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Flame / Combustion 2D track loader

This script imports 2D .ascii trackings from Flame/Combustion.
It's useful for rotoscopying or working with moving elements on matchmoved scenes.
This kind of .ascii text files look like this:

1.0 : +470.67, +341.00
2.0 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +341.00 2.0      end_of_the_skype_highlighting : +470.16, +339.89
3.0 .....

where "1.0" is the frame number, "+470.67" the x track position and "+341" the y track position.

Run this script. A floater window will appear.

Stereo Cam Creator

Stereo Cam Creator v2.0

Creates the cameras already correctly positioned, with automatic adjustment for moving the target point keeping the correct distance between the cameras.

Install: copy the script to your 3dsmax\scrip


cubicVR is everything you need to create cubic QTVR files - as seen below - from 3ds max.



Simple version of the VRIMG2EXR converter since Lele didn't update his, user configurable path to the EXE if you are running mixture of x86/x64.

Just run the conversion in the background.
No frills.



UFOs were found !

The max is dangerous !!!

Engjoy it :)

Collision Map Generator.

This script generates maps based on the collision of an object with another object...i've included a pdf help file with it.

Imagin a dirty character hand touches the wall it will leave some dirt on it...or may be a character walking on sand his feet will leave marks on the ground...you can use it in many things.

HitchHiker v4.3


Saves a jpg file containing your last render everytime you save a max file. Helps to keep track of your changes.

Animation Range Presets

A simple interface to manage animation ranges.

delete empty layer in the Layer manager

hello this one i wrote just now to clean 3dsmax file the office sent me.




it erases all empty layers

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