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It helps the user to quickly create controllers for character's facial animation. It creates them and links with morpher channels.

Just 4 steps:
1) Pick Character.
2) Set the morph you want in each slot.
3) Choose controller type
4) Name Controller, Press Create.

Additionally, you can use "Reset Channels" button if you want to reset your morph modifier channels after creating controllers to erase expressions.

Feedback will be appreciated.

Done in 3ds Max 2012

turboTools - Making your workflow that much faster

82 votes

tuboTools V2

Auto Chamfer

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Edge chamfer script. Similar but much simpler than EdgeChEx ... and no plugin :)

select object / objects (primitive, poly, mesh) and CHAMFER
(output is Editable Mesh)

Change Render Engines

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Change Render Enging ScreenshotV2.1 

Change Render Engines V2.1

The script allows you to do the following:

 - Select any cameras that are in the scene and automatically switch to that view

 - Update the camera list at the touch of a button

 - Assign Production or ActiveShade rendering mode

 - Assign a Render Engine to the Render mode that you are in

Move with Keyboard

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Macroscripts for moving polygons and objects with keyboard.

UPDATE 02 June 2011

Spline Growth rigger

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A really simple script, allowing you to setup multiple to deform along path with PathDeform WCM modifier.

Has a simple GUI and even a working progress bar if you happen to use it for a lot of splines :D

Detach by Face Count

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With this tool is very easy to detach faces by predefined faces count or by elements especially when you deal with complex models where you can not be able to
export geometry because of exporter limitations.

Requested by roamn

Select | Invert Faces By Element

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This macro script contains two usefull operations (as in Lightwave):
#1 select all faces by element
#2 invert selected faces by element
Requested by titane357

Sprite Tools

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Sprite Tools is a free MAXScript that you can run inside 3ds Max. I primarily wrote this to accomodate some features I will be adding to Wall Worm in the near future.

What Are Sprite Tools

Sprite Tools consist of several functions:

◦ Convert sprite card bitmaps to animated bitmap nodes
◦ Convert animated bitmap nodes into IFL files
◦ Convert animated textures or IFL files into sprite cards
◦ Place Sprites into a 3ds Max scene which are always facing a look at target

sprite tools

VRay Ocean Shader with Ocean Geometry

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V-Ray Ocean Shader with Ocean Geometry.



For more details please visit my blog: http://swiftswitch.blogspot.com/

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