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Mindflow Parentize


V-MOTION - Mindflow Parentize // Automatic Hierarchy Chain Generator


Developed by Ian Clemmer http://www.ianclemmer.com

Programmed by Panayot Karabakalov a.k.a. Anubis http://www.scriptspot.com/users/anubis

Mindflow KrakaMotion



V-MOTION - Mindflow KrakaMotion // Sub-Frame Sampling Krakatoa Particle Generator


Idea by Ian Clemmer http://www.ianclemmer.com

animated align dummy

my hack for creating a helper that is aligned to a object not by means of PRS controllers but actual vertex points on the mesh.

useful for adding dummies for lights that are linked to pointcached objects.

Time Clock

This script is meant for freelancers who like to keep track of their worktime without too much hassle.

Its basically like one of them old Time Clocks you punch in before and punch out after work.
It saves the times tasks ect to a specified file.

have phun
and if you like it punch into the counter up here ;)


still learning ...
im to lazy to go to render setup (F10) and scroll down to assign renderer so i make this script to change renderer for just click. for this time it just for scanline, mentalray and vray, for vray you have to install the vray plugin first.


Dennis WK

FFX Render

This script allows you to split your FFX containers in several passes. You can also add objects in the Matte tab, and they will get the matte/shadow material. It supports up to 10 passes. This script makes changes only at render time.

Version 4.0 updates:
-Added "Snapshot before Render" feature.

Version 3.5 updates:
-Added load/save system.
-Fixed minor bugs.

Version 3.0 updates:
-Added the Render Manager tool which allows you to choose which pass to render consecutively.
-Fixed Render Preview alpha problem.

Crowd IT

(Crowd IT) is a Crowd choreography tool for 3d studio MAX which allows the user to quickly and effectively manage and render crowd scenes.


Rename objects with options to renumber sequences - pre/post-fix - and search and replace.

Scene Clean

Formerly Mat Clean, which was formerly Mat Kill.

*Indicates its newer-ish

*Collapse Stack(s): Collapses the selected objects, or if nothing is selected it will prompt to collapse all objects (even hidden).

*Pivot to World Zero (left click):
Sets the pivot to the lowest point in a mesh, then center, then moves the object to the center of the world zero point.

Note Helper

This little scripted plugin is aimed at improvement of teamwork-workflow.
It allows you to place notes in the scene wich you can handle like any other Max object (link, animate, ect). That way you can just leave some remarks directly in the scene, where it matters, to prevent possible confusion and improve the workflow and thereby the resulting product.

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