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Save and restore unlimited views.
You can save views in one scene and load them in another scene.
Double click in the list to restore the saved view.


The idea come from AutoCAD where you can save up to 5 views. Im not sure (never see) how exactly this feature works in AutoCAD, I just read about this in the ScriptSpot.com, and I hope this tool is useful anyway ;-)

Best Viewport Shading

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This script automatically changes the viewport settings to the best possible quality. If you happen to use 3ds Max 2010, you will also notice that some unsupported/hidden features have been activated, like real-time indirect lighting.

Put the file in your startup folder.

Fixed 3ds Max 2009 compatibility

ROCK Render

3 votes

RenderOnlyChangesKit Renderer - speeds up rendering of non-animated or partially animated views up to two times. Updated:Lots of new functions.

VRay OceanMtl

6 votes

New VRay OceanMtl is now available with Swift-Switch for FREE!!!

Here is a screenshot:

Ocean Test

Visit my blog for more info and screenshots

Rat's Nest

3 votes

Create a tangle mess with a spline in a random spherical layout.

Distribute Selection

3 votes

Distributes the selected objects evenly along x,y, and/or Z axis.


14 votes

An animatable parametric spacing tool - useful for creating tank treads or bicycle chains.

Spline Scatter

12 votes

SnowPrint - leave footprints in snow, sand, mud,...

11 votes

SnowPrint is now a commercial standalone plugin for 3D Studio Max to print objects onto other objects to create imprints, footprints, pencil strokes, wetmaps,... SnowPrint 1.0 is included in SnowFlow and is now available on it's own as version 2.0 producing more precise imprints in less time. Find more details here!

R_Buffer - Maya Render Window in 3dsmax

15 votes


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