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Quad Connect

Quad Connect is a 3Ds Max script that produce all quad connects, unlike the normal 3ds Max connect which produces a lot of triangles.

Nudge Keys

Move objects or subobjects with the keyboard. subobject mode currently works for editable splines - lines - meshes - and polys. if you try it on an edit mesh/poly/spline modifier - it asks you it you want to collapse the stack up to that modifier or cancel.

ScreenEdge UI

This script runs a script / changes a setting when you click on one of the edges of the UI (left, right, top) and even provides for alternates when pressing left/middle/right button and ctrol/shift/alt keyboard.


When you first run this script nothing is displayed on the screen. It doesn't have a UI per se, it just "works" after you run it.

Rotation Order Tool

This tool allows you to quickly change the rotation order of any object in max. You can select multiple objects and change their rotation orders all at once, or you can copy the rotation order from one object to another.

To use:
1. Select all the objects whose rotation order you would like to change. Then use the dropdown list and select which rotation order you would like to choose. The transforms for each object will be preserved as long as it has not be animated.

Disable Specular On All Scene Lights

This is an extremely simple and small script that disables Specular on ALL of your scene lights. It will ignore any incompatible lights such as Skylights.

This is useful particularly for Mental Ray renders. I personally never use Specular in any of my MR projects, since it often creates unwanted speckles and other issues.

Check the listener window for any errors once run.

To use simply run the script.

If you want to enable Specular on ALL your lights again you can simply open the script and change "off" to "on" and run it again.

Mesh Project

Projects the verts of one mesh onto the surface of another. Projects along the vertex normals of the first object. USAGE:select one object to project - press the button. Click another object to project onto.


Quick copy-paste object material to another object.

Wire Colorizer

This tool will allow you to assign a wirecolor to a selection through a customizable palette.
You can save and reload.



It simulates an automatic tank tread with auto wheel rotation. I got the idea from one of the 3ds max master classes.

Custom Rigger


CustomRigger is a tool to create a rig in a matter of seconds.

You've got two steps in the process:


A setup off all the joints


Create the controls/bones you want

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