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Rot Follow Movement

2 votes

This tool add a Float Script on the selected Object. It forces the object to always rotate (or lookat) following the movement of the Master. You don't have to rotate the object by yourself, only to translate the master in Autokey.



Subdivision Reversion

105 votes

Subdivision Reversion will recreate the subdivision levels of an already subdivided mesh with 100% precision maintaining the UVs.
It's wide variety of subdision algoritms help artist get the right look and feel on their models.

Mirror Pivot Tool

3 votes

This simple script allows to mirror pivot of the object.

toggle xref by parent

23 votes

toggles the enabled state of Scene Xrefs on or off depending on their current state by selecting the parentdummy the xref is linked to and running this script.

Simple Building Creator

0 votes

***To install it just run the script

***It has some bugs so please comment

*** If you want to change the footprint just add editspline to the footprint

** If you want to use a specified amount of floors see that the min floors and max floors have the same value

miauu Measure and Select

6 votes

With this script you can measure distance between objects, verts, edges. Can select edges by predefined length, can measure length of selected edges. Works with Editable_Poly, Edit_Poly, Editable_Mesh and Spline objects.


The script now show proper face area.

v 1.1 - Can select faces by area. Can measure the area of selected faces or object


Watch the video demonstration.

Lock Cameras or objects

2 votes

A little script to lock/unlock the movements of the cameras or objects too.
Put into your scripts directory, and under "Customize user inteface" open the category "Maico G." and assign "Lock Camera" to a menu, shortcut or toolbar.
To use, select a camera, camera target or an object and click lock or unlock.

AutoSEL (Selection Generator for 3dsmax)

8 votes

 Reflection and Refraction aware selections/masks


Hard / Soft Edge

31 votes

This script has had a massive update. It's now a plugin called EdgeSmooth and can now be found here: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/edgesmooth

Object ID Assigner

6 votes

This script can be used to quickly assign Object ID's into mass number of objects. It can randomly distribute unique ID's in every object in the scene or a selection of objects you specify. Or it can be used to give the same ID's to a selection of objects

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