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move to origin

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the script allows you to move selected object/s to 0,0,0 coordinates.

useful when moving imported cad files or 3d files to immediately move your objects to 0,0,0

note: it uses selected objects center for reference

v.1.1 - now works on group/s
v.1.0 - initial script

3ds Max Random Splash Image Loader

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framer is a mousetool used to very quickly change renderheight and -width. This is great for rendering regions or single objects of your scene, similar to a blowup render, but with variable aspect ratio. When dragging the frame, the aspect ratio changes interactively in the viewport. For further explanation please visit my website. Feedback welcome!


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This is a simple way to simulate multiple cloth simulations in 3ds Max in one go. It will find all cloth modifiers in your current selection of objects and simulate them one after another, thus you don't have to start each manually.

After simulation it will show start and end time, so you can see how long the process took.

Short explanation video (1min) here:


selection tools

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Several macros to set coordinates system - toggle window/crossing selection - and to change axis restriction. Put them into your favorite quad menu - and you can ditch the main toolbar away. Good for viewport-space-hungy users.


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Aligns the perspective view to the face that is under the mouse while keeping the distance to the selected object (the distance will pretty much the same as between the view and the face to align to). It does not matter if the object has modifiers applied and the view will not be distorted into some strange rotation but kept aligned to the world axis.

Color It!

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  • Give your whole scene color.
  • Perfect for first layout or color to your animation rigs.
  • Color picking circle so you do this with high speed.
  • Custom load any different image you want to pick colors from.


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  • Creating Pistons in no time
  • Easy to use : One button application
  • Auto Update : Stay up to date with the latest features

V-Ray Material Creator and Randomizer

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A script that creates randomized  V-ray materials and assigns them to a selection of objects in the scene.

Usefull when many similar objects in the scene and you want to assign similar but randomized material to them.

Hope you find it usefull!

Realtime Spring

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After watch a few rigging reel using xsi or maya,I think that it would be much easier in animating if the rig has realtime delay effect.

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