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Quad Primitives

3 votes

A small script to generate a quad cylinder and quad sphere...


Scene Light Multiplier By POPA_3D

1 vote

Scene Light multiplier let you manage all your scene lights by multiplying their multiplier by a defined value or set all light multiplier to a defined value...

you can chose which lights will be taken in consideration

#Standard will affect:

 target Spot 

free Spot 

Target Directional ight 

free Directional light

Omni light 


mr area omni

Visibility Assistant

26 votes

A simple script to facilitate setting visibilty keys on individual objects, or collections of objects. There's a few pieces of interest about the the code - the script uses a mapped function, something that is usually overlooked in maxscript but is very useful. There is also a custom trackbar filter to only show visibilty keys. Finally, it is boxed into a struct which is a nice neat way of packaging the whole UI and methods into a single variable.  

Intersection of a Line and a Sphere – MAXScript function

1 vote

This is MAXScript  version of function "Intersection of a Line and a Sphere (or circle)"
 Written by Paul Bourke.


3 votes

I proudly present the AutoRigger

The AutoRigger will exist of 5 parts:

Stretchy Chain Connect

0 votes

Creates a Stretchy Bone Chain between two picked helper objects.

have fun


0 votes

this simple scripts allows you to change the common properties of all vray lights in the scene. works with Vray light Plane,Vray light dome,Vray light sphere,,Vray light mesh

hope you find this useful

tested in 3ds max 2013.. should work in lower versions of max

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


11 votes

update v1.01: should work fine in 2011/2012 now.

update 93b: the projection plane now resizes and sticks to the background when changing the focal length.

A tool to help speed up the workflow for 3d modelling using image reference.

Projector creates a projection image and a camera. The controls allow you to quickly change the camera focal length and the projection distance scale etc. so that you can align images to a model and quickly match the perspective.



10 votes

This simple script shift the animations for all selected geometry object, and make it loop within the current animation range. You can ask an exact amount, or randomize the decal for each object.

Key Manager

6 votes

"This is a version of the Key Manager script originally by Randy Kreitzman. I modified it to work with TCB controllers instead of just Beziers. It allows you to change the tangent type - ease in/out and TCB settings for a bunch of selected Track View keys all at once (even on multiple controllers). You can also shift what is selected - and affect prev/next keys as well.

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