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Pin Tool

This script allow you quickly pin lot of objects to deformable geometry. For example – buttons on clothes or spikes on hedgehog or anything else.
I will be happy if you find it usefull and show me your way to use it. =)

FlyWiz - Vray Flythrough animation wizard 1.1

This tool manages for you all the boring stuff to achieve a flythrough animation with Max And Vray.
All changes are made in the engine to help you control and render each necessary step.

Finally it can also do all the process in one click ! 


infoOverlay UI screenshotUpdated to v0.9 - This Render Effect displays additional information such as frame number - file name - render time etc. as overlay onto your rendered image. Useful for previews - previzualisation and other non-final renderings - should work with any 3dsmax-compliant renderer. All parameters animatable. 

Vray Autvel Image

This useful tool let you set different levels of quality of the rendering: very low, low, medium, high, very high and perfect.With the new buttons you can create quickly a studio setup for design objects. You can choose a size of output too in order to create in few clicks any kind of render (study, production, fun, etc). I hope you like it.
You can also create passes in vray for compositing: Ambient occlusion, matte pass, vray toon, wireframe, clay render, ghost render (like evermotion's pdf), ghost-wireframe together.


"Creates copies of an object on every vertex of a distribution object. Possibility to orient the copies regarding to the vertex Normal Possibility to choose the distribution type : copy.instance.reference"

BookMark Manager



Bookmark Manager allows artist to capture camera position and orientation and store as bookmark in Max. Bookmarks can be added,inserted,renamed,deleted and sent to render. Double click on bookmarks would bring up property page and make changes. Selected bookmarks with renderable turned on can be batch rendered in different file format,resolution to user-defined output directory. 

Material Converter v0.98b


Simple utility to make it easier to move scenes from a rendering engine to another. Some work have to be done in terms of materials or types of engines, but it will progress step by step. In the following table you can appreciate the possibilities of the script at this moment:

Help file explaining the whole process included with script.


"Allows you to attach editable meshes together while preserving any vertex animation within the editable meshes.
In order to create an editable mesh with vertex animation - either directly animate the vertices or use John Burnett's 'bake' script"

Non-Destructive Freeze Transform

Freeze and/or zero-out transforms on objects while keeping all existing controllers in-tact. This means any existing constraints, script controllers, expression controllers, noise controllers, etc., will still be there afterwards.

Server Utilities

A small server admin tool built on maxscript to automate some of the more annoying tasks needed while managing a small renderfarm. Rebooting/Shutting down remote servers, Viewing with VNC or Remote Desktop, Restart/Stopping/Querying remote services, Listing/Starting or Stopping remote processes
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