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AK-BonesPro to Skin

10 votes

as we all know bonesPro is incredibly fast vs skin that is very safe, plus after all BP is a plugin and maybe sometime digimation guys decide to donot update it for upper max versions...so it will be a good idea to be able to convert BP data to skin. So this script does it for you, I hope you like it.
It applies skin modifier right after BP and keeps any other modifiers obove it; also it dissables BP but keeps it for you.If you have a dense mesh it will be slow but for modeles under 1500 vertices it works fast.


0 votes

This script optimize an scene´s object to render

Scanline - Mentalray Switcher + AO

0 votes

Simple Switcher that changes from Scanline to MentalRay and has an AO button that will create a skylight and turn on light tracer.

Switch light by volume

11 votes

This script switches lights on and off whether they're inside or outside a mesh-volume. The main method is taken from cgtalk

You can also animate the lights


6 votes


A script requested in the forum.
Useful for some game engines.


Color Pick Converter

19 votes

Choose any color and view its code values for both 8 Bit (0 - 255) and Arithmetic (0.0 - 1.0) for 3ds Max.

1. Run script from the Utilities panel in max

zwischendrin.com HDRI Scene Setup

39 votes

This tool creates a scene setup for HDRIs downloaded from www.zwischendrin.com and adds a test object (with materials), a camera and uses linear workflow if you like to.

interface screenshot 01

Toggle Time & Command -Panels

30 votes

This script creates 2 Bars, one at the bottom, one at the right. Clicking a bar toggles the visibility of the UIPanels next to it in default config. Rightclick closes a bar.

Have phun

Copy 2 Vert

37 votes

While i was modeling a cinema i needed a quick way to place instances of a seat all over the place so i wrote this little script.
It aligns Copys/Instances of an object to another objects vertexes, that way i only had to pull a few splines and was done with the seats.

As its only a small tool i dont plan to include it into my ToolSet but for its usefulness i thought others could use it too to save some time so i upload it here.

INTools Compact

9 votes

About INTools:
The tools are designed to speed up various tasks in different workflows.
They are aimed at Game-asset production and Visualisation. The compact version doesnt contain all INTools but its still a lot in there

Download the supplied .mzp file and drag n drop it into your max viewport or start it through the menu MAXScript/Run Script.
After doing that Restart max and you should be good to go

How to find it:

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