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Colin Senner

Relink Bitmaps is a script to easily relink all missing files (Bitmaps, VRayMeshes, Mental Ray Proxies, VRayHDRI, IES, etc) when they change directories or when you move computers, check out the short video tutorial below for more detailed information.

Unlike some other scripts of its kind, this is free!  There is a small donation link within the script if you choose to donate, I will remove the nag.  It is a simple licensing system, that does not force you to transfer network cards or be connected to the internet and will work with all versions of Max that are supported by the script.  If you choose to donate I'll be more than happy to license multiple computers as well.


[*] All 3dsmax supported Bitmap Texture types
[*] (new) Relinks Mental Ray Proxy files
[*] (new) Relinks VRay Proxies (.vrmesh)
[*] (new) Relinks VRayHDRI files
[*] (new) Relinks IES files (including VRayIES files)
[*] (new) Automatically checks for script updates and new versions
[*] 250% speed increase from previous versions
[*] Command-line mode available for automating repetative tasks (see documentation on the website)
[*] Configurable default user options saving button clicks and wasted time

Relink Bitmaps webpage:

Supported Max versions: Max 2018+
(Older versions should work, but are not supported moving forward)



Additional Info: 

(Watch the video for more detailed instructions for usage)

1. Run the .mzp file (Self-installing file)

2. In Max goto "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars tab -> Category: ColinScripts->Relink Bitmaps" and drag "Relink Bitmaps" to a toolbar, click to run.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2018+
Video URL: 


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crystal3d's picture

A few suggestions:

hello and good day,
I got some sggestions for your already awesome script.

"Check Local paths"

it will display locally pathed files and display them as greyed out and another button to repath them.

A check for relative and non-UNC paths and correct them to UNC paths..

that would complete this nice package.

good day.

gaffer61's picture


Hello Colin

I recently sent you a donation for your fab script but I haven't heard back. I have sent you a couple of emails but no response. I would appreciate a response, you can have to much of a good thing looking at your lovely face :)

colinsenner's picture

Thanks a ton Kartoffel. Any

Thanks a ton Kartoffel. Any help is appreciated. I'm just glad I was able to save your butt ;). Tell your friends and co-workers about it as well. Also, I just released a video and a new script called "Tweaker", just search for it on Scriptspot and check it out, maybe you could use it as well :). It's my new favorite script.


Tweaker video:

The script is on my site:

As always, I'm still looking for my dream career in game-development.


ANDDNA's picture

Nice. Love this script - has

Nice. Love this script - has saved my a$$ several times in VERY short order. I'll be donating. You deserve it.

colinsenner's picture

New version coming very soon

New version coming very soon (This week), new features:

Max 2011 Support: Full support for max 2011 and minor bug fixes (thanks Ruud3DV!)
Support for finding renamed maps: Relink Bitmaps will now have the option to find completely renamed maps
Ignore File extensions: For if a bitmap changes file extensions will link it to the new extension
Speedup of selecting missing bitmaps in the scene
Run relink bitmaps over a series of max files to relink them all

colinsenner's picture

No problem Allimran. Hope it

No problem Allimran. Hope it helps!

allimran's picture

Your script is real Time

Your script is real Time saver Thanks body.

colinsenner's picture

Thanks Alex, happy holidays

Thanks Alex, happy holidays as well!

designbyag's picture

No problem mate. I checked

No problem mate.
I checked out your website/portfolio.
If you can't get a job in the field.. I don't know who can.

Keep sending out your demo reel and resume to companies, I am sure someone will see the potential in your work.

I also searched you on and couldn't find you there, you should definitely sign up, i think its a great resource and might come in handy.

Happy Holidays
- Alex (

colinsenner's picture

Hey, thanks for the kind

Hey, thanks for the kind words and donation. I'm still looking for work in archvis or game dev. I always love hearing stories about how people use the script and how much time they've saved. It makes me feel good about all the time and effort I put into it. Hope you're well and your holidays are great. If you know of a job, ill basically work for free nowdays :)


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