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Colin Senner

Relink Bitmaps is a script to easily relink all missing files (Bitmaps, VRayMeshes, Mental Ray Proxies, VRayHDRI, IES, etc) when they change directories or when you move computers, check out the short video tutorial below for more detailed information.

Unlike some other scripts of its kind, this is free!  There is a small donation link within the script if you choose to donate, I will remove the nag.  It is a simple licensing system, that does not force you to transfer network cards or be connected to the internet and will work with all versions of Max that are supported by the script.  If you choose to donate I'll be more than happy to license multiple computers as well.


[*] All 3dsmax supported Bitmap Texture types
[*] (new) Relinks Mental Ray Proxy files
[*] (new) Relinks VRay Proxies (.vrmesh)
[*] (new) Relinks VRayHDRI files
[*] (new) Relinks IES files (including VRayIES files)
[*] (new) Automatically checks for script updates and new versions
[*] 250% speed increase from previous versions
[*] Command-line mode available for automating repetative tasks (see documentation on the website)
[*] Configurable default user options saving button clicks and wasted time

Relink Bitmaps webpage:

Supported Max versions: Max 2018+
(Older versions should work, but are not supported moving forward)



Additional Info: 

(Watch the video for more detailed instructions for usage)

1. Run the .mzp file (Self-installing file)

2. In Max goto "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars tab -> Category: ColinScripts->Relink Bitmaps" and drag "Relink Bitmaps" to a toolbar, click to run.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2018+
Video URL: 


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colinsenner's picture

Hey Greg. I'll contact you

Hey Greg. I'll contact you via email to resolve this issue.

A quick "thank you" to everyone who's voted for this script by clicking the "+" button at the top of the screen. I have no idea what it's for, but I'm glad people click it.


grasshopper's picture

Can't install

Hi Colin, Thanks for this great script. I am having a problem getting it to install on Max 2013. When I choose run script and select the mzp file I get a error. " --Type error: Call needs function or class, got: Name"

Any help you could provide on this would be greatly appreciated.


asymptote's picture

Firstly thanks for a great

Firstly thanks for a great tool for max :)
I'm having a few problems with this script, does this find/load duplicate textures ?
I'm importing a track from Geoff Crammonds GP4, I import 3769 3ds objects each with an assigned texture.
RB is finding 300 instances of the same texture (there are lots of little separate objects each with the same texture)
When I relink I run out of memory very quickly and Max crashes. (I have 4gb)
The same thing happens If I add the texture folder to the user paths and render the scene before relinking, I think max tries to load the same texture 300 times ?
I may be doing something wrong but I'm not sure.
I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have. I can provide files for testing if you have time.
Thanks in advance.

BTW I tried contacting you via email but kept getting Return to Sender.

colinsenner's picture


Yes, it might be a bug. I'm currently in france and am unable to attend to this until I return this weekend. Please email me directly through my profile so I can resolve it and so I don't forget :).


llld's picture

in v2.04, "ignore extension"

in v2.04, "ignore extension" doesn't work! i don't know why.but it's good in v2.03. may be a bug?

colinsenner's picture

Dan, Is there any way

Is there any way you can get my a file that exhibits this behavior so I can fix it. I'll contact you via email now regarding this post.


danb4026's picture

Problem with RB

Hey Colin,

I am having an issue with Relink Bitmaps not seaching subfolders even though it is setup to search sub folders. I always have to
enter the exact subfolder that an map is located in for relink to find the map. This really defeats the purpose of having Relink Bitmaps.

I also made a donation a very long time ago to get rid of the "Donate" message when starting RB. You sent me a license way back, but it did not
resolve the issue. I just chose to put up with it.

Thanks for any assistance you might provide,

Dan Black

pekili's picture

I just wanna drop line

I just wanna drop line here,colin my brother your script is the the most used script on my max scenes.Peace bro and thanx for your share with comunity :)

cecofuli's picture

Ok, I will send you an en

Ok, I will send you an en email :)
But I've this error also for an empty scene.

colinsenner's picture

Actually, you don't list your

Actually, you don't list your email address on your profile or a website I can find that information out. Please email me at colin[dot]senner[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll get this taken care of.


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