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Super Grid

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NEWS: Version 1.1 released. Slice and align to slice tools added.

Super Grid is the ultimate reference system, based on grid helpers.

Super Grid creates new grids based on your sub-elements selection. Additionally, you can create grid based in point helper objects. You can also define an offset, flip the grid, or define an auxiliary helper point to move the grid.

UDK Environment Toolkit

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This script allows users to swiftly export their models and keep track of the modular pieces in their environment within 3Ds Max.

The plugin has two major features right now. First is the initial setup, which allows the user to create a player reference model and setup Unreal Grid Sizes and Units.

The second is the Environment Manager. Which allows the user to keep control of the modular pieces they want to export to UDK.

Cubic Shatter

3 votes


Hello everybody,

here is a new script from me. It shatter objects in square cubes and non square cubes.



I hope you like it!


Please let me know, when you found errors.


Render Elements to folders

1 vote

This script will place your Render Element files in named subfolders according to where the main pass is stored.


Render path is set to - c:\blabla\bla.png

There are 3 render elements set, like: specular, shadows, zdepth etc.

path for render elements will look like:


In v2.0 multiple render Elements error corrected.

pX LocoRandomizer

40 votes

Randomize multiple object properties is something useful, but the randomizer I found in the internet they always randomize only position/rotation/scale.
Then I was working creating this plugin to randomize every property or parameter from multiple objects.


FumeFX Delete Undefined Light Entries

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There is an issue where if you delete a light that is assigned to a Fume Grid without first removing it from the Fume Grid, there will be an undefined entry in the lights.

This is really only noticeable via maxscript.

I created this script to delete all undefined entries in the light list for all the fumes in the scene.

Simply run the script and all the Fumes will be fixed.


Swift-Switch (Includes V-Ray and Mental-Ray Presets)

76 votes

waRp UpTile

0 votes

This script is used in a specific workflow when exporting objects to Mari. It tiles up the UV patches (each row has 10 patches)

usage: In each UV patch there has to be unwrapped objects that have only one material assigned to them. And that material has to have "_tg" suffix in its name. When executing the script it automatically adds an unwrap uvw modifier, makes selectionSets based on those materials, and then tiles it up, and adds UDIM number (patch number from Mari) to each materials' name.


8 votes

Create Bones fallow spline


MPManager (Matte Pass Manager)

51 votes

This script creates Matte Passes by layers, and works with xrefs!

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