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Custom Attrubute Animation Copier

This script copies the animation on custom attributes and adds it to another object with similar custom attributes.


1. Click the copy to button and select the object you want to copy the animation to.
2. Click the copy from button and select the object who's animation you want to copy.
3. Select the custom attributes to copy from the list box.
4a. Hit the do it button
4b. Or you can do an incremental copy which places a key on every frame for a specified range.

1. Make sure the custom attribute is applied to an attribute holder modifier.


Sprite Buffer

Such a Maya feature to compare rendered images. Result displayed into VFB. Which means that you have ZoomIn/ZoomOut control (which is useful in comparing bitmaps) and also access to all VFB's controls like: Save, Copy, Clone, RGBA, ... etc.

ObjectHider v0.61


A simple script that makes a wall from a number of blocks ,you can set the size of the wall and the size of the blocks.

Select Vertex Cross-section

Extend 3ds Max selection features on Editable Mesh and Editable Poly.

Select Vertex Loop

* [Read Notes]


Script for selecting polygons which normal has the same angle as selcted plus threshold.

Procedural Array


This script allows you to create procedural arrays which stay editable
even after you close and reopen the file. The array objects are linked to
a parent helper which you can transform to your liking while still keeping
array qualities. This is great for creating tiles or roofs where you place the array first and still want to tweak the distance between its elements.




This script easily makes the pie chart.


  • Download installation file
  • UNZIP •3dsmaxROOT to root folder of 3ds max •Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Toolbars> Category "HideScripts">Action "pie"
  • Drop Toolbar

How to use:

Bullet / laser generator

This is a little script I wrote for a project I'm currently working on. It adds some extra controls to any maxNode and transforms it to a bullet (or laser beams) generator. The bullets (or laser beams) will come from the local Z-axis of the object.

There's two files attached; a .ms with a Custom Attributes definition, and a simple Max (2010) file with the custom attribute added to a Point Helper. It's very simple to use, the interface is self-explanatory, and tho code is open.

To apply the Custom Attributes to your objects, execute the script (once), select the object you want to transform in the bullet generator, and then type in the listener: custAttributes.add $.baseobject laserGunCA



Morpher Utilities

A set of tools to work with the morph modifier.


  • Put an edit poly over the morph modifier to make any changes, then use the script to collapse the edit poly keeping the morpher operational. 
  • Extract the shapes to work on them separately and then load them again with one click. 
  • Skinwrap an object on another with a morph modifier, then convert the skinwrap to a new morpher.
  • Copy the animation track from one morpher to another, matching channels by name or number.

Known issues:
morpher channels with spaces on the name cause an error.
I hope you'll like this. Please comment!

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