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Spline Select Tool

4 votes

This script gives some new options to select splines vertices and segments : selection with gaps, random selection and selection by angle.

Material Merger

5 votes

The Material Merger was a script I wrote to help speed up the process of merging multiple materials from any number of objects into single output materials. It will composite and flatten all maps of the materials.

Optimize Spline

24 votes

Adaptively removes points from a curve while retaining the shape's existing curvature.

AutoBack File Loader Zorb

50 votes

*v1.31 - Bug fixes, removed error on opening on some max versions
*v1.30 - Now supports displaying 133 different date formats!! (Use the "Change Date Format" option in the right click menu)
*v1.21 - Updated for 2010 and added thumbnail support!

Tired of navigating to the autoback dir, selecting view as detail then sorting by date to find your latest autobak file. then comparing it to your last good saved file? This script will make it easy for you. Brings up a list of max files in your autobak dir, max hold files and your last opened file, sortable by date, size and name. Double clicking will load the file, right clicking will give you a delete option.Sort settings and files displayed are saved between sessions

Unzip to your Max root dir, will be available in macroscripts under "Zorb Tools", or run it as a script from the scrips directory

Random Vertex Painter for 3ds MAX

0 votes

This script can paint the “Vertex Colors” and "Alpha vertex" randomly.

Version 1.1

This is a Macro script just drag and drop in viewport and go to “customize user interface” and look in “Category:MMtools”

Description and method of use:

MaxScript Navigator

6 votes

This tool simply helps organize, run, and edit your maxScripts more quickly. Quickly create a menu of your favorite scripts. Then place this menu anywhere you choose in the max. To change the currently selected name in the list. Just type in the top text box and press enter. Note that the .ms file name remains unchanged if you do this.

See my site for installation details


1 vote

Hello everyone!
Sometimes in my work I need find some material. When I shade scene to Vray, I need delete or change standard materials or mental materials. But it very difficult to find it. Especially if some materials in sub-materials.
For this situation I wrote this script

You can:

  • find base materials or sub-material
  • view list of objects by selected class of material, select objects in list


2 votes

SunSystem 1.0 for 3ds max daylight system is easy, fun, fast, practical solar positioned and rendering plug-in presets.



12 votes

This script will shrink one mesh to the surface of another mesh or meshes. This can help making a lowpoly collision object for a character. First a snapshot of the selected object is created. The original object is put into box mode (so it is easier to

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