation: Drag-n-drop mzp files in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Custumize User Interface, under "miauu" category you will find the script.

After Effects animated position exporter

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This script allows the user to bring 3D positions from 3DS Max to After effects, both static and animated. This is intended to be used for compositing footage or other 2d elements into your 3D scene in After Effects.


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Very useful script for interior visualisation (cafe, bars, restaurants): add lights, change chairs/ tables, put tableware on many tables, e.t.c.

1. Pick object to clone

2. Select targets, click pick targets -> ok

3. Choose align method:

- CenterXYZ

- ZCenterXY (Align minZ of source to maxZ targets)

- Pivot align

- match all transform

After execute new objects will be selected. U can select target objects (to hide or delete).

Move Objects To Layer.

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Select objects, Run script and pick an object in the scene. Selected objects will be moved in the Layer of picked object.
 This script was requested here.

With little help from Anubis now the script is optimized.

Installation: Drag and drop in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize User Interface-"miauu" category and find "Move Objs To Layer"

Video demonstration.


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Create procedural tentacle animation with one click. Select the parent bone, generate the script and have fun.

video demonstration***not updated

***Loop function added (thanks Zoran for the idea) 21.04.09
***Bug fix for 64bitVersions
reverse animation option 17.02.09
***Installer update

3DSmax Spline to maya curve

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This is a little handy script I've written to convert 3DSmax's spline shapes to maya curves..

I was working on a project involving hair in 3dsmax and after finishing the styling phase my boss asked me if I can transfer the hairstyle to maya, but I couldn't find any tool to export curves from max to maya without destroying them, so here is it.

Usage: simply select your spline shape and change the output file path inside the script to your desired path for exporting a mel script that you can run later in maya to create your curves.

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