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A small script that helps you copy objects in SketchUp, and paste them directly in 3dsMax, with the origin and texture preserved. It will make your SU>MAX workflow a lot faster, especially for people who like to model on SketchUp.

Warning: this script can cause sudden crashes when used incorrectly (mostly in SketchUp), so please read the user manual carefully before using it. You will be fine if you use it properly.

It uses 2 scripts to work, one for SketchUp named "Copy to 3dsMax", one for 3dsMax named "Paste from SketchUp".

  • When using the “Copy to 3dsMax” function in SketchUp, it will “export” what you are selecting to a new temporary SKP file (version 8 to ensure compatibility with everything) at the path “C:\Temp\”. You can hide this folder in windows if it annoys you, the script will still work normally. Big thanks to TIG ( for the “export” method.
  • When using the “Paste from SketchUp” function in 3dsMax, it will import 3dsmax_temp.skp silently into 3dsMax with the last skp import setting. And that it, simple but quite effective.
  • You can customize the path in .ms & .rb files yourself (rbz is just the zip version of rb), just open it with notepad.


 You must have the script installed in both 3dsMax and SketchUp for it to work. It doesn't matter which one you install first.

  • In SketchUp: use Extension Manager to install RBZ file. The “Copy to 3dsMax” will appear in the Extensions menu.
  • In 3dsMax: drag and drop ms file into the viewport. You can find it in categories D95 DESIGN > Paste from SketchUp.


  • In SketchUp: Windows > Preferences > Shorcut > Copy to 3dsMax. (suggestions: Ctrl + Shift + C).
  • In 3dsMax: Customize User Interface > Keyboard > D95 DESIGN > Paste from SketchUp. (suggestions: Ctrl + Shift + V).


1.00 | 02/05/2020
  • First version.
1.01 | 04/09/2021
  • Fix some random crashes when use “Copy to 3dsMax” function.


Very important note:

  • Never go inside a group / component to “Copy to 3dsMax”, it will definitely make your SketchUp crash!
  • “Copy to 3dsMax” will be extremely slow (and may even crash) if SketchUp file is very heavy, consider opening another temporary SketchUp instance, paste in it (with normal copy-paste function), and then use the “Copy to 3dsMax", it may sounds a bit silly, but yeah, as long as it work. I will find a solution in upcoming versions (if any).



Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2019.3 or higher
Other Software Required: 
SketchUp 2014 or higher
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1rv's picture

I finally uncerstood what was

I finally uncerstood what was the problem:
C:\Temp MUST be created manually in order to make the script work!

1rv's picture

Unfortunately it does not

Unfortunately it does not paste from *latest* version of SU. It looks like it's broken on Max end

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It's free for you

It is a free script, you can download it from the link I provide the above. :D

I haven't tried it on the latest version of SketchUp, but I'm pretty sure it should work.


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Many thanks, will definetly buy

is the latest version of SU supported?

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