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Texture Usage

9 votes

Shows the area used by each texture from selected MultiSubMaterial.
Might be useful for level-designers at optimization stage.

- select your MultiSubMaterial in MaterialEditor
- select one or several objects(EPoly) using that material
- drag script to viewport

ZOA Slicer

6 votes

Slices an editable poly along its x, y or z axis by distance or by a number of parallel planes. You can also slice along a spline. Alternatively you can split - cap the resulting elements. Explode works on elements.


7 votes

Simple script that allows you to make your object fit another object in easy way.

Match Transform

8 votes

This script helps you to match the modifier gizmo (UVW, Slice) of selected object to the gizmo of picked object.

Point Parent

5 votes

This 3ds max script that helps you create hierarchies in one step which makes them replacement for 3ds max groups.


14 votes

Two simple scripts for simplifying work with spline vertices.

  • Connect Two Vertices - connects two ending vertices with new segment.

  • Select First Vertex - selects first vertex in selected spline sub-object.

Tune Up MultiMaterial

13 votes

This script helps you change diffuse colors of materials in multimaterial. You can change hue/value/saturation for all materials in multimaterial or in blend material, change contrast between materials, and add randomness in colors.


Pick Hierarchy

21 votes

This script lets you select whole hierarchies by picking one object in viewport which is belongs to that hierarchy. It's very handy to select open groups as well.


0 votes

This script is made after the *nix's MAKE utility. It helps you quickly "save-and-compile" multi-file maxscripts and make additional steps in building process such as closing windows, running compiled scripts, copying files etc. All this by pressing toolbar button! Enjoy!

ProxyPainter ( MRproxy added )

87 votes



Paint the scene by instanced geometry


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