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Colin Senner

Relink Bitmaps is a script to easily relink all missing files (Bitmaps, VRayMeshes, Mental Ray Proxies, VRayHDRI, IES, etc) when they change directories or when you move computers, check out the short video tutorial below for more detailed information.

Unlike some other scripts of its kind, this is free!  There is a small donation link within the script if you choose to donate, I will remove the nag.  It is a simple licensing system, that does not force you to transfer network cards or be connected to the internet and will work with all versions of Max that are supported by the script.  If you choose to donate I'll be more than happy to license multiple computers as well.


[*] All 3dsmax supported Bitmap Texture types
[*] (new) Relinks Mental Ray Proxy files
[*] (new) Relinks VRay Proxies (.vrmesh)
[*] (new) Relinks VRayHDRI files
[*] (new) Relinks IES files (including VRayIES files)
[*] (new) Automatically checks for script updates and new versions
[*] 250% speed increase from previous versions
[*] Command-line mode available for automating repetative tasks (see documentation on the website)
[*] Configurable default user options saving button clicks and wasted time

Relink Bitmaps webpage:

Supported Max versions: Max 2018+
(Older versions should work, but are not supported moving forward)



Additional Info: 

(Watch the video for more detailed instructions for usage)

1. Run the .mzp file (Self-installing file)

2. In Max goto "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars tab -> Category: ColinScripts->Relink Bitmaps" and drag "Relink Bitmaps" to a toolbar, click to run.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2018+
Video URL: 


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colinsenner's picture

Updated with your suggestion

Updated with your suggestion Britt and hopefully the new find tool will help you as well S-ed!


colinsenner's picture

Upon next update S-ed you

Upon next update S-ed you will be able to find the bitmaps very easily by using the functionality I'll be adding that lets you type in a map name "bla-bla_x.jpg" or type in a path name "C:\" and it will populate your material editor with the materials the map is assigned to or dependent on!

I've been using it in production for a few days now and its really helped me fix map issues quickly and efficiently.

Hopefully this will solve your woes, also I'll check on Britt's hidden map stealth "feature" and do my best to address that.


S-ed's picture

Yep, that's it, thanks

Yep, that's it, thanks Britt. =P

Maybe add, show "dependend objects" function. Its useful when open someones scene, and there is no one(or some) bitmap.
Missing: C:\Textures\proj001\test_a.jpg
Object: Tree_01_trunk
Missing: C:\Textures\proj001\bla-bla_x.jpg
Object: Tree_01_leaf_045
It's hard to find it though mat browser, sometimes scene consist of hundred mats.

colinsenner's picture

Yuck, I'll look into that

Yuck, I'll look into that and look forward to the update sometime next week. Always looking for great new ideas!

brittnell's picture

That new functionality

That new functionality sounds great.  A really good idea. 

You know, that reminds me of something (slightly related)... I've found one "sneaky" spot where bitmaps can "hide", and not be found using any means other than manual hunting (even Relink Bitmaps doesn't catch them)... If a bitmap is loaded into an "Unwrap UVW" modifier, it effectively runs in "stealth mode", and doesn't show up in any of the regular spots.  If missing/moved/etc, it can still cause network rendering issues.

Collapsing modifier stacks seems to be the easiest way to remedy the situation.


Took about a day of hair pulling to corner that one. Yell

colinsenner's picture

Good call Britt! Following

Good call Britt! Following Britt's instructions (of removing User Paths/External Files) before you open the scene should make them missing. Of course renaming the root folder of the maps to something from like

"C:\Maps\" to "C:\MapsZ" should also break the connection and make them go missing, in which case you could copy the maps to the network directory and relink them there.

Hopefully you are right Britt.

Also: I'm planning on updating this script providing a bit more functionality (I've written a separate script that will plugin to this one which when given a bitmap name will populate the material editor with all materials it is assigned to and help you track down missing maps which I'm thinking of incorporating, what do you think britt?)


brittnell's picture

Sorry to butt-in, but maybe

Sorry to butt-in, but maybe it's about files that are mapped to a local drive and thus "found" when opened on the same machine where they reside (and consequently not displayed as "missing" by Relink Bitmaps), however, when the scene is sent to network render, Max fails to find the file(s) (since it is still expecting them to be local, and not on the network drive)... ?

If that is the issue, then it should just be a matter of deleting all local directories listed under Max's "Customize/Configure User Paths/External Files" prior to opening the scene and running the Relink Bitmap script.

Dunno... Seems a bit unrelated to the script itself, but I figure it's worth a shot.

Good luck!

colinsenner's picture

I still don't understand,

I still don't understand, relink-bitmaps script if it finds a missing bitmap and you tell it where to look it will search for the missing bitmap and when it finds it, it will re-assign it.


Hope this helps, I'll need more information if you are having a problem. Maybe you could step-by-step me through your problem?

S-ed's picture

I't not missing, it's

I't not missing, it's "found" (when it cant be found by it's primary path, but found in one of project's paths). Network render cant assign render to server when one of those maps in scene.

p.s.: Sorry 4 my eng.

colinsenner's picture

Are you saying that

Are you saying that relink-bitmaps can't find a bitmap in your scene but you know it's missing? Please let me know.


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