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Change priority

With change priority you can set Max to start either with "Low" or with "Normal" priority. With this feature you can prevent from freezing your PC under heavy calculations such as Rendering.


toggles into a mode comparable to Expert mode but without the timeslider.

cbLogger - Callbacks Logger

This Callbacks Logger script provides for an easy way to log practically all of the callback events in 3ds Max (5+)

Typical usage is when you are trying to see whether a given action signals any callback event(s) - and if so, which.

Script can be used 'as is' as well as be accessed by scripters.

For details, see the script source file.

Animation Baker

not long ago i have animated object by expression connected to timeline and i need bake this animation but every baker i found was not be able to bake this animation so i wrote this baker myself so if you have problem with baking animations this script maybe helps you

- fixed some bugs

Bitmap2Maxscript Convertor

Converts bitmaps to MaxScript using LZ compression and copies the resulting code to the clipboard (Max2010+) or listener window(Max9+). Works best on files with redundant colors like icons. Use it to add graphics to your scripts while minimizing file-size. Based on a script example found in the help files. In some scenarios this algorithm yields up to 800% smaller file sizes over the original script. I might add a GUI to this later on.

Enjoy. Instructions:

Shader Utilties Pro

Shader Utilities Pro (SU Pro) is a tool to create all kinds of shadings within a scene. Part of the tool is a converter, which converts foreign shadings to A&D material. SU offers the possibility of using parameters like AO and Round Corners globally on all shadings. There are 3 selection criteria for doing this: The latest addition is the Sample Curve Technology used to optimize the Sample-Types, AO, Reflection and Refraction globally for an entire scene or all materials. This has major advantages

Custom Attrubute Animation Copier

This script copies the animation on custom attributes and adds it to another object with similar custom attributes.


1. Click the copy to button and select the object you want to copy the animation to.
2. Click the copy from button and select the object who's animation you want to copy.
3. Select the custom attributes to copy from the list box.
4a. Hit the do it button
4b. Or you can do an incremental copy which places a key on every frame for a specified range.

1. Make sure the custom attribute is applied to an attribute holder modifier.


Sprite Buffer

Such a Maya feature to compare rendered images. Result displayed into VFB. Which means that you have ZoomIn/ZoomOut control (which is useful in comparing bitmaps) and also access to all VFB's controls like: Save, Copy, Clone, RGBA, ... etc.

ObjectHider v0.61


A simple script that makes a wall from a number of blocks ,you can set the size of the wall and the size of the blocks.

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