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VRay Batch Render

67 votes

VRay Batch Render is a fully automated batch rendering tool for V-Ray(3dsmax,architectural rendering).


33 votes

Custom viewport backgrounds just the way you want them.

• Create your own custom gradients; no images needed.

• Loads automatically at startup and with each new file.

• Great for office/studio workflows: Doesn't save the BG image to the file, so you won't get missing asset warnings.

• Comes with presets for Mudbox, Zbrush, Modo, and Maya


3 votes

"IOR•Values" script shows some representative refractive indices of materials.

Trajectory Color

1 vote

"Trajectory Color" script will allow the user to adjust the trajectory "UI" color.

Kumodot RND Tools

1 vote

Kumodot RND example


5 votes

Add and Edit Scene X-Ref objects en-masse.


11 votes

This tool will assist you when mapping Morph's tracks to a joystick and when connecting corrective morphs. It allows you to choose among several behaviours depending on the 'target' position you use, so you can connect your morphs to lineal or square controllers.

If you also want to automate the creation of joystick controllers for your facial rig check this document, written by Rick Stirling, on how to script a tool for that:


Streincorp Pistons

19 votes

A script that recreates the tutorial from Dario Strano.




3 votes

Based on Neil Blevins 'RandomNoiseSeed' script - this is a tool to randomly modify most of the parameters of noise controllers enmasse.


35 votes

I give this scripted plugin for FREE at TurboSquid.com


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