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Colin Senner

Relink Bitmaps is a script to easily relink all missing files (Bitmaps, VRayMeshes, Mental Ray Proxies, VRayHDRI, IES, etc) when they change directories or when you move computers, check out the short video tutorial below for more detailed information.

Unlike some other scripts of its kind, this is free!  There is a small donation link within the script if you choose to donate, I will remove the nag.  It is a simple licensing system, that does not force you to transfer network cards or be connected to the internet and will work with all versions of Max that are supported by the script.  If you choose to donate I'll be more than happy to license multiple computers as well.


[*] All 3dsmax supported Bitmap Texture types
[*] (new) Relinks Mental Ray Proxy files
[*] (new) Relinks VRay Proxies (.vrmesh)
[*] (new) Relinks VRayHDRI files
[*] (new) Relinks IES files (including VRayIES files)
[*] (new) Automatically checks for script updates and new versions
[*] 250% speed increase from previous versions
[*] Command-line mode available for automating repetative tasks (see documentation on the website)
[*] Configurable default user options saving button clicks and wasted time

Relink Bitmaps webpage:

Supported Max versions: Max 2018+
(Older versions should work, but are not supported moving forward)



Additional Info: 

(Watch the video for more detailed instructions for usage)

1. Run the .mzp file (Self-installing file)

2. In Max goto "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars tab -> Category: ColinScripts->Relink Bitmaps" and drag "Relink Bitmaps" to a toolbar, click to run.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2018+
Video URL: 


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ztravnicky's picture

The beta version works very

The beta version works very well and relinking (dumping) is nice and smooth, now. You ROCKS! ;)
Yet, two small notes about dumping. I noticed that the list of missing maps (or some DATA) stays in memory also, which cause increment at the end of relinking process when the scene is checked again. At the end, when the script is closed (dialog), data stays in memory as well. Some "manual button" for flushing out data could help.
Anyway, thanks for your efforts... looking forward to release 2.0 ! ;o)


colinsenner's picture

Ok, got it, seems to work

Ok, got it, seems to work just fine. Use this version until I rewrite the entire script for 2.0 (coming soon)! Check back soon, let me know how it works.


Relink Bitmaps 30.06 KB
colinsenner's picture

I have never heard of any

I have never heard of any users having this problem, perhaps there are some. I can make a quick work around and upload it today forcing a Garbage collection to take place every 500 maps or so, which should relieve you of your RAM. However, I really don't know how it might adversely affect anything clearing the ram, it might even make the script inoperable or it might really do nothing at all. Either way we'll try. I'll upload a "TEST" version with your name to the site in 5 minutes to see if we can remedy the problem.

Please note: please save before using the test version as it might not work as expected, but it really should work just fine (just slowly). We'll see, download it and let me know how it goes. And as always please give me a vote if it works :)


ztravnicky's picture

Hi Colin, I have tested your

Hi Colin,
I have tested your script for my issue and I would like to give you some idea for "big" improvement.
I'm facing scene with cca.1700 maps and because of the situation I have to re-link all bitmaps.
The problem is memory allocation (RAM). With such huge amount of maps, 3dsmax is reaching maximum usage of RAM. When I hit re-link button, at the end when the progress status says it is relinking, the memory starts going up until 3dsmax crashes. The default bitmap collector does the same, except it doesn't crash. Unfortunately the scene is not possible to save, because of the usage of RAM again.. 3dsmax crashes.
Do I have any chance, that you "upgrade" your script? The case is increasing memory usage when proceeding. I think, some dumping after each or some amount operations would be great not just for me ;o)

In other ways the script looks GREAT!


colinsenner's picture

You got me! I've put off

You got me! I've put off rewritting relink-bitmaps for some time now clearly. I am planning some new functionality as well as functionalizing the process so you can execute the relink bitmaps from a command line or for use in other scripts! These are planned for next release.

The main problem has been time and the looming of a 2nd rewrite for this beast. I guarantee performance increases in the future version and will get to it, as well as finding all the hiding bitmaps that Brittnell so diligently finds for me.

The rewrite will be much more versatile (although there is no plans for relinking ALL assets) and in adding versatility I can easily add support for vrmesh files and certainly will.

Thank you for your kind words Hongxu,

hongxu's picture

the relief script look great

the relief script look great but not very useful compare to colin's script . I can use asset tracking to manual reset all the path easily, :and with vray sp1 and up i could even set the path of vrmesh file . Not like colin script, it automaticly seach and replace the path . I still looking for the "relink .vrmesh" scrip as colin once promised :D.

colinsenner's picture

Excellent. Your script

Excellent. Your script looks great.


relief7's picture

Hi Colin ! hi everybody ! I

Hi Colin ! hi everybody !

I do not mean to steal the show but I just uploaded my version of a relinking tool. It supports basically any file or asset that can be tracked via MAX's asset browser (IES, HDRIs, most of the maps etc.). If anybody needs it, get it here

Sorry once again, I just want to help out because I read that some people still have problems with proprietary files. Maybe my script can be used in addition to yours so everybody can get the results that they want. One thing is for sure... MAX's asset management needs a big overhaul :-)

Happy new year to all the max scripters out there !



colinsenner's picture

Haven't forgotten about you

Haven't forgotten about you Britt, just busy :). The Holidays are coming up, hope everyone here has a great time for them. If anyone is near Kansas City I'll take you out for a holiday beer.

brittnell's picture

It's all good Colin. Thank

It's all good Colin.

Thank you!

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